Life’s Playlist…. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx

Day 18 of the Jeff Goins, 500 Words A Day Writing Challenge…. Write About Waiting.

Patience is not one of my virtues, I have a hard time waiting.  I like instant gratification and am not good at the long haul, if I don’t find quick success I tend to move on.

I have been lucky most of my life, I have been able to muddle through and find success in most things I have tried to accomplish.

However, when it comes to the long road, the long haul, I’m just not very good at it.  I get bored easily and look for an easy out.

For the purposes of today’s post, I thought I would talk a bit about an area that I am doing well in waiting….. my business.

Since I opened Impressed almost two years ago, we have had relative success.  The community that we serve has been incredibly generous and I appreciate the support.

I have been fortunate to put together an awesome team that works hard, has fun and produces exemplary work.  We have our stumbles,  but for the most part we do it right.

As we have done well with our store, my patience is constantly tested waiting for our website to take off.  I have set goals for that would increase our yearly sales dramatically.

The website challenges have tested my ability to wait, but I know that if we keep plugging away it will come.  I envision the website allowing us to grow the company and send our designs throughout the country and globe, I keep telling myself we just have to find that one design that will take off and it will then help the site to grow and succeed.

It just seems as though we are waiting and waiting for this to happen.  We keep putting out awesome designs and marketing them, but to date, we just haven’t found that one to turn the corner.

My dream is for Impressed and to be a major employer and manufacturer in our community, getting to that point tests my ability to wait.

I have faith that it will happen, the day will come when people will be sporting shirts and designs manufactured in little Clayton, GA throughout the country.  That’s a dream worth waiting for, putting our shop on the map and proving that all of our hard work was worth it.

We will continue to serve our local customers with designs for all their needs and the thrill of knowing “we made that” when I see someone walking down the street will never pass.

It’s a fun business, one that allows me to use my creative abilities as an outlet that others enjoy.  Working with great people, creating good work and having fun is important, it’s the waiting that I have issues with.

When that day comes we will be ready, we have put in the efforts, we have proven that we can do it and as we grow the business and see our goals met, the waiting will all be worth it.

Life’s Playlist….. This Is The Moment performed by Anthony Warlow

2018 promises to be an important year for my business, Impressed

I am thankful to have an awesome team in place and know that this year will be the year we do exceptional things.  Last week we huddled to make plans for the year and came up with new programs and goals I am very excited about.

Today is the day we begin to make our goals a reality.  THIS is the Moment, this is OUR moment, I can’t wait to see what we are able to accomplish together!


When One Door Closes……..

Friday afternoon, I boxed up my company issued laptop and sent it back to the company I have been working for, effectively ending a chapter in my life that has provided joy, challenge, financial reward, stress and opportunity.

When I decided to resign from my job, I did so knowing that I would be giving up a lot, with hopes of gaining more.

The last year has been a difficult one, I have seen my voice diminished, my judgement questioned and my passion for a job that I have loved eliminated.  I knew it was time to move on.

While the passion for my job was gone, new opportunities came to me and I am now ready to see where those opportunities will take me.

When I bought a small business last year, I did so with plans of it being a simple investment that I would sell in a couple of years.

Impressed quickly became more of a passion and the thoughts of it being an investment vanished.  I found in Impressed the opportunity to capitalize on my artistic sensibilities and nurture my entrepreneurial spirit.

Who knew that t-shirts could be so much fun?

While I embraced the new business, I also committed to more writing.  I have always enjoyed writing and started this blog years ago, but somehow never had the time to devote to it.

In January, when I decided I was going to concentrate on my writing, the “pay-off” was immediate.

Over the last several months, I have been given the opportunity to write a monthly column for Georgia Mountain Laurel Magazine and had a featured column in the summer issue of Cabin & Cove.

The feedback from my articles has encouraged me and I look forward to more opportunities to share my words with others.

For several years I have heard from family and friends that I should write a book.  Well, yes I should, and I would love to, however as with many things in life, fear prevented me from pursuing that dream.

The final agreement I had to make with myself when I  decided to leave my career was that I would pursue the opportunity of that book.

Once I made that decision, again, doors opened and I am now diligently working towards making the dream a reality.

Yesterday, I locked myself in my house, put everything aside that I should be doing and wrote.  I wrote all day and once I closed my computer and sat down to watch TV, I started thinking and wrote some more.

It was a great day, filled with opportunity that I am actively pursuing a dream that has simmered inside me for many years.

Who knows if it will happen, but I can honestly say I am inspired each time I sit at this keyboard with the opportunity to write.  When the words start to flow and a sentence appears on the screen that I like, the excitement I feel is unlike anything I have ever known and I anticipate the words that will follow.

So here I am, I have set a new course and plan on seeing it through.

I believe in visioning, when you see something in your mind and will it to happen.  I am in full visioning mode.

I can see Impressed being successful and continuing to inspire my artistic and entrepreneurial spirit.

And I vision more opportunities to write, more opportunities to put words on a screen that inspire me.

I can see my book cover, I can see people reading my work and I can see a new happiness and challenge that I have embraced.

On Friday, I closed a door, but have thrown open my heart to a world that is filled with opportunity, excitement and new challenges.

Am I afraid? You bet!

Am I worried about the change in income?  Yes, and Georgia Power probably is too, but more than fear, I am excited by what can happen, what can be my greatest passion, what can be my next step.

On a personal note, I covet your prayers and hope you will remember me as I move into this next phase of my life.  It won’t be easy, but I look forward to seeing where the road leads me.

That’s What Neighbors Do…

This afternoon, sometime after 3, we heard a horrible noise in the store.  Our door had been open all afternoon as the springtime breeze was creating a wonderful cross draft through the store.

Chelsea went to the door and I followed, when she announced there was a wreck.

As we walked out the door, she went into a full sprint across the parking lot and to the accident victims.

Without going into a lot of detail, the accident involved an SUV and a motorcycle.

We were the 3rd and 4th people on the scene.  Meredith who works with us was on the phone to 911.

Within seconds numerous people were stopping to see if there was anything they could do to help.

Some people prayed, others stood in disbelief and others tried to comfort the victims.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a couple of minutes, police and paramedics were on the scene.

And then paramedics who weren’t even on duty started showing up to help.

What touched me most was the response of the professionals who were there to take care of the victims, the passersby who stopped to help, and the general public who showed concern.

I was in a serious accident once in south Florida and witnessed the same neighborly support when it happened to me.

Sometimes the worst brings out our best.  With all the craziness in our world, it’s nice to know, when we need each other we are there.

I share this with prayers for those who were injured, but also with gratitude for those who came to them as neighbors.