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Unthinkable Loss with the Promise that Sunday is Coming…… for Us All.

Yesterday a family in our community suffered an unspeakable loss, when their young daughter was killed in an accident.

When anyone passes it is sad, when a young preschooler is taken, the hole that tragedy leaves affects us all.

While I don’t know the family well,  I feel for them and cry for their pain.

As we go through life and face these tragedies, we hear people say the cruelest loss of all is when a parent has to bury their child.

From experience, I can say that people are changed forever when a son or daughter is taken too soon.  My parents and family were never the same after my brother passed away.

A young life filled with promise and life and the hope of a future that can make a difference in our world is one of life’s greatest joys, the loss of such a child is one of life’s great pains.

I think it is human nature to question God when these tragedies occur, why would a God who professes to love us, do something so cruel?  I am also confident that God has incredibly large shoulders, he can handle our questions, our anger and our lack of understanding.

There is no rhyme or reason, there is no understanding, as people of faith, we just trust that our Lord has a greater plan for this type of suffering.

As a community it is our responsibility to hold this family close, to provide shoulders of caring and pray for peace as they go through this unimaginable pain.

This family will never be the same.

It is ironic that this tragedy happened at the outset of Holy Week, a time when we of the Christian faith start today with shouts of Hosanna, quickly to be interrupted by the murder of our King and later the overwhelming joy of his resurrection.

I am sure Mary suffered and questioned the loss of her son Jesus on the cross, but with faith, her pain was met by a great reunion with her son Jesus.

This family will someday be reunited with their precious child as well, just as my parents were with my brother when they left this earth for life-everlasting

I can’t put into words what this family must be feeling today.  What I can do is hold them in my prayers and offer love at their loss.

My community is a caring one that will lift this family as they struggle through the coming days, weeks and years.

Another way to honor this child is to remember, life is fleeting, it can be snuffed out in the flash of an eye.  Hold your children close, let go of grudges that keep us from loving, forgive, accept each others short-comings and honor those who are in our lives.

Pain is a horrible thing to overcome, in many cases it is never overcome, but if we hold each other close and if we remember the ultimate sacrifice that Holy Week represents, maybe someday this family will be able to think about this precious child and smile instead of being overcome with grief.

Holy Week is here and the promise that “Sunday is Coming” is fitting to remember; for some, that Sunday may be decades away, but it will come and the reunion awaits for those who believe.

Cricks and Cracks and Aches and Pains

Mama and Daddy used to complain about their aches and pains.  When I would ask why something hurt they would say, “I don’t know, it just hurts.”

Daddy would sometimes laugh and say “you will find out, it just comes with age.”

As usual my daddy was right.

Every morning when I roll over in bed and put my feet on the floor a new “ailment” seems to hit.  Cricks and cracks and aches and pains.

All winter my left knee bothered me, it would swell and throb, nothing major just an annoying pain.

This past week my right knee decided to get in on the fun and has been a constant nuisance.  It catches, it hurts, it makes me limp….. OK, I get it, I am old!

Sometimes I will get an ache in my shoulder or for no known reason a rib may hurt, it’s always something.  Nothing major, just a crick or a crack or an ache or a pain.

As I quickly race towards my date with morphine and a pain pump, I have decided what is wrong with me and quite frankly, these cricks and cracks and aches and pains are more of a blessing than a curse.

I have decided that the pains of being 50-something are much more about the joys of a fulfilled life than they are about a body that is catching up to too much weight and stress on joints.

The pain in my left knee that caused me to gimp around for large parts of the winter, I have decided that was caused by carefree days of summers past.

When I was a teenager, I spent most everyday on Lake Rabun, being pulled by my friend’s boat as we waterskied from one end to the other.

This nag in my knee has to be a way of reminding me of those carefree days being pulled and spraying and falling and jumping behind a boat being cheered on by friends and creating memories of sun-kissed skin on a scenic lake filled with glimpses in time.

If my left knee is about summers on the lake, it is only fitting that the pain in my right is a result of winters at Sky Valley, racing down hills of snow on skis that would give me a sense of freedom unlike anything else I had ever imagined.

Why would my neck hurt from time to time?  Of course that was caused by the endless hours of laughter spent with friends in Lake Park, Florida.

Those countless days with friends like Jorge and Leigh and Alyson, Donna, Dick, Joy and Sam, so many of us together, just spending time enjoying life,  throwing our heads back in laughter and celebration of lifelong friendships.

What’s a little neck pain, when it was caused by the joy of a chosen family that enriched my life in ways I can’t even imagine.

Could my backache be from the day Sam and Chelsea, Zack and I jumped from a plane fulfilling an item we all shared on our Bucket List?

If so, bring that pain on, it was worth the amazing feeling of floating through the air suspended in time as a parachute guided me towards land.

Those wrist aches….. dancing until dawn in Atlanta with friends who were learning about themselves the same way I was at the time.

My thigh, yes my thighs hurt sometimes too.  Oh, but the joy of holding countless babies on my lap and cherishing those newborn dreams.

