Short Notes – 8.29.13

The Silver Fox gets it right again!

Big Brother 15 Episode 27 – Tonight, Aaryn should be eliminated from the game.  I hope Julie Chen is working on that post interview because it could and should be a doozy!  Also, Amanda has proven to be the nastiest more vile person in the house, over and over and over again, I would say she is trailer trash but that would be so insulting to people who live in trailers.



I am not trying to be insensitive here, but when did working the drive-thru at McDonald’s go from being a job for teens and college students to a place where people went to support a family?  REALLY?  $15 Hr  Maybe these folks should look into college?

How does this make sense?  In Pinellas County Florida, High School Cheerleaders are not allowed to wear their uniforms to school because they are vulgar.  HOWEVER, said uniforms may be worn at games and other functions to REPRESENT the school.

There has been a lot of people making comment about none of the Congressional Republican Leadership attending the March on Washington 50th Anniversary recognition yesterday, I can’t help but wonder how they would have been greeted if they had shown up?  My guess is the boo-birds would have far outweighed the applause.  Who can blame them for not attending, the dialogue must go both ways if anyone is going to be successful!

Rock House

Getting a High School Education in 2013

A friend recently told me about an incident her son had at school.  The story hit me head on with the realization of just how the education system has changed over the past years.

Not having children, I don’t always see the reality that our kids face on a daily basis while attempting to get an education.

As my friend reports it, her son is in an integrated High School Math class.  By integrated I mean all levels of students are in the class.

My friend’s son is a gentle kid, respectful, quiet and kind.  He is a handsome boy with a wicked smile that makes the girls in his class swoon.

Over the semester his grades slid to levels that are not typical for him.  After further review, his parents found that he was having a difficult time in the class because of a lack of discipline from  the teacher.

The integrated class had mixed a number of kids who have no desire to gain an education, with kids who excel, and it appears the teacher had taken on the mindset of the kids who didn’t care.

My friend’s son advised her that some of the kids were picking on others and making it difficult to learn.  My friend told her son to move to the front row and do his best…. he did.

NOt long after the move to the front row, one of the primary “bad kids” decided he wanted to sit where her son sat and decided to smack him in the head during class to make him move.

The smack led to a minor altercation between the boys and a visit to the Vice-Principal‘s office.

As my friend relayed the story, she advised that she felt that she must press charges against the boy.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and let my friend know.

I told her that I thought what had happened was “boys being boys” and she was over-reacting.

Even I got into a fight in High School, yes I know it is hard to believe, but I did.  Or, I guess I should say Fred Beck got into a fight.  I stood there as his punching bag as he placed his fist on my face, all over his thought that I liked his girlfriend.  (Trust me, I get the irony of that last sentence!)

I explained my concern to my friend and told her that I felt she was over-reacting.  No sooner had I gotten the words out of my mouth than she gave me a proverbial slap in the face that made the one I received year’s earlier pale in comparison.

My friend reminded me, boys being boys no longer exists.  Now we have Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newtown, no longer can we think about a kid hitting another kid as horseplay, now it is the responsibility of the school to look at incidents as a potential danger to all.

My friend has been torn, trying to decide how to handle the situation.  She has been advised to press charges,  on one hand if the kid is arrested it affects his life forever, on the other hand a bad kid has the potential for a much greater effect on the masses than during the decades when we were in school.

These are the type of challenges our teenagers struggle with daily, it’s not just Algebra and English, today’s kids deal with a level of dangers we could have never imagined.

How would you handle the situation if this were your child?  I would love to read your comments.


Political Correctness Run Amuck

895571700_c6646a244eIn a recent article on the newswire of, the story of Derrick Hayes,  exemplifies a form of bias that we don’t often speak of, the bias towards religion.

As the story goes, Hayes, a Texas High School student and track athlete anchored his school’s 4 x 100 meter relay team.  After crossing the finish line in first place, qualifying his team for the State Championships, Hayes lifted his finger and pointed to the heavens, an apparent gesture of his faith.

For this gesture, Hayes team was disqualified and their dreams of running at the state championships dashed.

The reason given for this disqualification “excessive celebration.”

Nowhere has anyone said, that Hayes or his team taunted their competitors, they didn’t high-five and jump, they didn’t do an end zone dance or even pat each other on the butt… no, what happened was Hayes pointed his finger to the heavens.

Our society has gone over the cliff of political correctness when High School students can’t express their excitement at qualifying for the State Championships.  In my mind the “excessive celebration” rule has taken much of the joy out of sport, but this particular case not only ruins the team’s deserved position, but slaps people of faith in the face.

Last week we all celebrated the bravery of Jason Collins as he came out of the closet as an NBA player.  (My comments are here.) Sadly, this story of an athlete’s faith has been largely ignored by the media, the twittervese, blogosphere and leaders.

When Collins came out, he got a phone call from the President of the United States, a tweet from the First Lady and a 90 minute special interview with Oprah.  It seems like someone could at least stand up and say, this isn’t right and we need to honor this kid and his faith instead of punishing him!

If we are ever going to be a nation that honors all of our differences, we must honor everyone, not just those we choose to honor.

Too often the gay community and religious community are at odds.  The black  and white community are at odds.  Men and women, Republican and Democrat, north and south, east and west…. we just all seem to stay at odds.

When we discuss being disenfranchised we need to remember that many of our citizens feel this way and if we are to be a nation of the people and by the people, we must find a way to live together and appreciate the unique threads that we all bring to our nation’s fabrics.

Original article may be found here.