Dear Santa, #Christmas @ChristmasCount

At the end of the week I will travel to God‘s Country for a family Christmas celebration.  I promised mama long ago that I would always be home for Christmas and to date I have not broken that promise.

Before I leave, I thought I should write my letter to Santa and get it on the way to the North Pole.


Dear Santa,

Hey, it’s me, another year, another list……  I hope you and your lovely bride have had a good year.  For me, I don’t have any complaints, 2013 proved to be a pretty good year overall.

I know how busy you are at this time of year and I apologize for waiting so long to send in my list, but I have been pretty busy myself.   Before hitting send on the email I am sending to you at, I took the liberty of narrowing down my list a bit to the essentials, I know how you like to get to the point, so I thought this was best.  (By the way, thanks for taking emails this year, you know how the Post Office is, if I mailed this it may not have reached you until Groundhog Day!)

Stating the obvious, YES, I have been a very good boy this year, and no matter what that lady I flipped off in traffic or the folks at COMCAST say, I deserve everything on my list!

So let’s stop beating around the bush and get to the important stuff…. My Christmas List!

  • A no drama Christmas.  Santa, I love my family with all my heart, but sometimes we have a tendency to get on each other’s nerves……  drama-free would be appreciated.  (Oh and drama free for all my friends who just read that request and said, “I would love that too!”)
  • Snow.  I know I live in south-Florida and the last time I saw snow on Christmas day, daddy and I to evacuate God’s Country at 9AM and have Christmas dinner at IHOP, but just a little snow would be appreciated.  Nothing that closes roads or airports, but just a little white Christmas!
  • In 2014, I ask you to continue to bless me with awesome friends and to continue to grow my circle of people who enhance my life.
  • It really doesn’t make sense that a date for a fat old guy is so hard to come by…. hey Santa, a little help here!?!!?
  • I would like for our politicians to stop playing games and find common ground for the good of our country.
  • A fat wallet and a skinny body, last  year you got those two confused, please get it right this year!
  • I am so thankful that my father’s health is as good as it is.  While at 82 he has his issues, overall he is doing ok.  Santa, if you have any pull, I just hope that you will continue to bless him during these twilight years.
  • I wouldn’t turn down a big lottery win.
  • I love the people I work with and my job.  Give me wisdom as I move into the future.
  • My friend Jen and her husband are searching for their forever child, you should know they will be awesome parents!
  • For my niece and nephew, Santa continue to give them big dreams for their lives.  Give them patience and appreciation for all they have and will find in the future.
  • Sunrises, I love the sunrise and appreciate the opportunity to get out to the ocean and see it as much as possible.
  • Parts of my family is trying to get together this summer for a long overdue family reunion…. help us to make it happen.
  • Health and happiness for my circle of friends, these folks deserve it for putting up with me on a daily basis.
  • If you could, I ask you to give my brother and sister-in-law more time for themselves to just enjoy life.  They both work incredibly hard, give them time to smell some roses along the way!
  • My friends Shaun and Breanne are getting married this Spring.  Bring them joy and happiness on their journey through life together.
  • My baby girl Rosalita Grace Rumsey makes me happy every single day, am I selfish to ask for more!?!?!?
  • Keep strengthening my faith and allow me to live a generous life.
  • Take care of Aunt Beck and bless my extended family.
  • Bring grace and patience to our world.  Allow us to honor each other more and judge each other less.

Santa, that’s about it, I am sure I can think of more, but I think you get the point.  Christmas is coming and I can’t wait to spend some time in God’s Country; of all the gifts I will get this year, that is my favorite.  Laughing, crying, yelling, arguing, loving and enjoying the most important people in my life, Daddy, Sam, Donna, Chelsea and Zack…. thanks Santa, that is a gift I enjoy year after year!

Oh, just one more thing Santa, socks and underwear, if you can fit them in the sleigh!

Thanks for everything and travel safe!


Short Notes – 11.5.13

17 years ago today I moved to West Palm Beach.  It was culture shock at the beginning of season.

Tuesday 10 – Jump for Joy!

Theme of the day……  Jump by Van Halen

Words and Words

Spread the Love by Kenny Chesney

Chris Tomlin sings How Great Is Our God

An Open Letter to University of Georgia Coach Mark Richt


Tis the Season…..

On November 5th, 1996 I moved to West Palm Beach, I packed up everything I owned in Atlanta shortly after the 1996 Summer Olympics in search of a new adventure…… I found it!

The past years have been the most remarkable of my life, I have made friends that changed me for the better.  I found a career that challenges and satisfies me in ways I never knew possible and I have grown up.

While I will always be a Georgia boy and God’s Country will always be my home, south Florida has proven to be the next best place I can dream of being, some would even call it …… Paradise.

When I moved to West Palm, one of the first things I learned was the term “season.”

Many of us think of “season” as Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring.  Some of us think of “season” as the days leading up to Christmas and others think of “season” a Football, Baseball or Basketball.

