Friday’s Hero…. Brian Boitano, 12.20.13 @BrianBoitano


This week I choose as my Friday’s Hero a guy I have had a secret crush on since the 1980’s, Brian Boitano,  US Figure Skater and 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist.

Yesterday, Boitano came out as he prepares to represent the United States as an official delegate for the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

I am not choosing Boitano for coming out, but  I choose him for his statement in coming out.   For many of us People Magazine covers and Oprah interviews aren’t required, just living a life of love, compassion and honor is the benchmark we strive for.  Thank you for leading by example Brian Boitano!


Friday’s Hero – Heroes Return 11.01.13


Today as I was scrolling through my Facebook page during lunch, I came across an article on Yahoo Travel.

The article by “Johnny Jet, The Travel insider,” told the story of a cross-country flight from earlier this week.  As reported in the article, approximately 45 minutes prior to arrival, the Captain came on the intercom to advise the passengers that they had been transporting a fallen soldier on their flight.

The Captain briefed those on board about what would happen as the plane landed, requested patience and cooperation .  The entire article along with video can be found here.

As I read the article, I couldn’t help but be proud of the way we the American people have treated our soldiers as they return home from war.  Whether we are for or against the wars of the past generation, we as a people have been supportive of our soldiers.

During the Viet Nam era this was not the case and it appears that lessons were learned by our citizenry, today we welcome our soldiers home.  We honor our soldiers on their return and we stand with our soldiers as they honor the ideals of what it means to be an American.

Today and every day we honor the soldiers, their families and the American people who have not forgotten, but embrace, this week’s Friday’s Heroes!


Short Notes – 10.18.13

RIPTom Foley, Former Speaker of the House

It’s been a tough week for all of us, but forget the Congress, the President, the Tea Party, the Liberals…forget them all THIS is what makes America great, regular folks just celebrating life….. Friday’s Hero, the Highway Sing-A-Long Guy, TJ Smith.


THIS was my jam!

Thursday Words

Ms. Gladys Knight….. enough said

Thursday night television is once again Must See TV…. Scandal, WOW!  #OperationRemington and then there is Grey’s Anatomy when did Grey’s get good again?

Question of the Day:  Is anyone on television better than Shonda Rhimes right now?


Autumn in South Florida…. our trees change colors too!  Condo Life, 10.18.13

Friday’s Hero – Highway Sing Along Guy, TJ Smith 10.18.13


You have to admit, the morning commute is never pleasant.

It doesn’t matter if you are going one mile or 100, getting out of bed, into the car and to work on time is never easy.

Imagine running into “Highway Sing Along Guy” TJ Smith…. he makes it all just a little bit easier.  After all don’t we all want to break out into our own personal concert sometimes as we drive along……

Simple acts can make someone a hero…. thanks TJ your acts of joy are what makes a hero for us all!

TJ Smith, this week’s Friday’s Hero!

Short Notes – 10.4.13

Last night Scandal premier on ABC…… AWESOME!

Friday’s Hero Capitol Police


The Beatles Hey Jude

GLEE Beatles’ tribute shows SO much better than the wedding that wasnt. Next week’s farewell to FInn looks heartbreaking.


PERFECTION – 8.31.13