Life gives us cricks and cracks and aches and pains, but it also gives us joy and laughter and love and friends.

I think it’s all worth it and next time my eyelash hurts or my grip fails, I’ll just look back at the blessings I received along the way that caused those cricks and cracks and aches and pains to bring me such joy.

It’s Time for a Good Old-Fashioned Ship Burning

This morning when I woke it was raining.  I made my way into the living room and sunk into my Lazy-Boy, wrapped in an afghan, watching the morning news, the last thing I wanted to do was get up and go to Church.

As I sat there, I debated with myself.  I could watch Church online, I could watch Church on TV, since the weather was bad no one would be at Church and I wouldn’t be missed.

Since the weather was bad, I needed to get up and go so that the Pastor and choir wouldn’t be in an empty church.

I debated and eventually got up and took a shower and left for Church.

Because of my morning debate, I arrived about 5 minutes late.  The sanctuary wasn’t as packed as normal, but a nice crowd had shown up.  I made my way into a row and joined with the others singing Praise and Worship music.

Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing a sermon series entitled “Obsessed.”  Pastor Adam has challenged us to live a life obsessed with the same things God is obsessed over.

I have enjoyed the series and as the finale, today’s message “Burn the Ship,” tied it all up in a neat bow.

Have you ever gone to Church and started listening to a sermon and thought “is he just preaching to me?”  Yeah, that happened to today.

As I explained in a recent blog post, I am at a Crossroads; my primary job is less than rewarding, the business I bought as an investment has become my joy and my passion is to write.

The sermon, based on scripture 1 Kings 19:21

21 So Elisha left him and went back. He took his yoke of oxen and slaughtered them. He burned the plowing equipment to cook the meat and gave it to the people, and they ate. Then he set out to follow Elijah and became his servant.

The basis of the sermon today is, when you are ready to begin anew, you must step out in faith with Plan A.  Plan B is just an excuse and shouldn’t be a fall back plan.

Back in the day, when explorers conquered new lands, they “burned their ships,” to symbolize their commitment to the ideals they were bringing forth.  This symbolism showing that they were “all in.”

When the time has come to make the journey that you feel the Lord is leading you towards, make that change with an EXPLANATION POINT…. not a period!

By burning the ship, you have eliminated the secondary option and prove you are “all in” with the new direction of your life.  Whew, that’s a lot to comprehend for someone who is at a Crossroads.

Ironically, I had a conversation with my Pastor on Friday, I told him about my Crossroads and where I felt I was being led.  As usual he listened and provided wise counsel.  Then today, he seemed to hit the nail on the head with points that gave direction to my heart.

I have made two big moves in my life.  Neither time did I know if it would work out, but I made those moves with faith that the Lord would show me the way.

When I moved to Florida in 1996, I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have a job and had nothing but a movement in my heart telling me to go and faith that it would work out.

The move to Florida was the most courageous thing I have ever done, it worked out just fine.

I was enriched by people who will continue to impact my life until my last breath.  I developed my professional career with hard work, talent and determination and was rewarded with opportunities that I never saw coming.  And during my time in Florida I was given the opportunity by the residents of a small town to lead the direction of that town into the future as an elected official.

Most importantly, during those Florida years, my faith grew and became my guiding light through life.

The second big move was my decision to leave Florida and move back to God’s Country.   I had been being pulled back to the mountains of my youth by my heart for several years.

My fear in returning was that I wouldn’t fit in.  The friends I had known so many years ago wouldn’t accept me back and that I had been away from family for so long that a deeper connection wasn’t possible.

Those fears were quickly melted away by welcoming friends and family.  It hasn’t been perfect, sometimes it has been quite difficult, but like the move to Florida, the overwhelming results have been better than expected.

Now I am at a new crossroads and I am working hard to let my heart lead the course.

One of the points of Pastor Adam’s sermon today was that was we grow older and more comfortable we “stop living out our imagination and start living our memory.”

Who says that a certain age or level of comfort should lead our lives?  Why not keep living our imagination, an imagination that may turn away from what is comfortable and towards what is possible!

As I continue to evaluate the crossroads that sit before me, I will take these examples into account.  The faith I have employed when making major decisions hasn’t let me down in the past and I suspect it won’t in the future.

The kind words and prayers offered to me by many of you is appreciated as I evaluate my future.  While some may see this as a scary time, I am surprisingly calm and excited about the path ahead, I am at a crossroads, but the path ahead grows clearer by the day.

Imagination is a wonderful thing and sometimes when you put faith behind your imagination it may just come true!  I’m a firm believer that you are never too old to dream, sometimes you just have to burn some ships to get there.

One last thing about the rain that almost kept me home today…… it stopped while I was in the shower.  It’s interesting how the devil gives up when he loses.

I remain at a crossroads, but the direction signs are getting clearer,  When I step out in the direction it will bring me to the next stage of my life, I will do so in faith, excitement and an imagination knowing those “plan B” ships are better off burned.

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