Short Notes ~ POTUS Needs to STOP Playing Games

washington-dc-white-house-sIt appears that the Obama administration is cancelling all White House Tours due to the “sequester.”

Someone needs to remind the President of the United States that the White House is the PEOPLE’S HOUSE, stop playing games.

Literally, stop playing games…. like golf!  How much has the President’s golf outings cost our country!?!?!??!  STOP IT!

Sequestration Solved

I realize this video looks like I am being held captive and making an appeal for ransom…. it’s my first one so be kind!

Quiet-Please-Meeting-Progress-Sign-SE-5394Mr. President, Speaker Boehner, Leader Reid, Mr. Vice-President, other elected Congressional Leaders, I want to thank you all for attending today’s meeting.

Mr. President thank you for directing your cabinet to be with us and Chief Justice Roberts, thank you for being with us as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself, I am Kendall Rumsey, a United States citizen.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today representing the American people, with all due respect, let me just say…. we are sick and tired of all of you.  Continue reading

Friday’s Hero 3.1.13

Today, America’s sequester begins.  Feel it yet?

This plan, which under any other circumstance would have caused action to begin and solutions to be found, has now resulted in mandatory cuts to the nation’s spending.  As I said under any other circumstance our nation’s leaders would have stepped up and worked out a solution, sadly we are now in different times, when our Congress and President would rather disagree than lead.

The sequester accounts for 2.4% of the nation’s total expenditures and sadly our “leaders” can’t (or WON’T) find a solution.

I’m no member of Congress or President of the United States, but hey here is an idea…. LEAD – tell every department head and Cabinet Secretary in the Federal Government, find 2.4% savings in your department without cutting a single job or else lose YOUR job and I bet you it can be done.  (Give them all 30 days to do it, I contend it could be done before Monday, but let’s be generous and given them 30 days.)  Unfortunately the people we have elected to lead no longer do so.

There is absolutely no reason ANYONE should lose their job because of sequester… it can and SHOULD be done with across the board cuts, with directives and with leadership.  And I contend it SHOULD be done!

So as this whole sequester thing is happening, guess who is NOT included….. yes, my friends you guessed it CONGRESS!


My hero of the week is trying to change that.  Florida Senator Bill Nelson has announced plans to offer up a bill cutting Congress pay by more than any other department until the stalemate is resolved.  The bill will be called  Congressional Overspending Pay Accountability Act. 

As part of his comments on the issue, Senator Nelson stated :

“there’s absolutely no reason members of Congress should exempt themselves.  We can and should reach a balanced compromise to replace these damaging across-the-board cuts, but until we do, this is an obvious step to hold Congress accountable for the job we need to get done.”

Senator Nelson has been joined by Senator Claire McCaskill in offering the bill.  It will be interesting to see if the United States Congress acts on this recommendation.  My guess is probably not.

For his leadership, this week’s Hero of the Week is Senator Bill Nelson of Florida. 



Short Notes ~ Sequestration

BD9oji-CEAAFBa3I haven’t said much about this because whenever I think about it I get so angry that once again the people we pay to LEAD our nation act like jackasses and don’t do anything…… ok, anyway.

Sequestration.  When sequestration goes into effect it accounts for 2.4% of our nation’s total federal spending…..2.4%

If Congress, the President of the United States, the Armed Forces and every other department represented in our nation’s budget can’t find 2.4% to cut, we REALLY are in worse shape than it appears!

The President and Congress are going to roll out the “oh your grandmother isn’t going tot get her Social Security check” fear tactics.  Or the “our soldiers are not going to have ammunition to fight with” bogus games… here’s the deal WE need to demand that the people we elected FIND the cuts and make them.

NO ONE will ever convince me that we can’t find 2.4% excessive, wasteful spending in the bloated budgets of our Government!

Short Notes… SOTU by POTUS

Image: President Barack Obama delivers his annual State of the Union Address before a joint session of Congress and the Supreme CourtThe President of the United States stood before the American people this evening and told us the State of our Union is strong.

Though all the pomp and pageantry of the night, the President said many of the same things he has been saying for years, knowing when he said them that they will never move forward.

Tonight our leaders all did what they are expected to do. They applauded, they stood, they cheered.  Our leaders welcomed the President to Capital Hill tonight, they did everything they should…. tomorrow, they go back to being the Congress they have been for too many years.

While our Congress and President put on their best face for this show before the American people, sadly nothing will change, nothing will move forward and we the people will continue to be the ones who suffer.

Many of the President’s ideas are ones that we should all be able to get behind, protecting the middle-class, immigration reform, making our nation self-sufficient, establishing education programs that enhance our future.

How could anyone disagree with those items on his wish list?  Sadly it isn’t the agenda items, but how we get there and our elected officials have proven that they will not put in the work to find middle ground solutions to help us make it to our nation’s shining city on a hill.

The President’s speech was well delivered and often times poignant, hitting its high point during his push for gun control.

While I don’t agree with all aspects of the President’s gun control agenda, like the President, I believe we the people and the people who have been lost to violence in our society DESERVE a vote on the agenda.  This vote doesn’t have to be all encompasing, it can be broken into sections and voted on piece by piece, let’s do it fairly, but DO IT.

They deserve a vote.

The President’s long list of communities, schools, individuals who have been affected by violence was one of the most powerful moments I have ever witnessed from this President.  As he moved from speech to sermon, you could almost hear the American people join in his chant… they deserve a vote and guess what THEY DO and WE DO!

It is time that we the people demand our leaders stand up and vote, yes or no, whatever your choice, but our leaders must do their jobs and VOTE.

We deserve it… and so do they!