Short Notes – 8.29.13

The Silver Fox gets it right again!

Big Brother 15 Episode 27 – Tonight, Aaryn should be eliminated from the game.  I hope Julie Chen is working on that post interview because it could and should be a doozy!  Also, Amanda has proven to be the nastiest more vile person in the house, over and over and over again, I would say she is trailer trash but that would be so insulting to people who live in trailers.



I am not trying to be insensitive here, but when did working the drive-thru at McDonald’s go from being a job for teens and college students to a place where people went to support a family?  REALLY?  $15 Hr  Maybe these folks should look into college?

How does this make sense?  In Pinellas County Florida, High School Cheerleaders are not allowed to wear their uniforms to school because they are vulgar.  HOWEVER, said uniforms may be worn at games and other functions to REPRESENT the school.

There has been a lot of people making comment about none of the Congressional Republican Leadership attending the March on Washington 50th Anniversary recognition yesterday, I can’t help but wonder how they would have been greeted if they had shown up?  My guess is the boo-birds would have far outweighed the applause.  Who can blame them for not attending, the dialogue must go both ways if anyone is going to be successful!

Rock House

Short Notes ~ 6.4.13

Young guy changing the world Jared Reuter is the Tuesday 10

Any idea what is on my mind?

Oh, Saxby…. REALLY????

RIP Deacon Jones

Obama Administration continues to muddy, transparency.

Words to Live By

Our long national nightmare is over!  Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage is finally over and her SECOND divorce is final, just in time for her to give birth to a baby from another guy she isn’t married to……  I am SO glad we don’t let those homos marry, imagine how they would ruin the institution of marriage!

Florida, Rep. Patrick Murphy continues to work on bipartisan issues that will make American better for all.  Awesome job Congressman and thank you!


Short Notes ~ 5.16.13

My brother appreciated today’s selection on Life’s Playlist

Michele Bachman’s at it again…. cra-cra!

Words to Live By

Florida Governor Rick Scott says NO to 2,500 jobs.  Smart or Not?

Beckham retires.

Bob Schieffer really is one of the American gems of journalism and Chris Matthews is not!

Not THAT Danny Werfel

Candice should win.  I will tune in at 9:57PM to find out.


Short Notes ~ 5.15.13

A classic rock anthem on the playlist.

Ain’t Minnesota beautiful!

Poor Kid

Words to Live By

Pathfinder Scholars are recognized by the Palm Beach Post.

Pat Robertson REALLY is cra-cra!

If I am not here tomorrow, there are 360,000,000 reasons why!

Without a doubt the BEST thing I have seen on Facebook in ages!  From Watch it!

Preach Kirstie Alley PREACH!

Maybe the Obama Administration should have done this PRIOR to spying on the media.  IJS

Democratic House Member goes after Holder and Department of Justice.

REALLY?  Just remember, Karma!

Who will win?  Candice or Kree, will you be watching?