All-Time Favorites Playlist…. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

This should come as no surprise.  Anyone who ever checks into this blog knows I love the song Hallelujah, often sharing different versions as my song of the day on Life’s Playlist.

There are many versions I could have used here, but with the passing of Leonard Cohen this past year, it is only appropriate that I use the original.

Ending 2017 with my favorite song of all time….. Hallelujah.

Life’s Playlist….. Hallelujah by Choir! Choir! Choir! and Rufus Wainwright

Another great version of my favorite song.  Just imagine the power in the room where these voices joined together to sing…….

Life’s Playlist …. Hallelujah performed by Demi Lovato

Another nice version of my favorite song.

Life’s Playlist….. Hallelujah performed by Brett Young

Whenever anyone asks my favorite song, without hesitation I say “Hallelujah.”

Each year during the final week of the year I countdown a list of favorites here on the blog, some of the songs change, “Hallelujah” doesn’t.

My YouTube account knows my affinity with the song as I get a notification of a new remake almost every week.  I usually listen to each one.

This one popped up yesterday from an up and coming new country artist, Brett Young,  I thought it was so good I would share.



Best of All Time Playlist…. Hallelujah performed by Jeff Buckley

Every year that I have done this final week list, this song has been played on New Year’s Eve.  I think it is a fitting way to end the year.

In my mind it is the greatest song ever written… others can disagree.

There are so many wonderful versions, K.D. Lang, Justin Timberlake, LeeAnn Rimes, The Canadian Tenors, and on and on.

The song was written and originally performed by Leonard Cohen, this version by Jeff Buckley from 1994 was the first time I was introduced to the song.