Life’s Playlist…. Oh What a Beautiful Morning performed by Ray Charles

The first time I heard this song was in a local production of “Oklahoma” in Toccoa, GA.

My grandmother’s next door neighbor, Connie Harding, had the lead female role and she bought tickets for me and my cousin to see the show.

That night I fell in love with musical theater.  The simplicity of the show, the beauty of the songs, the story, it all captured my heart and turned me into a theater geek.

Since that first production, I have had the pleasure of seeing numerous productions.   If you are ever looking for a good night out, listening to some toe-tapping tunes and watching awesome artists perform, catch a live show, theater geek or now, I think you will like it!

Short Notes ~ 5.29.13


I thought one of these two would stay

Hip Hip Hooray, she is NOT staying

Words to Live By

Dennis DeMartin should go to prison.

Someone needs to get this kid under control.


Rough Seas… View from Singer Island Marriott Resort and Spa, 5.29.13

Short Notes ~ 5.28.13

I pay my Tuesday 10 respondent my highest compliment, he’s simply a good guy.

Livin it up at the  Hotel California in today’s playlist.

Words to Live By

My company was on retreat today, we went Go-Kart racing, had a blast, then the rains came… and we continued to have fun!  Tomorrow morning is Senior Management Retreat.



Short Notes ~ 5.23.13

Because Dolly Said So

This 80-year-old just climbed Mt. Everest while I sat on the sofa watching The Food Network.

Shake It!

And so it begins… UGH!

Ten Optical Illusions to Blow Your Mind


Ok, here is a question…  what happens to the gay kid who turns 18 just before he becomes an Eagle Scout?


Shells – Singer Island Beach, 5.23.13

Short Notes – 5.21.13


Oklahoma Senators Coburn and Inhofe consistently vote against disaster relief for other states and increased funding for FEMA, I wonder how they will vote now?  Huffington Post

Has Pat Robertson blamed the gays yet?  Oklahoma tornado coverage here, here and here.

Mollie Reynolds is this week’s Tuesday 10 feature.

Call Me

Zach Sobiech died yesterday at 17 years of age, his story  is one of the most inspirational LIFE stories I have ever seen.


Words to Live By