Life’s Playlist…. All You Need Is Love by The Beatles

All-Time Favorites Playlist…. Let It Be by The Beatles

It’s hard to imagine any list of all time favorite songs that doesn’t include The Beatles.

Their music is synonymous with greatness.  I could include any number of their melodies…

Hey Jude


Come Together

In My Life

and many more.

For the purposes of this list and because this is the one that speaks to me at this moment in my life, Let It Be.


Life’s Playlist…. Hey Jude by The Beatles

On this date in 1968 one of the greatest pieces of music ever recorded hit #1 on the charts.

The song stayed there for 9 consecutive weeks and has remained a classic ever since.

Hey Jude……


Pursuing My Dream, Listening and Learning: Life’s Playlist – Paperback Writer by The Beatles

Now that I have made the decision to pursue my dream and work on “the book,” I am constantly looking for inspiration and advice.

I have been incredibly fortunate to get some great feedback from Chris Maxwell, an esteemed author in his own right, a publisher, other writers, friends and family.

The support means more than I can ever express.

Some of the comments I have heard, from people I trust, is I need to write on a regular basis and not just for the book.  The blog is that outlet and I am going to utilize this platform more for expression and writing opportunities.

One of those opportunities includes the “Life’s Playlist” posts.  I enjoy choosing songs that are speaking to me and making an impact in my life, but have never shared why I post the songs I choose.

I hope to begin sharing those reasons as an opportunity to write… hence the post on “We Are the World” and today’s Life’s Playlist song by The Beatles, “Paperback Writer.”

Recently, I heard about Jeff Goins, an author, blogger and writer who shares his expertise with others.  I believe you should learn from experts and I am open to learning anything I can to make me a better writer and share my voice with others

Today, Amazon delivered these two books.  I plan on digesting every word inside the pages, in hopes of my own paperback, hardback or e-book someday seeing the light of day!

Have an awesome Friday friends and keep your dreams alive!

Life’s Playlist…..Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles