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DREAMON-titleLife’s Playlist… Dream On by Aerosmith

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tumblr_m8nsc1XB1i1r6rgp2o1_500What are your dreams?  When you are alone with yourself, with your thoughts, what do you dream?

We all do it, no matter the age, social status or position in life… we all dream.

A friend told me last week that I appear to be living very “Oprah-esque” lately.  Well it worked for her….

While I haven’t tried to start living more Oprah I have been making a conscious decision to work on myself from the inside out this year.  I think it is important that we all have some time of self-discovery and I have time stamped 2013 as that year for me.

Part of that self-discovery includes reevaluting dreams.  Not the type of dreams we have at night when asleep, but the dreams we have when fully awake, when all of our senses are alive, when our inner most thoughts and prayers are engaged.

I’ve been reading John C. Maxwell’s book “How Successful People Think,” and part of that book talks about visioning and taking time just to “think.”  As I have been reading and studying this work, I relate the “thinking” exercise to my dreams.  Dreaming my best life and how to make my personal, professional, long-term and short-term dreams come true.

Today, I had the pleasure of hearing my favorite Pastor in the pulpit.  Reverend Jen Harner Sims, touches, inspires, reaches my soul and challenges me more than any other pastor.  Her personal story is one of triumph over adversity that makes me better for knowing and walking with her.

The focus of Pastor Jen’s message today was that God gives us the dreams that make up our lives.  In giving our dreams he also gives dreams to the brothers and sisters among us.

As people walking with our neighbor, it is our job to help inspire the dreams of those around us and in turn our dreams are encouraged too.

Encouraging the dreams around us are enhanced in five ways as described by Pastor Jen.

  1. Listen
  2. See the person’s dreams & name their strengths
  3. Speak hopefully where it relates to the dreams of your neighbor
  4. Serve others by helping them reach their dreams
  5. When possible, meet a need of the dreamer

If you measure the success of our dreams, I am confident that those successes will find innumerable instances where others have provided one or all of the examples from above.

I think if you measure the success of others as an achievement of their dreams those we view as successful in life, will admit their dreams were made true not on their own, but with the dream belief of their neighbor.

With this said, I would be remiss not to share my own dream.

Like everyone I dream of financial comfort, good health, happiness for myself, my family and my friends, love, laughter and compassion.   Those dreams are provided to me on a daily basis through the simple interactions of those around me.

The dreams I am talking about here are the big, make your life complete, type of dreams.

Our dreams in life change as we mature.  I have found that my dreams today are as much about others as they are about me.

Ironically, as my dreams include others, they also find a way to allow me to fulfill my own passion.

Most people who know me realize that I have a passion for writing, I find a release on the keyboard that I don’t find in other interactions.  As outwardly gregarious as I appear, I am also painfully shy when out of my familiar circumstances.  The written word allows me to express many things I am incapable of doing verbally.

This blog has become an outlet for me that carries all of my passions.  Music, politics, television, faith, friendship and more.  My dream is that through this blog, I will have the opportunity to fulfill my other dream…. a mountain cabin with a view where I can write, be close to family, enjoy life and see life’s magnificent beauty out my window each day.

Simply put, in the near future I would like to be able to characterize myself as a professional writer.   Someone who makes my living wrtiting here on the blog and in other publications, through columns, Short Notes, Hero of the Week, Life’s Playlist, observations about life and other features still to come.

I wrote it down today while enjoying a “thinking session,” I want to


As I work towards making my dream come true, your support, comments and advice will be greatly appreciated!