Short Notes – 10.18.13

RIPTom Foley, Former Speaker of the House

It’s been a tough week for all of us, but forget the Congress, the President, the Tea Party, the Liberals…forget them all THIS is what makes America great, regular folks just celebrating life….. Friday’s Hero, the Highway Sing-A-Long Guy, TJ Smith.


THIS was my jam!

Thursday Words

Ms. Gladys Knight….. enough said

Thursday night television is once again Must See TV…. Scandal, WOW!  #OperationRemington and then there is Grey’s Anatomy when did Grey’s get good again?

Question of the Day:  Is anyone on television better than Shonda Rhimes right now?


Autumn in South Florida…. our trees change colors too!  Condo Life, 10.18.13

Short Notes ~ Flight Delays, Sequestrations Slap in the Face to Americans

470x264+generic+flight+delay+graphicIt seems like today we begin to feel the pain of sequester with flight delays at most of our nation’s airports.

A small percentage of Air Traffic Controllers will be furloughed making the skies that much more dangerous.

I hope it doesn’t take a crash for our “Leaders” to actually lead.

Back on March 3rd, I solved the problem of Sequestration in this post.

I’m no genius and don’t claim to have all the answers, it is just simple math and a simple solution…. sadly our “leaders” have a desire to make everything complicated.

Instead of creating cute Twitter hashtags like #ObamaFlightDelays maybe Speaker of the House John Boehner could help solve some problems.

Speaker Boehner, President Obama, Leader Reid et al…. try on this hashtag for a change.  #FAILURE