What are You Offended by Now?

wpid-wp-1436742937115How did we become a society of the permanently offended?

It seems like there is a whole group of people in our society who just live to be offended by something, and let me say from the outset, you being offended does only one thing…. makes you offended.

Everywhere you turn, someone is offended by something.  Politics, religion, sexuality, entertainment, words, clothes, media….. offended, offended, offended… here is a piece of advice….. GET OVER IT!

In the society that we now find ourselves in, Republicans are offended by Democrats, Democrats are offended by Republicans; gays are offended by straights, straights are offended by gays; black are offended by whites and whites are offended by blacks; men are offended by women and women offended by men, Christians are offended by non-Christians and vice-versa; and on and on and on….. GET A GRIP PEOPLE AND GET OVER BEING OFFENDED!

At this rate, who and what are we not going to be offended by?

I learned this week that I am supposed to be offended by a Christmas song; one that I have listened to my whole life and never knew was evidently about a man “supposedly” trying to sexually assault a woman.  I just thought it was a cute song about a man trying to get a woman he was dating to try to spend some time with him.

If you look at the internet, everything is a conspiracy,  who knew that every agency created to protect and defend the Constitution was now a left-wing conspiracy group designed to bring down the government… who knew?  Evidently, the internet taught us that.  Thanks internet!?!?!?

We all have crap in our lives, crap that sometimes makes it hard just to put your feet on the floor in the mornings and get moving, but we do it and most of us do it in private.  We don’t have the need to share with the world what offends us and demand others be offended too.

In our world of being offended, we now have co-workers afraid to get into an elevator with someone of the opposite sex because of what may be said.  REALLY?  It’s an elevator going between the 3rd and 5th floor.

How about we all just take a breath, grow up  a little and live our own lives without trying to bring everyone else along with our “being offended” mentality.

You know what offends me?  You being offended and expecting me to care!

There is a guy in my town who moved here because he loves it so much.  He opened a successful business and has done very well.  But now, he is offended by other businesses moving into town who he doesn’t agree with politically.  He now wants to homogenize our little corner of God’s Country into the way HE thinks it should be…. here’s a history lesson for you,…. we were this way before you ever moved here and will be long after you leave, take the offended entitlement and move on!

Is there stuff in our world that offends me…. you bet!  But guess what, I’m not asking you to be offended by it too…. I’ll just not listen to the music that offends me, or patronize a business that I don’t agree with or vote for a candidate who doesn’t represent my views on how I think our world should be operated.  But I’m not going to expect you to feel the same.

2018, is almost over, it has proven to be the year of “I’m offended,” on all sides….. here’s an idea, in 2019, let’s all put on our big boy and girl pants and grow the eff up!

And now, you can be offended by what I just wrote!

Friday’s Hero…. Brian Boitano, 12.20.13 @BrianBoitano


This week I choose as my Friday’s Hero a guy I have had a secret crush on since the 1980’s, Brian Boitano,  US Figure Skater and 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist.

Yesterday, Boitano came out as he prepares to represent the United States as an official delegate for the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

I am not choosing Boitano for coming out, but  I choose him for his statement in coming out.   For many of us People Magazine covers and Oprah interviews aren’t required, just living a life of love, compassion and honor is the benchmark we strive for.  Thank you for leading by example Brian Boitano!


Life’s Playlist…. Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones


Life’s Playlist…. Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones

Short Notes – 8.5.13

Today, Major League Baseball banned 13 players for at least 50 games, and in the case of Alex Rodriguez the remaining 2013 season and the 2014 season.  It saddens me that this is what our sport has become.  I remember as a child the build up to Hank Aaron‘s 715th home run, it was a national obsession and a celebration when he surpassed Babe Ruth‘s record.  Unfortunately today’s kids will never witness the innocent excitement of sport the way we were able to enjoy it.  Today’s sports have * behind the records out of suspicion of doping and cheats.  Gone are the days when a child wanted to grow up to be the next Hank Aaron or Johnny Bench, now because of cheating, the luster of sport has grown dim.

Big Brother 15, Episode 17

Florence and the Machine


Banana Nut Bread….  Easy recipe


Sunrise, 8.5.13 – Sunrise Beach; Palm Beach, FL

Friday’s Hero ~ 2.1.13

super-bowl-2013This Sunday is the Super Bowl, the annual football spectacle that brings our nation together for an afternoon and evening of competition both on and off the field.

Each year the Super Bowl is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for host cities, competing cities and every town and city across the country.

While many people watch the game for the thrill of the competition, the legacy of a Super Bowl has lasting effects for host cities far into the future.

Not only is there a financial impact for a host city in tourism for the game, the National Football League has done an admirable job of providing programs that help to transform host city needy neighborhoods.

NFL Charities has been providing a $1 million grant to host cities since 1992.  Those grants allow cities to extend the goodwill of a Super Bowl into communities that may not always see the positive affects of such an event.

Usually in the form of a youth center for enrichment, the NFL Grant is often matched by corporate sponsors or local businesses to enhance the longterm gift for the community.

For their outreach and impact on the community, this week the Hero of the Week is the National Football League.