SPOILERS – #BB16 – Aug 7, 2014 – DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!! @BigBrotherNet @BBGossip @CBSBigBrother

LogoWhen we left the show last night, the scene was set.  Tonight  Zach would be eliminated and sent to the  Jury House.

Well, SURPRISE…… things may have changed dramatically in the last 24 hours!

Tonight is like Christmas Eve for Big Brother Super Fans…. a double elimination, moving into jury and second half of the season starting… the anticipation is overwhelming, who could ask for more!

While I have enjoyed this season and some of the twist, the real game starts tonight when alliances start to eat their own in the true pursuit for $500,000.

Now let’s get to the fun…..  IT’S A DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things will move fast tonight, so hang on and let’s do this!

A recap of the week shows everyone deciding that it is time for  Zach to be evicted.  Frankie and Caleb are the last two to be convinced.  It looks like a unanimous eviction.

Caleb’s concern about voting out  Zach is that he is a number for his side of  the house.

Derrick starts to reconsider the eviction and agrees with Caleb’s “numbers” comment.  Derrick and Cody decide to keep  Zach and vote out Jocasta.

Tonight’s vote should be split…… and it now looks like Jocasta will be evicted.

In their final plea to stay  Zach gave the best “keep me” speech in BB history!


Donny –   Zach

Caleb – Jocasta

Christine – Jocasta

Derrick – Jocasta

Cody – Jocasta

Hayden –   Zach

Frankie – Jocasta

Victoria – Jocasta

Jocasta is eliminated 6 – 2.

Hayden, Donny and Nicole are in shock.

BB16 Jocasta



Nicole is visibly PISSED.

Math competition for HOH.

Question one, everyone is out except Caleb, Christine and  Zach

Zach is out next.

Caleb is HOH.

BB16 Caleb


Caleb gives the “there is a line drawn in the sand” speech and nominates Hayden and Donny.  Nicole is obviously WAY off her game, struggling and visibly shaken.

BB16 Hayden  Donny


Playing for POV is Caleb, Donny, Hayden,  Zach, Victoria and Christine.

Donny with POV to save himself.

Donny is visibly weak at the end of the competition and has to be carried off the course.



Donny uses the POV and removes himself from the block.

Caleb nominates Nicole in Donny’s place.




Cody –  Nicole

Christine  –  Hayden

Derrick – Hayden

Donny – (Donny needs medical attention) Nicole

Frankie – Hayden

Zach – Hayden

Victoria – Hayden

5 – 2 Vote, Hayden is evicted.

BB16 Hayden

Whew’ I’m exhausted!

Big Brother Season 15, Episode 17 #BB15 #HOH #Nominations

bb15From what I am seeing and hearing on the boards and feeds, it seems like this week has been a fun one for those in the house.  The usual drama, backstabbing, meltdowns and paranoia have been there, but the mood seems to be lighter this week.

At this point, getting evicted is especially painful as we are getting close to jury house, the first goal of every Big Brother contestant.


It still bothers me every time I see the “advisory” before the show begins.

The show starts with the Head of Household competition in full steam.

At 17 minutes Spencer is out, followed by Candice, Helen Elissa,  Amanda,

32 minutes Judd, Andy,

First three off the balance roll all won a prize.

Spencer chooses a box and gets a bullhorn to speak thru until nominations.

Candice gets $5000.

Helen wins a BBQ for herself and 2 others.

Jessie is next to fall.

GinaMarie starts making a deal with McCrae and offers him three nights in the HOH room.  He asked for security.  She offers security for McCrae and Amanda.  GinaMarie tells McCrae she needs her hair dye (and that’s no lies!!!!!)

McCrae is off and GinaMarie is head of household…. she is gonna get her hair did!


In diary Helen talks about GinaMarie being a question mark and then proceeds to kiss her butt and tell her what a great player she is.

Aaryn feels comfortable with GinaMarie and says this is an extended HOH for her.  Aaryn and GinaMarie decide Candice is their target for the week.

GinaMarie shows off her HOH room.  Helen is in major kiss ass mode.  A crown awaits, but he photo of GM with Nick is the highlight, next to the hair dye.  Andy equates GinaMarie to a 15-year-old girl and hits it pretty much nail on the head.

Helen says she has decided on two of the guests for her BBQ (Aaryn and Elissa) and the final spot is open to determine who she will take.

