Big Brother Season 15, Episode 8 #BB15, #HOH, #Nominations, #Have/HaveNots

bb15It’s Sunday night and when we left off on Thursday we had a new Head of Household… the Mom Squad had moved to the Queen of the House and Helen sat at the head of the BB kingdom.

Now let’s see what happens with this new reign.


With a late start due to Golf, the Sunday night show started at 8:19 EST.  I don’t like it when this happens because it screws up my DVR, but such is Sunday night television.

WOWBig Brother began with an Advisory and discussion of Aaryn’s racism…. WOW!

The show begins with GinaMarie’s “heart in pieces” and Jeremy confused by what has happened with Nick being evicted.

Kaitlin confronts Jessie over her vote and GinaMarie explodes on the house because Nick is gone.

Jeremy “the Cherokee Wonder” goes to the Helen and Elissa and compliments their game play.   Aaryn and Kaitlin console each other as they are “strong players” and now the weak will just eliminate them.

Through it all, GinaMarie continues to cry.  UGLY, snot running, can’t catch your breath cry!!

Jessie is confronted by Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aaryn.  Judd comes to her rescue and takes her away.  Aaryn attacks Candice bed and overturns the mattress onto the ground.

Candice comes in to find her bed on the ground, pillows on the ground and clothes thrown about the room.

Candice confronts Aaryn about the bed flip and the Klans-woman goes into her best “black girl” racist voice.  Candice tries to leave the room and GinaMarie blocks her, Howard literally picks her up and carries her out of the room.

Howard tries to speak reason to Candice and tells her to not let them push her minority button.  A heartbreaking conversation between Howard and Candice about racism and the way they are being treated in the house by the bullies.

In prayer and through tears Howard ask God for help with the situations of racism that are rampant in the house.

McCrae tells Amanda about the Moving Company.

Gina Marie continues to mourn the loss of her two-week non romance with Nick.  Candice shows her compassion.

Aaryn apologizes  to Candice for the way she treated her, the story she shares in the diary room is different.

Candice takes the high road and “accepts the apology.”

The Have/Have Nots competition is a farm-yard theme with three teams of four.

Howard, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie

Judd, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie

Spencer, Andy, Elissa, Candice

Have Nots for the Week Are:  Judd, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie

Jeremy goes to Helen and tells her about the Moving Company.  Helen and Jeremy have a VERY honest conversation about the game.  Helen uses Jeremy to get valuable information moving forward.

Helen ask Howard about the vote. He is finally honest and tells her he voted to keep Nick.  He lies about the Moving Company alliance.  Helen is honestly disappointed by Howard’s lies.

Helen nominates:

BB 15 AARYNAaryn


And GinaMarie finally stopped crying.


It is time for you to take a stand.  Last season you eliminated Willie Hantz from the house for being a threat to the other house guests.  Aaryn Gries is that contestant this year and needs to be removed from the house.

The intolerance Ms. Gries has displayed to the other house guests, her cruelty, lack of understanding basic etiquette for people to live together and abject racism has hurt this show, not only for Season 15 but the future.

CBS and Big Brother Executives need to take a stand and let it be known this type of behavior will NOT be tolerated now or in the future.  Ms. Gries needs to be sent out of the house and her 15 minutes ended for good.  Let her accept responsibility for her actions outside the house and live with her comments there.

Ms. Gries or no other contestant is worth ruining the Big Brother brand, she needs to be removed from the house now.






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