Short Notes.. Reason 74,362 Why Joe Scarborough Should Be POTUS

Joe Scarborough should be President of the United States.  He speaks the truth where both parties are concerned, he is conservative/moderate and has the experience to make a difference.

I would love to see him run on a combined ticket with a Democrat in an Independent campaign for America’s future.  We have to get away from the controlling parties if we ever want to save our country!

Morning Joe on MSNBC is the best political roundtable there is, the only reason I would ever want to see the show go away would be to see Scarborough become POTUS!

Below are his comments regarding the disgusting vote by the Senate yesterday when they turned their back on 90% of Americans.

Short Notes ~ POTUS Needs to STOP Playing Games

washington-dc-white-house-sIt appears that the Obama administration is cancelling all White House Tours due to the “sequester.”

Someone needs to remind the President of the United States that the White House is the PEOPLE’S HOUSE, stop playing games.

Literally, stop playing games…. like golf!  How much has the President’s golf outings cost our country!?!?!??!  STOP IT!

Short Notes – Lunch with Congressman Patrick Murphy

s-PATRICK-MURPHY-ALLEN-WEST-largeI had lunch with Congressman Patrick Murphy today… ok, not just the two of us, but us and 148 others.

Today was the Annual Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club External Affairs Luncheon, and Murphy was one of the guest speakers.

At 29 years old, the Democrat is the youngest in the U.S House or Senate.  His recent election was against one of the most divisive members of any recent Congress, Alan West.

I came away from today’s luncheon very impressed with Murphy.

His comments were off the cuff, he made no excuses for why things are not getting done in Washington and he spoke about what he thinks is wrong with our present day politic.  He did not back away from any topic and criticized both Democrats and Republicans equally, including the President.

Congressman Murphy told us about a meeting he coordinated last week with 31 other freshman Congressmen and women, both Democratic and Republican, where they drafted a letter to the leaders on both sides of the aisle and the President of the United States.  (Freshman Congresswoman Lois Frankel did not attend the meeting.)

In the letter, as Murphy described it, they informed leadership that they were elected to work together and that they would NOT be participating in the politics of the past of party rule and party line votes.

I was very happy to hear this.

Murphy also expressed his support and has the vote to back it up, where he crossed over the aisle and supported a Republican initiative that stated if Congress and the President have not adopted a budget by April 15th they do not get paid.

Murphy voted on the prevailing side with only a few other Democrats in support of the initiative.  Sadly, Congresswoman Frankel towed the party line and voted against the initiative standing with Nancy Pelosi and the majority of the other Democrats.

Murphy appears to be a breath of fresh air in Washington, I hope that he and the other members of his Freshman class who are committed to making a difference for America can make a dent in the politics of destruction and party rule.

It was a pleasure to see the Congressman and I look forward to his tenure representing ALL of the people of his district.


Short Notes… SOTU by POTUS

Image: President Barack Obama delivers his annual State of the Union Address before a joint session of Congress and the Supreme CourtThe President of the United States stood before the American people this evening and told us the State of our Union is strong.

Though all the pomp and pageantry of the night, the President said many of the same things he has been saying for years, knowing when he said them that they will never move forward.

Tonight our leaders all did what they are expected to do. They applauded, they stood, they cheered.  Our leaders welcomed the President to Capital Hill tonight, they did everything they should…. tomorrow, they go back to being the Congress they have been for too many years.

While our Congress and President put on their best face for this show before the American people, sadly nothing will change, nothing will move forward and we the people will continue to be the ones who suffer.

Many of the President’s ideas are ones that we should all be able to get behind, protecting the middle-class, immigration reform, making our nation self-sufficient, establishing education programs that enhance our future.

How could anyone disagree with those items on his wish list?  Sadly it isn’t the agenda items, but how we get there and our elected officials have proven that they will not put in the work to find middle ground solutions to help us make it to our nation’s shining city on a hill.

The President’s speech was well delivered and often times poignant, hitting its high point during his push for gun control.

While I don’t agree with all aspects of the President’s gun control agenda, like the President, I believe we the people and the people who have been lost to violence in our society DESERVE a vote on the agenda.  This vote doesn’t have to be all encompasing, it can be broken into sections and voted on piece by piece, let’s do it fairly, but DO IT.

They deserve a vote.

The President’s long list of communities, schools, individuals who have been affected by violence was one of the most powerful moments I have ever witnessed from this President.  As he moved from speech to sermon, you could almost hear the American people join in his chant… they deserve a vote and guess what THEY DO and WE DO!

It is time that we the people demand our leaders stand up and vote, yes or no, whatever your choice, but our leaders must do their jobs and VOTE.

We deserve it… and so do they!

Short Notes…Obama’s Photo-op Mistakes

Today the White House released a photo of the President of the United States skeet shooting.


Does anyone REALLY believe that the President spends much time shooting?  This type of everyman presentation from the President reminds me of his bowling exhibition.

Note to Obama, these type of staged events designed to make you relatable don’t work.  No one believes you are a great outdoorsman, we don’t see you as the kind of guy who goes bowling with your buds…. it’s ok, but when you do this kind of stuff it’s NOT ok!

When you can’t be honest about your free time, I have a hard time believing you at all.

Come on Mr. President, be who you are, put it out there and stop with the photo-ops, the American people deserve a little honesty.