Life’s Playlist…..Rise by Katy Perry

For all my friends and loved ones in Florida in the cross-hairs of Irma…. be strong, we will be there for you when the storm subsides and you will RISE!

If you are staying put, PLEASE hunker down and be safe, don’t try to be a hero.  For those evacuating, be strong!

Love to all!

Short Notes – 10.10.13

I love a good reality show blind-side and last night on CBS – Survivor was one of the best I have seen in ages!

Roar by Katy Perry

Do you have your tissue ready?  Tonight we say Farewell to Finn on GLEE.



10 days into a shutdown of the United States Government, our elected officials decide to sit down and talk to each other….. sigh!


Life’s Playlist… Roar by Katy Perry


Life’s Playlist… Roar by Katy Perry

Short Notes – 8.26.13

LOVE this song….  Blessings

RIPJulie Harris


LOVE Macklemore

Last night, VMA’s were not bad.  Actually thought the Gaga performance was good, Justin Timberlake was A-MA-ZING, Macklemore touched my heart, Bruno Mars brought it, Katy Perry was hot and then….. there was Miley Cyrus.  Oh Miley, so in need of attention and from the way it looked last night, also in need of a penicillin shot.

The time has come…. GO DAWGS!


Backyard 8.26.13

Backyard 8.26.13

Short Notes – 7.23.13

Katy Perry, Wide Awake on Life’s Playlist

Words to Live By

What’s Cooking

On another note, NBC’s Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls continues to impress.  The show mixes everything that is great about Survivor and The Amazing Race, I cannot say enough good stuff about this show!  If you aren’t watching you should be, just for the gorgeous scenery alone.

HBO’s The Newsroom began it’s sophomore year two weeks ago.  It continues to be the smartest, quickest show on television.  I don’t understand why the EMMY people overlooked this show when nominations were made but they did.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it…. The Newsroom is awesome TV!

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