While all of those are perfectly fine examples of “season” what I learned when I moved to south Florida was there are only two seasons…….  Season and NOT Season.

Season for South Floridians was historically defined as the time between Thanksgiving and Easter each year.  During this time wealthy Yankees would invade the southern coastline to escape harsh northern winters.

As time has evolved, these “guests” have come to be affectionately called “snow birds.”  While no longer relegated to Yankee aristocrats, “snow birds” are usually retirees from around the country moving to the warmer weather for an active life during the winter months.

After moving to south Florida, my parents became snow birds and if my ideal plan comes true, one day I will do the same.

Season in south Florida, for those of us who live here, is the time when our days become increasingly busy.  The roads become increasingly congested and the cash registers ring.

One of the lessons new businesses learn here is the ability to save.  A south Florida business will easily do 75% of their sales during season, therefore the necessity to save for the leaner summer months become quickly evident.

While season is now more about retirees than aristocracy, there is still that element.

I got my first lesson involving season the first week I moved here.  I had secured a job with a catering company and the first event we were doing was at the home of a world-renowned attorney, one of the attorney’s who represented OJ Simpson in his murder trial.

My reality of this how the other half-lives hit me in the face when I walked into his home, through the staff entrance, to see wall to wall glass doors overlooking the infinity pool on the point of an exclusive island sandwiched between the Intracoastal and ocean.

That same year, I had my first visit to Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago with gold gilding and floor to ceiling ceramic tile walls.  Sightings of Rod Stewart and Rush Limbaugh and Regis Philbin and Matt Lauer and Celine Dion and and and…. were commonplace and Rolls-Royce sightings became nothing of note.

In addition to the positive effects season has on cash registers, the effects on charities from around the world is also dramatic. Cocktail parties, fashion shows, dinners and galas are held nightly for every possible cause; spotlighting the importance of season.

Season has changed in the years since I moved here, it is no longer relegated to the strict calendar dates of Thanksgiving to Easter.  With the busy social calendar stretching far outside those months, season officially began this year on November 1st with a number of “must attend” social engagements that night.

Now season is upon us, for the regular Joe like me it means an even busier workday and weekend and night work.  For the snow bird it is a time to relax and remain active, for the aristocrat it is a time to give back and for all of us it needs to be a time to RELAX, ENJOY and COEXIST!

Season is here, let’s make it a good one!

Dear Coach Richt @MarkRicht @UGAAthletics @TheUGAVault @BD_Illustrated @ajcuga


Dear Coach Richt,

By the grace of God, I was born and raised a Georgia Bulldog.

For all of my 49 years on this earth I have been blessed to be a Bulldog fan.

In my younger years my parents took us to games, my brothers and I would watch Erk Russell get bloody on the sidelines motivating his guys, we watched Herschel and Buck and Lindsey and we were proud.

My best friend and I were fortunate enough to be part of the crowd that rushed the field in the SuperDome as Georgia won our only National Championship.

I cheered the Dawgs through the good and bad times and never, ever was embarrassed to wear my red and black.

Coach Richt, tonight I am embarrassed.

This isn’t about the play calls or hanging on by our finger nails for another, way too close, win in what should have been a blow-out.  Coach Richt, you will have your detractors calling for you head for those reasons…. this letter isn’t about that.

Coach Richt, tonight I am embarrassed to be a Georgia Bulldog because we acted like thugs today.

The Georgia Bulldogs are NOT thugs, but today our best and brightest acted that way and for that behaviour I do blame you.

For years I have complained that your teams were too penalized and lacked discipline.  Today you proved me right on national television.

Coach Richt, I have no doubt that you are a good man, but sir, you set the tone for the team, you set the moral compass and that moral compass embarrassed the Bulldog Nation today.

I moved to Florida almost 20 years ago and have continued to wear my Red and Black with pride.  I have celebrated and held my head up with dignity in defeat, what happened in Jacksonville today was worse than a loss by score, it was a loss by character. We won the game, but at what cost?

Sir you set the tone, you must instill discipline in these players.  We are a class program and cannot afford to let you drag our team to the depths of thuggery that was witnessed today.

I have not researched this, however I would bet that in today’s game there were as many Unsportsmanlike Conduct calls against the Dawgs as in any SEASON of a Vince Dooley coached team.

Coach Richt, you are better than what we saw today, our players are better than what we saw today and the Dawg Nation is DEFINITELY better than what we saw today.

A win is a win, but today it certainly doesn’t feel like anything worth celebrating.

Coach Richt, you must do better, the legacy of the Georgia Bulldogs is class, it is up to you to restore our reputation immediately or move on.

Short Notes – 10.7.13

Cry Baby

Grown Men Playling Little Boy Games


Ricky Botolino is a hero.

Georgia wins and loses BIG!



West Palm Beach Waterfront – 10.7.13