Life’s Playlist…. Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News

Should I have known this?

On this date in 1493, Columbus returned to Spain after his voyage to the New World.  (America)  I just assumed he stayed, should I have known differently?

On this date in 1892 the first escalator was patented.

In 1913, Woodrow Wilson held the first Presidential Press Conference on this date.  Pissing off the next 17 Presidents who followed.

On this date in 1922, the first southern radio station went on the air…. WSB in Atlanta.  Still on the air today!

In 1952, the greatest 24 hour rainfall began in the Indian Ocean….. 73.6 inches.

The first T.G.I.Friday’s opened on this date in 1965.

Who knew?


Remembering a Free-Wheeling Spring in Life’s Playlist…. We Are the World by Various Artists

When “We Are the World” was released in the Spring of 1985, I was a junior at Georgia Southern College. (Now Georgia Southern University)

There had never been anything like “We Are the Wold” and to date nothing has ever replicated it.

Recorded by many of the music industries top artists, the song was recorded with the entire chorus in-studio together just after the American Music Awards.  During the months leading up to “We Are the World” the continent of Africa had been decimated by drought and thousands of people had died.

As a result the fund-raising effort “USA FOR AFRICA” was formed.

This was the first world-wide call to action, in support of a cause like the ones we see so frequently today.  All monies raised by record and cassette sales (yes, you had to go to a store and BUY music back in the dark-aged 80’s) went directly to the relief efforts.

The song played constantly on the radio and I remember laying by the pool, at the apartment complex I lived in, and each time it would air, 40, 50 and sometimes more of us would break into song.

Those were great days, when I hear this song I think back on great friendships and fun days in the sun singing for a cause.

Enjoy the song and see how many artists you recognize!