Big Brother Season 15, Episode 24 #POV

bb15I really am having a difficult time hanging in with this season.  The characters just aren’t exciting, they all think they are so cool and such great game players and they are NOT.

With that said, I just don’t have the energy tonight, so here goes.


Helen and Elissa are nominated.

Elissa wins POV.

Elissa removes herself from the block.

Aaryn nominates Spencer in her place.

Helen will go home tomorrow.

Now I am going to watch the show.

Big Brother 15, #BB15 – Status Update….SPOILERS – UPDATED with POV

If you don’t want to know who is what and what is happening, don’t read!


Head of Household – Aaryn


Have-Nots – Candice, Andy, Elissa and Helen


HOH Nominations – Elissa and Helen


MVP – Elissa


MVP Nomination – Jeremy


The cast will play for Power of Veto tonight.  Tomorrow night’s episode should be interesting.

What do you think of the season so far?  Who is your favorite?  Who do you think will go home this week?





Big Brother – Season 15 Episode 3 #BB15 #BBMVP #BBPOV

bb15After Sunday night’s show I went straight to the boards, I just had a feeling that all wasn’t as it seemed and boy was I right!  As I prepare to watch episode 3 I wonder to what extent some of the ugliness that is happening in the house will be shown on CBS.

Here we go folks….  Episode 3


Candice and Jessie both visit McCrae to find out why they are nominated for eviction.  He tries to convince them both that they are pawns.  Candice outs McCrae and his five-man alliance, he attempts to lie his way out of it but she isn’t buying it.

The entire house speculates that Elissa will be the MVP.  The speculation is right…she is.

Elissa lets McCrae know she is the MVP and they work together to decide who to nominate.  McCrae recommends David.  Elissa thinks Nick is a better choice.

McCrae’s big mistake is admitting to Elissa that he would nominate her if the POV is used.   Has he forgotten she is the sister of evil Rachel, she KNOWS how to play this game!

David and Aaryn share the hammock and discuss splitting atoms and the cure for cancer…. or was it that he still lives at home and wants to be a model?  Whatever, it was stimulating conversation!

House guests gather for the POV competition and learn that the MVP has nominated David for eviction.

Drama ensues between David and Aaryn….. Big Brother hilarity at it’s best!

House guests move to the backyard for the POV competition.  The Big Brother Baking competition, or commonly known as the …who can spell the longest word competition….. is set up to reveal the POV winner.

Jessie spells TUMBLED – 7 letters

Candice spells RAFTS – 5 letters

David spells well he didn’t spell anything….sigh!

McCrae spells DELIVERY – 8 letters

Howard spells SAILING  – 7 letters

Elissa spells POTROASTS – actually two words…. DQ for Elissa

McCrae wins with “delivery” and holds the Power of Veto ….. REALLY!?!?!?!?  delivery!?!??!?!

Elissa cries because she feels alone and didn’t know pot roasts was two words.  Helen tries to comfort her and keep her head in the competition.

Elissa pleads her case to McCrae as to why she shouldn’t be nominated.

McCrae calls the Power of Veto meeting to order.  The house is expecting him to use his veto and nominate Elissa.

Nick encourages McCrae NOT to use the POV and keep Elissa safe, making David the only physical threat nominated and getting him voted out.

McCrae uses the Veto, removes Candice from the block and nominates Elissa.

Tomorrow night either

BB15 JESSIE Jessie

BB15 ELISSA Elissa


BB15 DAVID David

will go home….  my guess for who goes home….. David.

We find out tomorrow night at 8PM!

BTW, CBS has not even touched on some of the drama going on in the house.  From what I am reading it has gotten UGLY at times with racial slurs, homophobic rants and misogynistic comments.  It will be interesting to see if CBS overlooks this or tells the total story.