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Helen is on her way out the door on…  Big Brother 15

So we know that this week, one of the evicted house guests will be coming back on Big Brother.  It will either be Candice, Jessie, Judd or the houseguest evicted this Thursday, more than likely Helen.  As much as I would LOVE for Judd to come back, how much fun would it be to see Amanda’s face if Helen walks out and walks right back in to fight it out… now THAT would be Big Brother worth watching!

Torn by Natalie Imbruglia


Reason 48,959,570 that New Jersey’s Republican Governor, Chris Christie is my political hero!

Am I the oldest person in the blogosphere?  Was chatting with an associate today about old TV shows…. remember this one?  Once I heard the music start it was like I knew every word!


Big Brother 15 Episode 22; #BB15; #Eviction; #HOH

bb15So it’s Thursday night someone is going to the Jury House….. ok, let’s just go ahead and put it out there, Jessie is being evicted tonight and it is going to be a unanimous vote.

The chances that Amanda goes an entire episode without complaining or being annoying are greater than Jessie staying in the house tonight… it just isn’t going to happen!

The real story for tonight will be told in the Head of Household competition, while I expect Spencer to go up on the block regardless of who wins HOH, unless it is him.  I think the second nomination will be GinaMarie, unless Aaryn wins and then it will be Elissa, but we will find out as the week progresses.

While Helen continues to push everyone to make big moves in the house, I highly doubt she will do it if she is HOH.  Although I think Helen could easily be backdoored if Amanda or McCrae win HOH.  Last night began the downfall of Helen.

If I had to award house MVP’s right now, it would be Andy and Aaryn,  I hate to say Aaryn is playing a good game but she is and Andy shocks the crap out of me.  This week I have learned a lot about his game and he is being stealth and has aligned himself well.

Ok, let’s kick Jessie out, I mean… let’s find out who the house is evicting tonight.


Hot hair Julie Chenflight attendant dress, not so much, but sexy heels!

Recap starts with Jessie checking in with McCrae and Amanda to ensure she is the pawn and they let her know she definitely IS the pawn.

Jessie feels distant from Helen and Elissa, she says they are avoiding her.  Andy tells Helen and Elissa they need to get better poker faces and talk to her more.

Helen tells Jessie, in front of Aaryn and Elissa,  the house thinks she was pushing to have Amanda evicted.  Helen completely plays a mind game on Jessie.  Jessie has a melt down.

Jessie decides to tell McCrae and Amanda that Helen wants Amanda evicted.  Amanda confronts Helen and Elissa and a house meeting takes place in the bathroom.  Helen and Elissa confront Jessie face to face on why she is saying that they want Amanda out.  Helen lies to her face that she never tried to have Amanda evicted, the entire house listens in the background.  The rest of the house starts to see through Helen’s lies.

Helen announces that Jessie is going to be evicted on Thursday.

Jessie decides if she is going home she is going to take everyone else down with her.  Jessie tells Aaryn that Helen is a liar.

Jessie listens outside the door as Amanda, Aaryn, McCrae and Helen talk about evicting her.  Jessie declares “operation bring the house down.”

Jessie confronts Andy and tells him she knows everything.

Jessie goes to GinaMarie and Spencer and tells them she knows everything, they both act like they knew nothing about the lies and plan to evict Jessie.

Jessie tells GinaMarie that Aaryn talks about her all the time and she is going to out everyone’s game.

GInaMarie and Aaryn argue…GinaMarie melts down, announces to the house that she and Aaryn are fighting…. Jessie wins round one.

House gathers in HOH room for Aaryn and GinaMarie to fight.  Mean girls meltdown.

Back to Julie Chen and into the living room.  She asks Aaryn why there has been so much fighting in the house, Aaryn says it is because so few people are left in the house.

It looks like everyone got new clothes.


AMANDA:  Jessie

MCCRAE:  Jessie

AARYN:  Jessie

HELEN:  Jessie

ELISSA:  Jessie


BB15 JESSIEUnanimous vote… Jessie is eliminated.

Jessie leaves the house with class.  No one seems broken up to see her go, except Andy, he is in tears.

In conversation with Julie, Jessie admits she was an outsider from the time she went into the house.

In good-bye comments, Amanda remains a total classless jerk and sends her ugly comments.  Helen is TOTALLY playing the jury in her good-bye comments.


After throwing his chance to win for Amanda, McCrae passes the baton to  the final competitors are Amanda and Aaryn.  This week the Head of Household for the fourth time is….

BB 15 AARYN  Aaryn.  (As much as I don’t like her personally, this girl is an awesome competitor in this game.)

This week she will nominate:


Spencer and Elissa

Julie comes back at the end of the show to tell us all that next Thursday night one of the jurors will return to the game.  Candice, Judd, Jessie and next week’s eliminated houseguest will compete to see who returns.  There is A LOT of game left to be played this summer, I think we will have AT LEAST one more double eviction night to move the game along.


