An Open Letter to CBS, Big Brother and Fly on the Wall Entertainment

Before I begin, let me say upfront, I realize this letter will never be seen by anyone who has the ability to do anything and I realize even in the remote chance it was, my opinions would not change anything…… but hey, I write and these are my opinions….. so….. here goes.

Dear CBS, Big Brother and Fly on the Wall Entertainment,

I a writing to you as a fan of Big Brother, someone who has watched every season since the show began.  Big Brother has been my summertime guilty pleasure for years.

As a fan of the show, I have watched and loved the people year after year.  Kaysar, Jase, Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Marcellas, Cowboy, Jordan and Jeff, Nicole, even Rachel, they have all captured my imagination summer after summer.

Now we come to Big Brother 19 and I have to say, you have missed the boat, BIG TIME!

I’m bored, I don’t even know the characters names and the repetition of summer after summer, same competitions with different colors has just become ho-hum!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Please, please PLEASE, I beg you with every ounce of my being, STOP bringing back past competitors!!!!  Guess what, they had their chance, they lost…. move on!

When I saw Paul, one of the most annoying characters in Big Brother history, come bounding through the door at the beginning of the season, the groan that escaped from my inner disgust still echoes through my living room four weeks later.

If you have former contestants you want to bring back, that’s fine…. do an All-Star Season, I can get behind that, but bringing back past characters who couldn’t get it done the first time is an insult to the other people in the house and the fans who tune in each week.

Here’s an idea for you, if you want to bring back past contestants, have a season of nothing but second place finishers, that is something we the fans would enjoy!

And by the way, if anyone truly believes the decision wasn’t made prior to the seasons start that Paul would receive that gift of almost 1/2 the season with immunity from eviction…. I have some ad space to sell you on a wall Mexico will be paying for on the border!  But I’ll come back to this later!

Let’s talk casting shall we?

When Big Brother began it was promoted as a house filled with strangers competing for an ultimate prize.  Today, the show has been relegated to a cast of characters that we have seen far too many times.

We have the quirky girl.

We have the Asian girl.

We have the girl with big boobs.

We have the hunky silent type guy.

We have the muscle head.

We have the flaming gay guy and btw, there are millions of gay people in America that don’t possess every negative stereotype associated with being gay, find one!

We have the old guy.

We have the black Christian woman.

We have the big guy who is a total train wreck.

And on and on….. here’s an idea….. STOP with the characters and START with bringing in interesting contestants that make for good television.  You used to do it, can you do it again or have you simply put this show on auto-pilot?

In the early days you took video submissions and people applied to be on the show…. today, you scour social media and nightclubs to fill a casting formula you think we want to see.  We don’t!

Earlier I referenced how the competitions have become repetitive.  HELLO!?!?!!?  Can no one in the production department come up with something new?

Putting new graphics and changing a competitions theme doesn’t make it new, it just makes a competition the same one you have been doing for years with a new theme and color scheme.

Last year I liked the Battle Back, it was a nice twist….. that doesn’t mean you needed to do it again this year.  And again, BTW, could those competitions have been designed for anyone but Cody to win?  Hello, he even stood beside the final puzzle and studied the course while the house-guests were finding out who would be his competitor.

The one bright spot of this summer has been the Den of Temptation, but let’s be clear, the producers fingerprints are all over the results.

No way the first temptation wasn’t determined for Paul to win.

You can bet your next paycheck, when Christmas needs to use her POV game card, the contest WILL be one she can compete in with her injury.

Interesting that the person who was Public Enemy number one last week got the power to overrule an eviction and when on the block she knew not to use it.

Please stop scripting what should be a game where everyone has the same chance at winning the prize as the people you deem to be your favorites.

Big Brother, what I am saying here is….. you have grown predictable and that is the last thing you need to be.

For years, we have heard Julie Chen tell us to “expect the unexpected,” maybe she should start telling us to expect the expected, because Big Brother has gotten repetitive and stale.

Fly on the Wall Entertainment, can you shake it up before Season 20 and give the show a reboot?  I certainly hope so.

