Short Notes – 7.25.13

Sheila Jackson Lee of TEXAS is trying to tell other states what laws should be in effect….  REALLY Sheila?


Don’t even think about it Dorian.


I have really tried to stay out of this Trayvon Martin mess because no one wins.  It is cases like this that continue to tear our country apart and honestly I don’t want to be a part of that.   I think there is more than enough blame to go around on BOTH sides.  However, as much as I try, I can’t help but think “Rev.” Al Sharpton has to be the biggest racist and race baiter in the country and I wonder, how much money has “Rev.” Al Sharpton and his National Action Network made off of the death of this  17-year-old boy?  Just something to think about.

Dear Amanda


Short Notes – 6.21.13

My favorite hair band power ballad of all time. Here

Mika Brzezinski Responds

Senator Joe Manchin is a hero.


Mika Brzezinski Responds….

mikaEarlier this week, Morning Joe had as one of its guests Russell Brand.

(Allow me to go on the record and state I am NOT a Russell Brand fan, I think his sophomoric humor is absurd.  He is a less than talented actor and his personal choices are not to my liking.)  Never the less, Brand was booked as a guest on the Morning Joe show.

In the introduction, Mika Brzezinski, with her pouted upper lip and nose in the air proclaimed that she was “told” this was a “really big deal.”  Mika went on to proclaim that she was “not very pop cultured” and feigned ignorance to Brand’s very existence.

EARTH TO MIKA…. stop being rude to your guests!  Your above it all, blue blood attitude wears thin to the viewers and guests.

Here is a novel idea, do a little research BEFORE the red light goes on.

If you are going to have someone on your show, at least do them the service of knowing what they are on to discuss and maybe just maybe know something about them.

We all get it, you don’t want to talk about anything but politics and how Americans are going to hell because we don’t eat right… we get it Mika, but there is more to your show than that and if you are going to be a HOST maybe you should do a service to the guests and viewer and not be rude!!!!!

Today Mika “apologized” for the interview with Russell Brand and for “not knowing” who he was.  The less than sincere apology revolved around the hatred that Mika had received through the Twitter-verse and not about how she disrespected a guest.

Mika, I have been a fan of Morning Joe for years, I have praised the show and the hosts on numerous occasions.  I remain a loyal fan and honestly, I don’t tune in for the Russell Brand style interviews either, but if you are going to have them, at least be respectful and get over yourself with the attitude!

Short Notes – 5.8.13

Today is my niece Chelsea’s birthday and the playlist was for her.  Where on earth did 23 years go?

Charles Ramsey you have to love this guy!

The blog hit a milestone today!

Words to Live By

Benghazi, what’s the truth?  FOX NEWS; MSNBC; CNN …. probably somewhere in the middle.

The Voice just keeps getting better and better, while American Idol …… well, doesn’t.

Young and the Restless Star Jeanne Cooper has died.

GUILTY!  Jodi Arias convicted of First Degree Murder, JUSTICE IS SERVED!


Short Notes.. Reason 74,362 Why Joe Scarborough Should Be POTUS

Joe Scarborough should be President of the United States.  He speaks the truth where both parties are concerned, he is conservative/moderate and has the experience to make a difference.

I would love to see him run on a combined ticket with a Democrat in an Independent campaign for America’s future.  We have to get away from the controlling parties if we ever want to save our country!

Morning Joe on MSNBC is the best political roundtable there is, the only reason I would ever want to see the show go away would be to see Scarborough become POTUS!

Below are his comments regarding the disgusting vote by the Senate yesterday when they turned their back on 90% of Americans.