Overwhelming Gratitude

As I wrote yesterday’s post, I read and reread the words.  After it was completed, it took me several minutes to hit the PUBLISH button.  It was by far the most difficult post I have ever written.

I had no idea what would happen when I published.

Within minutes my phone started dinging text, people started commenting with support on the page, I got emails, phone calls and private messages.

To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement.

I have had people stop by the store just to give me a hug, I was stopped in Wal-Mart and at the grocery and hugged tightly and lovingly.

A friend stopped by and gave me a jar of fresh apple-butter she had just made, another brought me a fruit basket just to let me know they cared and love me.

And then, I got the first of four messages from other people who had been victimized, heart-breaking stories.  My heart is filled with an appreciation to these gentle souls who felt comfortable to share their stories with me. Stories like mine, that very few, if anyone else knew.

Rarely in my life am I at a loss for words, but I am.  Thank-you doesn’t seem to be enough, but that is all I have….. THANK YOU!


Friday’s Hero ~ 5.17.13

FRIDAY’SThere really isn’t anything awesome about the teen years.

Filled with teen angst, pimples, hormones, drama, drama, drama, trying to fit in, body issues, first loves, first heartbreak, not being the best athlete, not being the smartest, not being in the cool clique….. UGH, let’s face it the teen years suck!

Now imagine trying to go through the teen years knowing you are different, and in many instances living in fear that others will find out about your difference… imagine being a gay teen.

The normal trials and heartaches of the teen years are only amplified when the confusion of being gay enters into the equation.

For many of us we did everything we could to suppress these emotions, for many of us we prayed constantly to be “changed” for many of us, we considered suicide.

Thank God, for today’s youth there are programs that help them move through these feelings and lead the most productive lives possible.

The bullying and bigotry remain rampant, however today there are organizations that help young people know they aren’t the only ones who have the feelings they do, and that they are part of a larger community of acceptance and love that will help them move through the dark days.

Two such organizations are this week’s FRIDAY’S HEROES…  The Trevor Project and It Gets Better. 

Both organizations help gay youth cope with their self discovery and in the case of The Trevor Project, provides a service designed to prevent teen suicides.

These organizations build a bridge for young gay citizens and their heterosexual counterparts that were not available 20 years ago, these organizations save lives. 

If you know a young person who could benefit from the services of The Trevor Project or It Gets Better, please give them links to the organizations above or they may call anonymously to,

The Trevor Project:  1 866-488-7386. (866-4-U-Trevor)

Helping to battle the struggles of being gay helps us all realize that we are people first, we are ALL God’s children and we all deserve the respect of our fellow man as we make our way through this life that can sometimes be difficult.

Providing hope to the next generation, the work of “The Trevor Project” and “It Gets Better,” this week’s Friday’s Heroes!



Friday’s Hero 3.15.13

FRIDAY’SYesterday, Ohio’s Junior Senator, Rob Portman spoke out in support of gay marriage.

The senator’s comments were a reversal of his previous position dating back to 1996 when he voted in favor of DOMA as a member of the House.

Senator Portman, a Republican, has publicly been an ardent opponent of gay marriage until yesterday.

His shift in ideology began two years ago when his son, a college Freshman at Yale University came out as a gay man.

This week’s Hero could be Senator Rob Portman, but it isn’t, no, the REAL hero of this story is Will Portman the young son of Sen. Portman who spoke out.

Will Portman and many other young Americans like him are changing the face of our nation.  By simply living their lives as productive citizens, honoring who they are,  their legacies and their futures they are forging a path that will eventually bring equality to all.

This young generation of gay Americans is proving that their lives are no different from their heterosexual brothers and sisters and they deserve the same rights and recognition.

For their convictions, for their dignity and for changing hearts and minds one life at a time, I choose Young Gay America represented by Will Portman as the Friday’s Hero for March 15, 2013.


Short Notes ~ How Many More Must Die

Jadin Bell.The Huffington Post is reporting that gay teen Jadin Bell has been removed from life support after attempting suicide recently.

How many more kids have to die before we take a stand and teach each other to respect our differences and love one another?

RIP young man, your comfort will now be found in heaven.