Short Notes – 8.16.13

Parrot-heads Rejoice!


BB15 #22

I’m Team Katie 100% why do we care about this girl?  What serious redeeming qualities does KK have?

A-Rod story gets even juicier.  (Pun intended!)

My work wife just left on a two-week vacation, sigh!  It’s going to be a LONG two weeks!


4.29.13 Singer Island Beach, Florida

Short Notes – 7.15.13

Big Brother Recap for Sunday, 7.14.13

GLEE seemed appropriate for Cory Monteith

Words to Live By

City Living


Short Notes ~ 6.4.13

Young guy changing the world Jared Reuter is the Tuesday 10

Any idea what is on my mind?

Oh, Saxby…. REALLY????

RIP Deacon Jones

Obama Administration continues to muddy, transparency.

Words to Live By

Our long national nightmare is over!  Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage is finally over and her SECOND divorce is final, just in time for her to give birth to a baby from another guy she isn’t married to……  I am SO glad we don’t let those homos marry, imagine how they would ruin the institution of marriage!

Florida, Rep. Patrick Murphy continues to work on bipartisan issues that will make American better for all.  Awesome job Congressman and thank you!