Jessie complains to anyone who will hear that she is upset that Helen is choosing to take Aaryn to the BBQ.  Jessie feels like her loyalty to Helen should be rewarded.  Amanda challenges Jessie about being upset.

Jessie continues to complain to Amanda about “fakeness.”  Amanda confronts Jessie with her “fakeness.”  It escalates into a full-blown screaming match.

One good thing about the screaming match… after 17 shows, we finally find out that Jessie is still in the house!


McCrae confronts Jessie about her “loyalty and fakeness” comments.  Andy and Amanda show up for the argument.  Amanda wearing VERY small panties a Flashdance, off the shoulder t-shirt and nothing else, (Amanda continues to keep it classy!)

Amanda calls Jessie “not sane” and Jessie reminds Amanda that she is in her underwear outside in the smoking area.  The argument goes very low and gets too personal.

After the fight McCrae confronts Amanda on her game play.  He asks why she is so mean and why she would take everything so personally.   Amanda tells McCrae he never has her back, they continue to argue and Amanda continues to be a freak.

McCrae admits in diary that he knows Amanda is going to become a target if she continues to play the game so hard and be mean to everyone.  He says he wants to go far with her, but her attitude will eventually put a target on him as well.



Jessie and Candice are nominated.

GinaMarie goes on a long diatribe for her reasons on each nomination.  Judd begins laughing followed by Amanda and Elissa.  Possibly one of the dumbest speeches at Nomination Ceremony I have heard in 15 seasons of Big Brother.

Wednesday we will find out who is the third nominee (Amanda), who wins the POV (I’m not going to spoil it) and who the final nominees are.

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 14 – #BB15, #Nominations, #ComcastSux, #Have&HaveNots

comcast-sucksSeventeen days after my Comcast  Xfinity debacle began, (read here and here ) the new DVR stopped working today.

Once again, I have lost everything on the DVR, and I await a visit from the Comcast technician tomorrow morning.  They call this “service.”

Thankfully, the condo development I live in has basic cable for all residents, so I have reworked my television and watch like it is 2003.

My disdain for Comcast grows by the day, I am working on a post that I will share soon where they are accusing me of stealing their equipment and charging me $150 because the COMPUTER says I have equipment that I don’t….. but….. the computer says so!

Let’s see what is going on in the house, and if you aren’t following the boards and feeds you are missing out!  Unfortunately I don’t have pause or DVR, so I am typing fast tonight.


Aaryn wins HOH.  Helen had made a previous deal with Aaryn where she would give her HOH nominees to Helen’s side of the house and those nominees are to be Howard and Spencer.

No one seems happy that Aaryn won HOH.

Helen worries if Aaryn will follow-thru on her end of the deal.

Candice knows about Helen’s deal and she also knows she was not consulted on the plans.

Spencer ask Aaryn point-blank if he is going on the block, she tells him she has to do what the house wants.

All the house guests hide when it is time to see Aaryn’s HOH room.   It was a cute moment and Aaryn almost seemed human.

McCrae and Amanda take a bubble bath, discussing their differences and both say “I love you.”

Spencer goes to Aaryn and attempts to defend himself to keep from being nominated.  Aaryn lets Spencer know she made deals to stay in the house and will follow through on the agreement.

Howard talks to Aaryn about the nominations.  Aaryn tells Howard the truth about the deal with Helen.  Howard tries convincing Aaryn to shake up the house and not nominate who she is being told to nominate, but do what she wants to do.

On a side note, I wish this would have been the Aaryn that played the game in the beginning instead of the white-sheet clad Klan chick!  This Aaryn is more like the one I described in my first impression.

Have and Have-Nots Competition:

Hosted by Poppy Montgomery. star of CBS‘ Unforgettable.

Orange:  Elissa, Aaryn, McCrae and Andy

Green:  Candice, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd

Purple:  Spencer, Helen, Jessie, Howard

Orange team comes in first, purple team second and green team is a Have-not for the week.

Candice and Aaryn talk.  Aaryn tells her she doesn’t want to put Howard up but she is being told what to do.   Candice recommends she nominate Amanda and McCrae,  Aaryn tells her Amanda kept her safe.

In the diary room, Aaryn admits that Candice doesn’t exist to her and anything she says goes in one ear and out the other.