Big Brother 15 Episode 21 – #BB15, #Nominations #POV

bb15When we were last together Andy was Head of Household and he had nominated Jessie and Spencer.

Amanda was still a hateful cougar.

Helen was still running the house and as much as Aaryn is a horrible person, right now she is the best PLAYER in the game…. NOT the best person, but best PLAYER…. HUMUNGOUS difference!


Recap the nomination ceremony.  Andy makes it clear Jessie is his target and Spencer is a pawn.

In diary, Amanda takes credit for Andy’s nominations and Helen is upset that he didn’t nominate “McCranda.”

Andy tells Spencer and Jessie they are each not his target and they both believe him.

Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy meet and solidify their alliance.  They name their group “3 A.M.”

Helen goes to Andy and tells him he made a safe decision in his nominations.  Andy lacks trust in his gameplay.  Andy knows he is in a tricky spot and is worried that Helen will find out about his alliance.

Elissa and Helen meet and she complains that he played his nominations too safe.  Helen tells Elissa she wanted Amanda and McCrae nominated.

Andy tells Amanda and McCrae that she wanted them nominated.  Amanda recommends McCrae and Andy make a final 3 alliance with Helen… a fake alliance.

McCrae and Helen meet.  The final 3 alliance is presented to Helen, she says she is open to the idea.   Helen takes the bait, hook, line and sinker.


Spencer, Jessie, Andy, Helen, Elissa and Amanda are chosen to play in the POV.

McCrae is host of the competition.

Helen, McCrae and Andy meet to discuss the final 3 alliance.  Andy is aware of the plan and agrees to go along with it.   Amanda walks in on the meeting.

McCrae thinks he has figured out what the POV game will be… hold or fold.

Everyone decides they will fold except for Helen.  Spencer tells the group he will do it but has no plan too.

McCrae’s hunch is right.

Found one everyone sticks to the plan and Helen wins.

Round two, everyone folds but Helen and she wins again.

Round three, Spencer decides not to play the game with the house any longer… and Spencer wins the round and Helen gets eliminated from the competition.

Round four, the house plan is no longer in effect….. Andy wins eliminating Amanda.

Round five, …Elissa wins and Jessie is eliminated.

BB15 ANDYRound six… final question… Andy wins and is POV.

Jessie pitches Andy to make a big move and she will protect him.

Helen goes to McCrae and tells him they are going to have to cut Amanda soon.

In a 3 A.M. meeting the alliance decides they need to get rid of Helen when they have a chance.   Andy flirts witht he idea of a backdoor for Helen.


Andy leaves the nominations as is and it looks like Jessie will be eliminated tomorrow night in a unanimous vote.

BB15 HELENNOTE TO HELEN….. so Helen, you keep telling the HOH each week it is time to make a big move.  This week I am pulling for you to win HOH because I want to see if you are the player you claim to be.

Big Brother 15 Episode 20 – #HOH, #Nominations

bb15Total honesty here……  Big Brother Season 15 is boring me and I am finding it more and more difficult to write these entries.

The show really is being ruined for me by a cast that is sitting back letting Helen and Amanda rule without even questioning.

Oh well, you didn’t come here for my piss and moan game of Big Brother hate, you came for an update so….. let’s do it!


Show starts 10 minutes late because of PGA Championship.

Recap of eliminations with the fight between Candice and GinaMarie.  It looked as bad the second time as it did the first time.  GinaMarie defends her decision.  Recap features what the show didn’t show while eviction vote was going on, the continued fight between Candice and GinaMarie, it is really ugly and nasty, including a very low adoption comment that upset the house with GM.

Behind the scenes show Aaryn trying to decide who she puts up for second eviction after winning the HOH.  She puts Spencer and Jessie on the block with Spencer as the pawn.

When Aaryn win the POV it appears the nominations will stay as they are.  That is until Helen recommended she backdoor Judd.  Flashback 10 days when Helen, Amanda and Aaryn are talking about Judd being brilliant and playing everyone in the house.

Back to minutes after the POV competition, Aaryn tells Jessie she needs to speak to her.  Jessie swears she will not come after Aaryn if she is taken off the block.

Helen, McCrae, Amanda, Elissa, Andy all choose Judd to go on the block and guarantee her safety for two weeks.

Judd asks what is happening and he is lied to.

During this commercial break this was the most action in this house in the entire season.

Judd is blindsided and put on the block.

The entire house feels guilty and like they are doing what they needed to.

Tears in the house during commercial break.

Judd leaves the house by unanimous vote.

House is in total tears when Judd leaves…. except for Helen and Amanda.

Amanda continues to say Judd was MVP.

Andy and McCrae cry together.

Helen and Amanda both tell Aaryn what a great move it was that she put Judd out of the house and she is now safe with everyone.

Amanda offers final four deal with McCrae, Andy, Amanda and Aaryn.

While the entire cast is in tears, Helen starts telling everyone what a huge move they just made and it was the best thing for everyone’s game.


50’s Diner, cherry on top of sundae tournament style.