I’m going to sign off now and hope that by the end of the season I learn the names of the grey haired guy and girl with big boobs, I think it would be nice to know that before the end of the summer, I’m sure they have an interesting story to tell, unfortunately we haven’t seen it.

I’ll keep watching, because I believe in the concept of what Big Brother should be, but if you all can’t come up with anything new, let me know, I’ll be glad to give you some ideas!


Kendall Rumsey

A Fan


LogoLast night, the BB Game went into overdrive.  The House guests were advised that double HOH is now a thing of the past, which brought to an end the Battle of the Block.  We are back to good old, original Big Brother.

The show began with a recap of the days since Zach’s nomination.  He fought hard, but it was clear from the minute Frankie buried the knife in his back that his game was over.

As expected, Zach was evicted; however I was surprised to see Donny vote for him, I thought he would hold true to his word.  (It’s not like he has anything to lose, he is dead man walking in the BB house.)

Zach, being Zach, he went out with comedy and in his own unique way, dropping Fruit Loops on the other contestants as he left.  His interview with Julie was fun and he was honest.  Zach admitted he had no idea how to best play the game and he was his own worst enemy because of his antics.

He then got some of his own medicine from the other houseguests in their farewell comments, Christine being especially cruel and classless.  (There was a difference when Zach did it, he was FUNNY and jovial in his douchery, Christine is neither, she is just douche and  being carried along to 5th place in the game!)

Zach holds no grudge towards anyone in the house, (well maybe Victoria, but I believe that is more for show than anything else) and especially continues to hold Frankie in high regard.  It would be interesting to see if that changes after Zach has gone home and watched ALL the tapes of the summer.

Zach is out.

BB16 Zach

Julie then announces to him that he will now compete to get back in the house.  I have to admit, I am not 100% sure Zach completely wanted to get back in the house, but he troopered on and fought alongside Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole for a return.

With all the other houseguests “cheering” the evicted members during their return competition, a close victory put Nicole as the winner and back in the house.



If you do not want to know who won HOH after the show went off the air, STOP reading NOW!!!!!

Taking place after the CBS show went off the air, the competition came down to Donny and Cody.

Evidently the competition was a question and answer, with both competitors getting the final right answer, however Cody edged Donny in a squeaker to become the new HOH.

The lines have already been drawn, Donny and Nicole will be nominated for eviction.


#BB16 – NOW Is the Time for a REAL Zach-Attack @BigBrotherNet @CBSBigBrother


For those of you only watching the CBS version of Big Brother, last night you saw Frankie’s final betrayal of Zach.

Throughout the season, Frankie has back-stabbed Zach every chance he got and made him target number one with each of the Team America challenges.  While Zach is not innocent, he certainly didn’t draw first blood.

Frankie has manipulated Zach throughout the season and talked about him behind his back every chance he got.  Last night, the ultimate slap in the face, a backdoor, with a bad rap.

Zach will get evicted tonight;  however what Frankie doesn’t know, is as soon as he walks out the door, he is going to have the chance to get right back in the game.

TONIGHT, is when the Zach-attack needs to go into overdrive.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing Frankie’s face when and if Zach goes back into the game after being evicted.  At this point, Zach has had enough of the manipulation and I hope he will come back with a vengeance.  Getting Frankie should be his only goal, if he has to have a back-up, it should be Christine.

For me, what would be the greatest irony, IF CBS would do it…. summer of surprise and all! ……  whichever houseguests comes back into the game tonight…. THEY are the Head of Household.

We, the viewers know, (the house doesn’t) that the double HOH and BOB is now over, what a game changer if the evicted houseguest comes back and is HOH.  THAT would be AWESOME!

Tonight, I will be rooting for Zach, he needs to get back in the house, he can shake it up and spread fear like wildfire with the remaining cast.

GO ZACH GO!!!!!!!!!!!

BB16 Zach

SPOILERS – #BB16 – Aug 7, 2014 – DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!! @BigBrotherNet @BBGossip @CBSBigBrother

LogoWhen we left the show last night, the scene was set.  Tonight  Zach would be eliminated and sent to the  Jury House.