Candice reports back to Howard how the conversation went and she understands that the conversation was pointless.  Candice is confident that she will be nominated.

Candice pushes Howard away.



Spencer and Howard

Aaryn holds up to her end of the bargain.

Wednesday night we find out who America has nominated for the 3rd seat.  This has already happened in realtime and well, I warned a player didn’t I?

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 13, #Elimination #BB15, #HOH

bb15Ok folks let’s give one of these bad girls the boot…. shall we.

It’s elimination night on Big Brother!


Julie Chen looking very conservative in her white pants, up-do and stripes.

Julie explains Aaryn was America’s choice for 3rd nominee, 2nd was Elissa and 3rd was GinaMarie.

Aaryn automatically goes on the defensive and starts campaigning against her “friend” GinaMarie.  Judd is clearly confused on who he thinks should go home.  Not to allow for any loyalties, Aaryn also campaigns against Kaitlin.

Judd, Elissa, Helen and Jessie discuss who should go, everyone but Elissa wants Kaitlin.

Everyone in the house discusses how nasty Aaryn is and how no one wants her in the house, but they know she can’t win and is no competition.

Aaryn continues campaigning to stay…. offering anything to stay.

Judd tells Andy, Jessie and Helen that he had an alliance with GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Howard and Spencer.  (Not his smartest move.)

When did Andy start smoking or were my eyes deceiving me?


Helen tells Amanda and Elissa about the Judd alliance.

Elissa asks Kaitlin if there was a deal made….  Aaryn secretly listens in while they talk.

Aaryn lets Helen know what she heard.

Helen is pissed.

Kaitlin lets Howard and Spencer know about the conversation with Elissa.

Helen confronts Elissa.

Aaryn confronts Elissa.

Howard, Spencer, Jessie, Judd, Andy…. everyone but McCrae, Amanda and Candice are in the room.

Elissa and Aaryn go toe to toe….. CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie breaks in and goes live to the living room….  Julie lets Judd know that Twitter is in love with his Grizzly Bear  shirt.


AMANDA:  Kaitlin

MCCRAE:  Kaitlin

HELEN:  Kaitlin

CANDICE:  Kaitlin

ELISSA:  Kaitlin

SPENCER:  Kaitlin

HOWARD:  Kaitlin

ANDY:  Kaitlin

JESSIE:  Kaitlin

BB15 KAITLINUNANIMOUS VOTE:  Kaitlin is eliminated.  It was obvious, their hearts want Aaryn out, their heads knew they had to put Kaitlin out.

Kaitlin hugs Helen and GinaMarie and walks out the door in silence and Helen was a forced hug.

Julie lets Kaitlin know that outside the house America sees her as a mean girl and fills her in on what is going on outside and confronts her on some of her activities.  This makes me look forward to her interview with Aaryn even more!

Kaitlin is classy in her exit interview.

Julie lets America know, once again this week WE ARE THE MVP….  Aaryn!  Aaryn!  Aaryn!!!!!!!!  Text 1 to 81818


The BB Casino is this weeks HOH competition, Roulette Me Win……  Highest number ball wins HOH!

Andy score:  23

McCrae:  28

GinaMarie:  3

Candice:  27

Spencer:  34

Aaryn:  36

Howard:  17

Jessie:  2

Helen:  28

Amanda:  1

Elissa:  0

This week’s HOH is Aaryn….. UGH!  No reason to vote for #1 now folks, she is there for another week.


Doesn’t seem like a lot of excitement in the house over that HOH winner.


Well we all know she will nominate Elissa, who else?  I think it will be McCrae.

I think America’s Vote will be for GinaMarie.

If Elissa doesn’t win POV she will go home one week from today.


Short Notes – 7.25.13

Sheila Jackson Lee of TEXAS is trying to tell other states what laws should be in effect….  REALLY Sheila?


Don’t even think about it Dorian.


I have really tried to stay out of this Trayvon Martin mess because no one wins.  It is cases like this that continue to tear our country apart and honestly I don’t want to be a part of that.   I think there is more than enough blame to go around on BOTH sides.  However, as much as I try, I can’t help but think “Rev.” Al Sharpton has to be the biggest racist and race baiter in the country and I wonder, how much money has “Rev.” Al Sharpton and his National Action Network made off of the death of this  17-year-old boy?  Just something to think about.

Dear Amanda