Short Notes: 5.7.13


Tuesday 10 is Virginia from WILD 95.5FM

Ohio women found after being held hostage for years.  Reported here, here and here.

Freeze Frame by J. Geils Band makes Life’s Playlist

To all my friends in God’s Country….. Alabama Coach Nick Saban’s Lake Burton estate is for sale.

Media obsessedslide_295897_2416616_free with Chris Christie’s weight, has field day with his “secret” surgery.  I recently wrote about the Christie double-standard here.

Thank a teacher today!

Who wore what to the Met Gala.

Words to Live By it’s a good one!

Al Gore is Romney-Rich

Lake Park Heroes support Lake Park Elementary School



Tuesday 10 ~ Virginia Sinicki

TuesdayLast week we learned more about the “K” of the KVJ Radio Show, Kevin Rolston here.  This week I am pleased to present the “V”, Virginia Sinicki.
Virginia Sinicki hails from Louisiana and her Cajun roots find ways into the humor of the show often.  Through the years, listeners have been part of every aspect of  Virginia’s life, her single years, first marriage, the birth of her Magnolia, divorce and then the romance and marriage with her “Panda.”
Virginia brings a female perspective to the craziness of the KVJ Show, but she also brings a gentle compassion to the work she does within the community.  A long time advocate for the organization Little Smiles she and her radio partners make a difference by creating smiles for children in hospitals, hospices and shelters.
Virginia Sinicki is a welcome wake up and a friend to the community, we are fortunate to have her as part of the south Florida radio family.
Virginia Sinicki’s Tuesday 10Virginia
1)Excluding family members, who inspires you?  Graceful and kind people, people who have constant composure, and never let others see them sweat.  People that never have a mean word to say about others.  Friends in my life like Kevin, Francis and Josh.
2)What is your guilty pleasure?  Candy.  My daughter and I love to hit candy stores and go nuts!

3)If you were to write a book, who is one person you would want to list in the acknowledgements and what would you say?

 My husband.  He’s my love of my life and my rock and my everything.  I’m so grateful for him, he is the most honest and real love I have ever known.
4)What is your favorite sandwich?  BLT (with avocado spread instead of mayo) on Kings Hawaiian Bread
5)What is the best professional advice you ever received?  Learn to do EVERY job in the radio station
6)As a child, what was your favorite bedtime story?   3 little pigs
7)Who is the first Presidential candidate you ever voted for?   Technically, my mom let me pull the lever for her when I was a child…so, Regan.
8)What is the one career achievement you are most proud of?  Our Partnership with Little Smiles, to help sick kids in local hospitals feel like kids again.
9)If you could spend the day with any fictional character, who would you choose and why?  I would have to do this one for my Hubby and bring him along…  Tony Stark
10)What is the best meal you ever ate?  3 hour, 9 course lunch at Eleven Madison Park in NYC.

You can find Virginia weekdays at WILD 95.5FM in South Florida,  on iHeart Radio here; or on-line live-streaming here.

Follow Virginia on Facebook or Twitter @VirginiaKVJ

Thanks for taking part in this week’s Tuesday 10 Virginia and thanks for the mornings of laughs you give to our entire community!

If you would like to take part in the Tuesday 10, copy the questions above and send them in to me at