Helen vs. Jessie …. Jessie wins.

Andy vs. GinaMarie ….  Andy wins.

Amanda vs. Spencer …..  Amanda wins.

Elissa vs. McCrae ….  McCrae wins.


Jessie vs. Andy…  Andy wins.

Amanda vs. McCrae… McCrae wins and Amanda isn’t happy about it….. GOOD!


Andy vs. McCrae…. Andy wins!

BB15 ANDYAndy is HOH!

Andy must choose have-nots for the week and Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and GinaMarie volunteer.

In diary, every hoiuseguests talks about how comfortable they are with Andy being HOH.  They all feel safe from eviction for the week.  (Maybe he is playing a better game than I thought.)  Well someone is going to be surprised.

Amanda complains to McCrae that he beat her…. ugh, she is SUCH a drama witch!

Amanda cries to Helen that she can’t win anything….  drama witch duo.  UGH.

Helen proves on a daily basis that politicians can lie and turn things around without even breathing.

Amanda continues to complain.

We don’t get to see Andy showing his HOH room.  : (

Helen tells Andy to put up Amanda and McCrae…..WOW, she really is evil spawn!  I love how she always pushes others to make big moves while keeping her hands pristine clean with no blood.

Andy is in a final three alliance with Helen and a final four alliance with Amanda and McCrae, once he gets found out he is going to be in a jury house.  Maybe he is playing the best game in the house…. maybe, kitten boy is smarter than originally thought.


Andy nominates Spencer and Jessie, the no blood on his hands option.  Helen isn’t happy about the nominations saying she is going to push Andy to back-door either Amanda or McCrae and whether or not he does it will prove or disprove his loyalty to her.  UGH!


Big Brother 15, Episode 19 #BB15, #DoubleElimination, #HOH, #POV

bb15It’s double elimination night…..IT’S DOUBLE ELIMINATION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh boy I can’t wait.  I am pretty sure Candice will go home in the first elimination, but what about the second?  If I could choreograph the whole thing, Spencer would win the HOH and he would nominate Amanda and Helen, with Amanda going home.

Either way, I want Amanda go home, at this point I want her to go home more than Aaryn.

So let’s get in the house and find out what’s happening….IT’S DOUBLE ELIMINATION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spoilers Below…

Julie looking plain and simple, red top, black pants…..  I wish she would bring back the green catsuit!

Jury house begins tonight.

Amanda tries to apologise to Jessie, she doesn’t believe it.  Amanda goes to Andy and Judd to discuss their votes, they are beginning to get tired of her and Judd tells her to stop with the emotional outbursts.

Candice, Elissa and Jessie discuss getting Amanda evicted.

Jessie goes to Helen to discuss evicting Amanda.

Helen knows evicting Amanda would be huge, but she can’t do it without all of her allies.

Jessie talks to Judd about eliminating Amanda.

Helen goes to Andy and discusses evicting Amanda.

Andy is against evicting Amanda.

Jessie, Candice and Helen talk about evicting Amanda.  She says she can’t evict her now unless the house wants it.

Julie cuts to the house guests and lets them know tonight is a Double Elimination.

All of the remaining house guests will be the first  member of the jury.

Julie also tells the house guests that just because they are on the jury doesn’t mean they are out of the game…. HHHMMMM??????

Candice gives a crazy speech with GinaMarie in the background.


McCRAE:  Candice

AARYN:  Candice

HELEN:  Candice

JESSIE:  Candice

ELISSA:  Candice

ANDY:  Candice

JUDD:  Candice

BB15 CANDICEELIMINATED 7 – 0 Candice is evicted.  Candice and GinaMarie continue their catfight all the way to a closed-door.


BB High School Quis Game

First Round Out:  Elissa

Second Round Out:  Andy and Jessie

Third Round Out:  All are right

BB 15 AARYNFourth Round Out:  Aaryn is right and she is the new Head of Household


Julie tells the houseguest that the MVP is over from here on out there will be 2 nominations.


Jessie and Spencer are nominated.


Jessie, Spencer, Aaryn, Andy, Judd and Amanda play for POV

BB 15 AARYNAaryn wins the POV.

Jessie is removed from the block and Aaryn puts Judd on the block in her place.




Guests are in tears as we go to vote.


McCRAE:  Judd


ANDY:  Judd

HELEN:  Judd



BB15 JUDD Judd eliminated unanimous.

For those of you not following along on the feeds or boards, this is all because Judd supposedly told Jessie to STFU and Helen was mastermind of the elimination.  Plus Amanda is convinced that Judd was the MVP and was hell-bent on having him eliminated for putting her up twice….once again, Amanda’s paranoia has gotten the best of her, this time one of America’s favorite players was eliminated by one of the least popular.  Judd refused to say good-bye to Helen, Jessie or Elissa.

Judd is eliminated…. I don’t like double elimination nights anymore.  DAMN!

Aaryn has become the major power player in this game, she has done a complete turn-around since her original alliance has been eliminated.