Life’s Playlist…. Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Sunday was a perfect day!  One of those days filled with faith, friends and family, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Started off at Church.  The church I attend is filled with good people, people who love each other and are committed to their walk with God.

I saw some great friends, heard amazing music, was touched by unplanned testimony from my friend Carla and enjoyed a sermon of faith and promise from Pastor Adam.

After Church I traveled to Helen, GA to visit with friends who were visiting from Florida.  It is always good to spend time with my friends and to be able to see how their children have grown since I left Florida was amazing.

One of their daughters is my special friend Sophia, a sweet, spirit filled child who embraces her life challenges and overcomes with joy.

We went to a zip-line course and the kids and dads sped through the woods attached by tether to the lines.  We had some concerns about Sophia’s ability to do the course, but she embraced the zip line and giggled with glee as she traversed the course.

As Sophia finished the first line, we knew it would all be OK, as she shouted with glee…. “I came in like a wrecking ball!”

After the dads and kids had finished the course, it was fun to just sit and talk with them all.  We laughed, reminisced and enjoyed each other’s company.

As I come up to my three-year anniversary of moving away from Florida, it is always good to see my friends and catch up.

After a quick trip back to town, I met up with the family for Sunday Supper…. a special dinner for my sister-in-law, Donna’s birthday.

As usual our time together was filled with laughs, reminiscing and total joy as our 3-year-old princess kept us entertained.

We missed having Zach, Brett and Jade with us, but know there will be other times when we can all be together.

It’s days like Sunday that make me realize just how fortunate I am.  My life may not be complete, but with faith, family and friends, I can’t really complain about the things I am missing.

I love my life and I love the people who make each day a blessing.  It was a good day!

As the night grew to an end, Sam and Donna both mentioned that I haven’t been writing.  I actually have been, and completed the 500 Word, Jeff Goins writing challenge, I just haven’t been sharing all my words here.  I’ll work on that as I know the words I put here on my computer screen are another blessing I was given in this life.

Today’s song is for my friend Sophia…. Wrecking Ball.  Keep knocking down those obstacles sweet girl, you are a blessing to everyone who knows you!

Life’s Playlist….. The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Tonight the Rabun County Wildcats play for the elusive perfect regular season….. 10 wins 0 losses.

I’ll be there cheering on these fine young people as they move towards their goal together.

Last week they wrapped up their 4th straight region championship and in the coming weeks will enter the State Playoffs.  As I said before, they are already champions on and off the field!

Life’s Playlist….. Inspired by Miley Cyrus

Short Notes – Thoughts on the American Music Awards #AMAs

Just a few thoughts on the American Music Awards…..


Justin Timberlake is a good time… he seems to REALLY appreciate his success, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and has grown into his stardom well.

How do you spell desperate…..


Pitbull as an Emcee, not so much!

Taylor Swift loves to showcase her humility when accepting an award…. but it is all lost when she talks about her 6,000,000 in sales.

What would Joan Rivers say about this dress on Fashion Police if it were not on Kelly Osbourne?


Never been a fan of One Direction, never really even listened to any of their music before, but last night they were good.

It is nice to have the old Christina Aguilera back.

Best performance of the night….  Imagine Dragons.

Runner up for best performance of the night, and I am as shocked to say this as you are to read it….. J-Lo.

Desperate volume 2…..

How sad is it that people notice Miley Cyrus has everything covered when on the red carpet and THAT is the story.

Joan Jett has still got it.

Even someone as famous as Rihanna gets upstaged when your mother comes on the scene.

Short Notes – 9.24.13

Tuesday 10



From the Who Cares file part one…

and Who Cares file part two.

Question of the Day…. more self-absorbed, Miley Cyrus or Ted Cruz ?


Osage Farms, Rabun Gap, GA – 9.11.13