Life’s Playlist…. You’ll Never Walk Alone performed by Elvis Presley

As we watch the misery of Hurricane Harvey continue to beat down the city of Houston and the entire east coast of Texas, our hearts break for the loss these citizens are enduring.

I have been through 4 hurricanes in my life, there are no words I can share here to describe the misery they inflict.

As the devastation continues to be felt, we keep those affected in our prayers.

On this date in 2005, America’s most expensive hurricane destroyed New Orleans when Katrina engulfed the Crescent City.

The affects of hurricane Katrina, Harvey and all the others impact communities for years on end.  Lives are never the same after these storms hit land.

As devastating as the force of nature becomes, one thing also is fully on display when these tragedies strike….. the human spirit and kindness of strangers.

As Americans we don’t always get it right, but when our neighbors, either near are far, are in need we respond.

Life’s Playlist…. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong #HappyNewYear #2014 @ArmstrongHouse


Life’s Playlist….  What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Sunday Playlist…. Precious Lord Take My Hand by Mahalia Jackson


Sunday Playlist….  Precious Lord Take My Hand by Mahalia Jackson

Words to Live By…..

Below is a note to Lil’ Wayne in regards to his anti-American rant that he calls a “song” and his desecration of the American Flag.  This was grabbed from a post on Facebook.  Definitely Words to Live By…..


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Life’s Playlist… What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong


Life’s Playlist… What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

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