Well, SURPRISE…… things may have changed dramatically in the last 24 hours!

Tonight is like Christmas Eve for Big Brother Super Fans…. a double elimination, moving into jury and second half of the season starting… the anticipation is overwhelming, who could ask for more!

While I have enjoyed this season and some of the twist, the real game starts tonight when alliances start to eat their own in the true pursuit for $500,000.

Now let’s get to the fun…..  IT’S A DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things will move fast tonight, so hang on and let’s do this!

A recap of the week shows everyone deciding that it is time for  Zach to be evicted.  Frankie and Caleb are the last two to be convinced.  It looks like a unanimous eviction.

Caleb’s concern about voting out  Zach is that he is a number for his side of  the house.

Derrick starts to reconsider the eviction and agrees with Caleb’s “numbers” comment.  Derrick and Cody decide to keep  Zach and vote out Jocasta.

Tonight’s vote should be split…… and it now looks like Jocasta will be evicted.

In their final plea to stay  Zach gave the best “keep me” speech in BB history!


Donny –   Zach

Caleb – Jocasta

Christine – Jocasta

Derrick – Jocasta

Cody – Jocasta

Hayden –   Zach

Frankie – Jocasta

Victoria – Jocasta

Jocasta is eliminated 6 – 2.

Hayden, Donny and Nicole are in shock.

BB16 Jocasta



Nicole is visibly PISSED.

Math competition for HOH.

Question one, everyone is out except Caleb, Christine and  Zach

Zach is out next.

Caleb is HOH.

BB16 Caleb


Caleb gives the “there is a line drawn in the sand” speech and nominates Hayden and Donny.  Nicole is obviously WAY off her game, struggling and visibly shaken.

BB16 Hayden  Donny


Playing for POV is Caleb, Donny, Hayden,  Zach, Victoria and Christine.

Donny with POV to save himself.

Donny is visibly weak at the end of the competition and has to be carried off the course.



Donny uses the POV and removes himself from the block.

Caleb nominates Nicole in Donny’s place.




Cody –  Nicole

Christine  –  Hayden

Derrick – Hayden

Donny – (Donny needs medical attention) Nicole

Frankie – Hayden

Zach – Hayden

Victoria – Hayden

5 – 2 Vote, Hayden is evicted.

BB16 Hayden

Whew’ I’m exhausted!

SPOILERS #BB16 – Nomination Predictions for #BackDoorDevin Week @BigBrotherNet @BBGossip @CBSBigBrother

bb16Last night couldn’t have gone better.  Paola was evicted from the house on a 10-2 vote, proving to Devin the that house is aligned against him.  In the final speeches by the nominees, they let it be known that Devin is now target numero uno in the house!

In a perfect twist on the Head of Household competition Derrick and Nicole are Heads of Household.

Here is my prediction for nominations…..

Nicole will nominate Victoria and Amber

Derrick will nominate Jocasta and Caleb

Here’s why….

Victoria does nothing for the game, she just lays around and when she does get involved she bring drama.  Nicole is a player, she has no patience for floaters.

Amber will be nominated for purely strategic reasons that I will get to shortly.

Derrick will nominate Jocasta.  She frustrates him because he can’t get a handle on her.  She is ALMOST as good at the mind game of Big Brother as Derrick is, but not quite.  Additionally, Derrick believes if Jocasta played in the POV and wasn’t nominated she would let the noms stand and that is NOT the plan this week.

Derrick will nominate Caleb.  He will have him convinced that it is a power play for the BOB competition… it is not.  Derrick will nominate Caleb to ensure that if he wins the POV he will be forced to use it, either on himself of Amber and that is the same thinking for why Amber will be nominated.

Only four people would not use the POV unless they had to….  Caleb, Amber, Jocasta and Devin.

The only way Devin will not be back doored this week is if he wins the POV.

Oh, please let it be so.

#BackDoorDevin week is in effect!