Short Notes – 9.4.13



Could tonight be the night that we see Amanda’s fate settled for good?  Big Brother 15…. I already know the answer, do you?

Senate Committee authorizes strike.

Good riddance.


Xtina looks HOT!

We’re Number 11, yes 11.  Sigh.


Friday’s Hero – 7.19.13; #TaliasBucketList

FRIDAY’STalia Joy Castellano died this week.  Thirteen years old, she died of cancer after living a life filled with joy, pain, honesty and pride.

I never met Talia, my connection to her was through Facebook, my friend Donatella Botolino and her son Denali, who also fought a valiant battle with cancer before his young life was cut short.

Talia made an impact on the world with her light in her 13 short years.  She used her love of make-up and fashion to overcome the ugliness of a cancer diagnosis.  Her infectious zest for living was captured through her YouTube videos eventually catching the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and CoverGirl.

Talia Joy Castellano died this week, but her spirit continues to move people even after earning her wings.

Just days before Talia passed away she posted her Bucket List.  A handwritten list of 76 items she would like to accomplish and some she was able to accomplish.


Talia never finished her bucket list, however those who were moved by her life are making sure each item is checked off,  in her memory.

Photos have been cropping up on the Talia Joy Facebook page since she passed with the Bucket List items completed.

Even in death Talia Joy inspires.  Her legacy of light and love will live on through those who took up the cause of a 13-year-old little girl, bringing the world together in tribute.

This week’s Friday’s Heroes are those who have helped to complete Talia’s Bucket List.

See the photos of Talia’s bucket list completions here, here, here, here and here.


Short Notes – 7.18.13

The Big Brother backdoor is ready to open.

Eviction night tonight!

Time After Time

Make It Happen

Detroit = Bankrupt

I didn’t get nominated for an EMMY again this year.



God’s Country 6.10.13

Short Notes ~ 6.4.13

Young guy changing the world Jared Reuter is the Tuesday 10

Any idea what is on my mind?

Oh, Saxby…. REALLY????

RIP Deacon Jones

Obama Administration continues to muddy, transparency.

Words to Live By

Our long national nightmare is over!  Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage is finally over and her SECOND divorce is final, just in time for her to give birth to a baby from another guy she isn’t married to……  I am SO glad we don’t let those homos marry, imagine how they would ruin the institution of marriage!

Florida, Rep. Patrick Murphy continues to work on bipartisan issues that will make American better for all.  Awesome job Congressman and thank you!


Short Notes – 5.8.13

Today is my niece Chelsea’s birthday and the playlist was for her.  Where on earth did 23 years go?

Charles Ramsey you have to love this guy!

The blog hit a milestone today!

Words to Live By

Benghazi, what’s the truth?  FOX NEWS; MSNBC; CNN …. probably somewhere in the middle.

The Voice just keeps getting better and better, while American Idol …… well, doesn’t.

Young and the Restless Star Jeanne Cooper has died.

GUILTY!  Jodi Arias convicted of First Degree Murder, JUSTICE IS SERVED!