Friday’s Hero 3.8.13


It is no secret that for the past several years, I have been disappointed by John McCain.

I was one of the first to climb onto the “Maverick Express” and wanted him to carry his style and energy all the way to the White House.  That is until he allowed the party hacks to get into his head and turn him into just another standard bearer of the Republican right-wing.

In all honesty John McCain’s chances of winning the Presidency turned into a climb up Kilamenjaro in board shorts the day Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee.  But when McCain turned away from his unique brand of statesman over party leadership he also lost my vote.

After losing the Presidency, McCain appeared to take his bitterness out on anything Obama offered and maintained his party hack mentality.  Then yesterday came, mark the date, Thursday, March 7, 2013, the Maverick Returned!

Sing praises to sweet baby Jesus, because yesterday on the floor of the United States Senate, John McCain returned to the “ain’t no party strong enough” attitude that made him a favorite of millions throughout the land and he eviscerated Senator Rand Paul for the media whore circus he created on Wednesday during a 13 hour showdown with the President.

On Thursday, Senator John McCain marched to the podium and spoke out against stupidity.  The Senator called out one of the darlings of the Tea Party and spoke for the moderate, independent American who is tired of the party politic.

On Thursday, March 7th, Senator John McCain once again became a hero in my eyes and earned his distinction as Friday’s Hero for March 8, 2013!

English: John McCain official photo portrait.

English: John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Short Notes…. What Happened?

DId the world stop on its axis and realign or something?

Mark this day in history, the US Senate began a process of BI-PARTISAN work to reform our immigration policies.  Many of the same ideas that the President of the United States will recommend.


The Boys Scouts began the process of moving into the 21st Century.

What will tomorrow bring?