Life’s Playlist…. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons


Life’s Playlist….  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Short Notes ~ 6.20.13

Rest In Peace, James Gandolfini

Unmistakable The Sopranos

Do nothing Congress continues to …. Do nothing


Lil’ Wayne is a putz.


Grab a tissue.


Short Notes ~ 6.18.13

Beautiful song on the playlist.

And thanks to you too!


A new set is the least of your troubles.

My summertime guilty pleasure returns in ONE WEEK!

Thank you Walt Disney

I’m not one to say I told you so…. but if you will remember yesterday’s post….. ” Tonight is the Finale of The Voice on NBC. This person should win, however this person will win.”

Rock House

The Rock House; Clayton, GA

Short Notes ~ 6.17.13

Maroon 5 is on the Playlist

Congrats Erin Brady Miss USA 2013

Words to Live By…

For the Heat it is do or die!

Atlanta’t new stadium concepts are magnificent!


6.17.13 Sunrise from the front balcony of the new “crib”