Unplanned, Uneventful, Perfection

Do you ever have one of those days that is totally unplanned, totally uneventful and turns into total perfection?  Today has been one of those days for me.

To start, I didn’t wake up until almost 9AM, something I rarely do and three hours later than I usually rise.

After a leisurely morning around the house, I headed out around noon. I had waited until noon, as that is when the recycling center opens and I wanted to drop off my trash.

I arrived to drop my trash and no one was in line, again, something rare especially on a Saturday or Sunday.

I got out of the car and was greeted by the sweet lady who always has a smile on her face and kind word for everyone who stops by.  As I finished dumping my trash, she smiled and said, as she always does, “have a blessed day angel.”  I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was moving that way.

I ran by the store and wrote my monthly column for Georgia Mountain Laurel Magazine.   This month I had been struggling with my column.  I knew what I wanted to write about, but the words weren’t flowing in my mind yet, it was a struggle.

With tomorrow’s deadline on the horizon, I sat down at my laptop and 20 minutes later almost 1,000 words had flowed from my fingers onto the screen.  I did some edits, but somehow the words that I had been wanting to say came.  (I hope you all like them, the new GML will be out in early November.)

After submitting my column, I cleaned the inside of my very dirty car and gave it a quick wash.

I then came home and decided to rake and blow the leaves off my drive and then put out some Halloween decorations I had forgotten about.

Now, the day is coming to an end.  As I write this I am sitting on my screen deck, enjoying a beautiful Fall day, my girl Lita at my feet.  An awesome 70’s Disco playlist on in the background that Alexa chose.

See what I mean….unplanned, uneventful, perfection.

Life’s Playlist….. Word Crimes by “Weird Al” Yankovic

Day 10 – Jeff Goins – 500 Word Challenge….. Write About Writing.

When I saw today’s assignment terror flushed through my body.  What do I know about writing?  I write, but do I really write?

I know that I get a rush of excitement when I sit down and look at a blank screen and start writing, for me it is a rush.  I love to see the words show up on my screen as they flow from my fingers.  But the constant fear I have had since I actually started writing is…..”is this any good?”

I started writing this blog in 2009, it was originally posted on a “Blogger” profile http://notesfromasouthernkitchen.blogspot.com/.  You would think that after nine years I would have it figured out by now…. I don’t.

I started writing “Notes from a Southern Kitchen” as an experiment.  I hadn’t done a lot of “real” writing up until that time.  I wrote a lot of Press Releases for my job, but nothing just for enjoyment.

As my mom’s health began to fail, I thought the blog would be a nice way to help her remember family stories from my perspective.  The experiment worked, she loved the blog and read every post. After she passed away, it was difficult to write.

I wrote sporadically, but the joy was gone.  Over the course of a year, I started posting a bit from time to time and near the end of 2011 I moved the blog to this WordPress format.

After moving over, I started to write a bit more, not usually family stories but my views on pop culture, food, politics and the like.  I found I didn’t enjoy those posts nearly as much as I did the stories and moments of life that impacted my days.

Once I moved back to God’s Country, I started having a renewed story to tell, a return to my hometown after being away for over 30 years.

I started to find my joy in writing again and with that joy started writing a monthly column for an area magazine and sharing more here on the blog.

I started writing a novel and then switched over to a life-story and then a second idea for a novel.

I’m now concentrating more on the novel, although the life-story book is almost ready to go, I have a mini-meltdown every time I think about sending it off to a publisher.

You see, quite frankly, I am petrified to finish up any of my work and send it in.  I fear the rejection, I fear that the book in my brain simply isn’t as good on paper as it is in my head.

When I write, I still see those red-marked grade “C” essays from college.  I am afraid I still haven’t learned where to put a comma and where to leave one out.  Are my sentences mature or do I write like a fourth-grader, do I ramble, do I repeat and on and on and on, I know it is fear that holds me back.

Then I start worrying, what if it is good, what if it is published, what if people like it, oh my, fear really is my worst enemy!

‘All these thoughts hold me back, fear, doubt….. ugh!

I’ll just put it out there, I would love to write books and columns and human interest stories.  I think I excel in that homespun writing that leaves people with a lump in their throat or a swelled heart filled with pride.

Now if I could just get past my fears and have enough faith in my ability to find out if I “have it” or not, maybe this would all be easier.

Writing is my joy, my excitement, my best friend.  Writing is also my insecurity, my fear and my dread.

Oh Calgon….. take me away!

Pursuing My Dream, Listening and Learning: Life’s Playlist – Paperback Writer by The Beatles

Now that I have made the decision to pursue my dream and work on “the book,” I am constantly looking for inspiration and advice.

I have been incredibly fortunate to get some great feedback from Chris Maxwell, an esteemed author in his own right, a publisher, other writers, friends and family.

The support means more than I can ever express.

Some of the comments I have heard, from people I trust, is I need to write on a regular basis and not just for the book.  The blog is that outlet and I am going to utilize this platform more for expression and writing opportunities.

One of those opportunities includes the “Life’s Playlist” posts.  I enjoy choosing songs that are speaking to me and making an impact in my life, but have never shared why I post the songs I choose.

I hope to begin sharing those reasons as an opportunity to write… hence the post on “We Are the World” and today’s Life’s Playlist song by The Beatles, “Paperback Writer.”

Recently, I heard about Jeff Goins, an author, blogger and writer who shares his expertise with others.  I believe you should learn from experts and I am open to learning anything I can to make me a better writer and share my voice with others

Today, Amazon delivered these two books.  I plan on digesting every word inside the pages, in hopes of my own paperback, hardback or e-book someday seeing the light of day!

Have an awesome Friday friends and keep your dreams alive!

It’s An Honor Just to be Nominated.

Well isn’t that special!  I have been nominated for a “Very Inspiring Blogger Award!”


I want to thank the wonderful Twig for nominating me! http://snappingtwig.com/

I have been asked to tell my readers 7 things about myself and my blog, as part of the nomination, so here goes.

1) Writing is my outlet, I love it and feel that it gives me the opportunity to share my feelings with the world.

2) Next month I will end my second term as a City Commissioner/Vice-Mayor for the Town of Lake Park, Florida.  It has been an honor but I am not seeking reelection as it is time to do other things that I want to enjoy.

3) I refer to my hometown as “God‘s Country.”  Clayton, Georgia is located in the far northeast section of the State.  My dream is to one day return to God’s Country and either own a Bed and Breakfast or be able to write full time from my mountain top cabin, either in Georgia, North Carolina or Tennessee.

4) “Life’s Playlist” is my daily post designed to start the day off with a song.  I think music is the most powerful thing we can ever experience and I like to share my favorites, sometimes unexpected, sometime frivolous, usually diverse.

5) I love posting the “Hero of the Week” feature, it makes me feel better about our world and life.

6) I have another “feature” that I have begun working on, I hope that it will be inspiring for everyone who reads.  I hope to begin posting the new feature in March.

7) I enjoy being part of the Blog Community.  I am inspired by so many great writers and fun posts.  If I make someone think, smile or tap their toes in enjoyment, my job here is done!

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I am inspired by their talents.  A few of the talented bloggers I enjoy and suggest you check out on a daily basis are….

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Thanks for the honor of being nominated….. it really is an honor.  Thanks for allowing me to be part fo this blog community and thanks for reading.