Jason Collins is Gay and MUCH More

Jason-Collins-is-gay_-Image-via-@SInowProfessional Basketball Player Jason Collins came out of the closet this week,  I guess I should write about that.

I would suspect like most Americans, before his announcement I had never heard of Jason Collins, a hardworking guy who had used his talents with various organizations to help them succeed.  HHMMM, interesting.

Before hearing about Jason Collins coming out of the closet I never knew he was a twin to a heterosexual pro Basketball player, a guy who loves his parents and wanted to honor them with his actions and life. Now I do.

Before hearing about Jason Collins coming out, I never knew anything about him, I guess you could say, before his public announcement, I would have just assumed Jason Collins was a hardworking American who loved his family, his career and worked hard every day to make a difference.  Now I know he’s gay.

So now we know who Jason Collins is….he’s a hardworking American who loves his family, his career and works hard every day to make a difference…..oh, yeah he’s also gay.

Some call Jason Collins a hero, I understand that.  Because of his actions he has shown boys around the world that it is ok to be themselves,  excel in their chosen profession, honor their family, their employer and their country…. and be gay.

Jason Collins is a hero because he helps to shatter the stereotype of a limp-wristed, lisping queen.  Collins is a fouling, trash-talking center that isn’t afraid to fight for his team and victory.

In my view what makes Jason Collins a real hero is that he is a man, a hardworking man, a family man, a man who happens to be gay.

He is the first to make this announcement and hopefully he won’t be the last, hopefully those still to come will do so with the class and dignity of Jason Collins.

Hopefully one day, a professional athlete will come out and the reaction of the public will be…….. and……

When people are able to live their lives with grace, free of prejudice or stereotype, then, and only then, can we truly be a people who honors life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all our fellow-man.

Jason Collins is a hero, for many reasons, ONE of them is because he was the first professional athlete in a major team sport in the USA to come out as a gay man.

Short Notes – The Moment with Kurt Warner

kurt-620x273This week, the USA Network premiered a new show “The Moment” hosted by Super Bowl Quarterback and MVP,  Kurt Warner.  Regularly scheduled for Thursdays at 10, I caught it on DVR from a special showing on BRAVO.

When I first read about the premise, I thought this is the kind of Reality Show I like.

Each week, Warner introduces the viewer to someone who at some point in their life had to give up on a special dream.  The reasons for the dream change is varied and explained in the show’s set up each week.

The premier episode featured an Alabama mother, Tracie Marcum, who gave up on her dream of being a photographer when a difficult divorce forced her to close her portrait studio.

Tracie’s new husband realized her unfulfilled dream and her love of sports would combine for a perfect career opportunity as a sports photo-journalist.

After being surprised by Warner and her family, Tracie is given the chance to learn from one of the nation’s leading photo-journalist and eventually have the opportunity to interview with Sports Illustrated.

This show does a great job of developing the characters and allowing the viewer into their world and their heart.  Tracie Marcum overcame severe personal obstacles, and we saw personal growth during the time of training with her mentor.

Kurt Warner serves as the perfect “cheerleader” and host for this show.  He is a proven example of never giving up, which he relays to the viewer and show’s participant with ease.

In the end, the week’s featured character is offered the opportunity to interview for their dream job, “The Moment,” they have waited for their entire life.

With all of the scripted reality shows on television, “The Moment” shines above.  For all of us who have unfulfilled dreams, “The Moment,” gives us hope and determination to never give up, no matter what the situation of life presents.

I enjoyed “The Moment,” it’s feel good TV that we can all appreciated!