Life’s Playlist…. Listen performed by Amber Riley and Liisi LaFontaine

Life’s Playlist…. Honesty by @BillyJoel

Billy Joel

Life’s Playlist…. Honesty by Billy Joel

GLEE – Farewell

glee-farewell-to-finnLast night was the farewell episode to Finn on GLEE.  I thought it was good, wasn’t great but it did what it needed to do and probably couldn’t have been any better under the circumstances.  Last night wasn’t about being “good” it was about farewell.

All of the musical performances were exceptional with stand-outs being “Seasons of Love” by the entire cast; “Fire and Rain” by Chord Overstreet and Kevin McHale and the emotional high-point “Make You Feel My Love” by Lea Michelle.

Some of the acting was a bit underwhelming, but if the rumors are true that most of the show was done in one-take, it is understandable.  The raw emotion these young actors put on the screen was beautiful and at times difficult to watch.

Parts of the story seemed out-of-place within the episode and some character decisions were odd, but overall I thought this episode worked for the actors and the viewer.

Ryan Murphy and crew did what they needed to do, they bid farewell to a key character without over simplifying or making a statement.  They sent their Quarterback off with dignity.

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Last night Scandal premier on ABC…… AWESOME!

Friday’s Hero Capitol Police


The Beatles Hey Jude

GLEE Beatles’ tribute shows SO much better than the wedding that wasnt. Next week’s farewell to FInn looks heartbreaking.


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