Short Notes – 7.24.13

Words to Live By


Insert Weiner joke here…..  _________________________________

Today I was in Whole Foods Market and out of the corner of my eye I saw my mother.  I know that isn’t possible but a lady for an instant looked like my mama, not only did it freak me out a bit, but it comforted me as well.


7.24.13 Sunrise Beach; Palm Beach, FL

Short Notes – 6.3.13

Did you watch Big Brother last night?  If not, here is a recap.  Tonight will be the first vote for eviction.

Norah Jones sings Summertime

Words to Live By


Pat Tomasulo a TV Reporter in Chicago is AWESOME, check out the video below to see why!

and again….


Getting comfortable.  Rosalita Grace Rumsey, 7.3.13

Short Notes ~ 6.13.13

Disco on the Playlist

Abe Lincoln says…

They should tie the person who did this to the rock as the team enters the field and let the players do as they wish all season long!

That wasn’t nice!

Neither was  this.

Lake Burton

Lake Burton; Clayton, GA 6.9.13

Short Notes ~ 5.16.13

My brother appreciated today’s selection on Life’s Playlist

Michele Bachman’s at it again…. cra-cra!

Words to Live By

Florida Governor Rick Scott says NO to 2,500 jobs.  Smart or Not?

Beckham retires.

Bob Schieffer really is one of the American gems of journalism and Chris Matthews is not!

Not THAT Danny Werfel

Candice should win.  I will tune in at 9:57PM to find out.


Short Notes – 5.13.13

Ed Sheeran makes the Playlist, I know forget all the honors he has had this year, this must be the top of the list!

Barbara says it’s time to move on. Honestly, I thought this announcement was a year too late.

I love a good Scandal

Words to Live By

Dr. Joyce Brothers has passed away.

Obama White House plate is getting filled by scandal, after scandal, after scandal.