Big Brother 15 – #BB15 Season 15 Episode 5 #HOH

bb15Now that I have gone from watching the show to full on Big Brother overload by reading the boards, I  know what will be happening on  Wednesday of this week.  I will try my best not to let that knowledge seep into the write ups for the show.

By the way, I have been asked what boards I visit for Big Brother info… my favorite is Hamsterwatch, but I also like SirLinksAlot and Big Brother Network.

I give you fair warning, if you want to be surprised when the CBS show airs, don’t go to the boards, you will know all the good, bad and ugly before it ever hits the network.

Now, let’s get on with the show….

Spoiler Alert…. 

The Sunday show begins where we left off on Wednesday night, the house guests are in the backyard lined up for the Head of Household competition.

While the competition proceeds in the backyard, we are shown clips of the contestants behind the scenes discussing their partners in the game, the eviction of David, various strategy moves and theories on who voted for whom.

Needless to say, Aaryn is furious that her man was blindsided and has vowed to get revenge….. oh the drama of a 2 week romance in front of the cameras!!!!!

As usual some of the funnier comments come from McCrae and Amanda as she discusses her strategy to keeping her implants in tact and he marvels as how great she looks rolling around in the Crisco.

As the competition tightens it is a 2 way tie between Andy/Elissa and Jeremy/Aaryn.  Just over an hour into the game, Jeremy reaches in and gets the ball out making Jeremy/Aaryn the winners.


Aaryn falls into a heap of tears, winning for David…..  with her classy self yelling out for all to hear that she is “going to blow this pop stand.”  WOOHOO!  It’s going to be an interesting week.

Jeremy/Aaryn have to choose between themselves who will be HOH, Jeremy chooses Aaryn.

Aaryn immediately names Elissa, Helen, Candice and Andy as have-nots for the week.

The HOH room is opened by Aaryn and the fake joy of the house guests is hilarious.   The stuffed clown is SCARY, adding to Aaryn’s psycho persona.

Aaryn continues her reign of terror as she rubs the noses of the have-nots in their liver and lima beans.  The other house guests begin to discuss her racist and gay comments and how she treats others.  Helen seems to be one of her primary targets with abundant Asian jokes and a running character with stereotypical Asian tendencies and dialect.

(CBS has obviously decided Aaryn’s attitude and comments need to be made public, tonight it comes out and is even more disturbing than originally thought.  I think her agency did the right thing by firing her and I cannot wait for the Julie Chen interview when she gets kicked out of the house in a unanimous vote.)

Candice and Helen figure out the Moving Company plan seeing Nick as the mastermind behind all the game play.

Helen goes to Aaryn to discuss their relationship and offers her assistance if she is left in the house.  Helen recommends a backdoor alliance allowing the two to do each other’s dirty work.

The moving company tells Jeremy to get Amanda nominated.  He goes to Aaryn and tells her Amanda was the mastermind behind getting David sent home.  They discuss nominating Amanda and Elissa.

Off camera, Jeremy brags that Aaryn will do whatever he tells her and his suggestion is to nominate Amanda and Elissa.


The house guests gather around the table for nominations……

the keys are pulled and the nominations are….. Helen and Elissa.


Wednesday night is MVP and POV, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 4 – Elimination Night…. #BB15

bb15It has been a busy day outside the Big Brother House for the characters inside the house real life.  Both GinaMarie and Aaryn lost their jobs because of their hate-speech inside.

Read more here and here.

Last night I predicted David would go home with elimination tonight….  I stand by that prediction.

It’s now time to vote em out…. let’s get on with it!


Julie Chen opens the show in front of a live studio audience. and makes reference to people in the house “showing their true colors.”  Maybe a comment from CBS regarding the nastiness in the house tonight.

The show recaps with McCrae nominating Elissa and everyone evaluting the decision.  Elissa comes out as Rachel’s sister to Andy, McCrae and Amanda.

Jeremy and Aaryn are stirring the pot with everyone.  They are drawing a line in the sand and determined to bully their way to the top, it will be interesting to see how well this works for them.

Julie cuts to the living room and goes to Andy for comment on what the mood of the house is.  Andy says it is weird a little odd for the day.

Helen says she didn’t think the twist of 3 nominees was going to be a big deal when she first heard about it, but now that she has seen it she knows it is really going to change the game.

Candice talks about the roller coaster of being on and off the block.

The live eviction vote begins….

AMANDA – David

AARYN – Elissa

NICK – David



KAITLIN – Elissa

HELEN –  David

HOWARD – David


JUDD – David

JEREMY- Elissa

ANDY – David

BB15 DAVIDDavid is evicted with 7 votes and there is SILENCE in the room!   SILENCE!

It is obvious David is in shock when he gets to the stage to meet Julie.

On a personal note, I hate to see David go because he was some GOOD TV!  Comedy with every word!

Jeremy is the firsrt to break the bond of his secret alliance votging for Elissa instead of David.

Next prediction….  Aaryn will find a new bunkmate within 72 hours, probably Jeremy.

David’s interview with Julie is as expected…. uncomfortable.  She showcased his making hisotry in the POV competition by never spelling a word.

Head of Household competition is next…

Houseguests gather in the backyard for the BB Barbecue, one of the long competitionsof carrying the liquid down a slippery course…. it’s going to be a lengthy competition, will have to find out the winner on the boards.

Back on Sunday.

Big Brother – Season 15 Episode 3 #BB15 #BBMVP #BBPOV

bb15After Sunday night’s show I went straight to the boards, I just had a feeling that all wasn’t as it seemed and boy was I right!  As I prepare to watch episode 3 I wonder to what extent some of the ugliness that is happening in the house will be shown on CBS.

Here we go folks….  Episode 3


Candice and Jessie both visit McCrae to find out why they are nominated for eviction.  He tries to convince them both that they are pawns.  Candice outs McCrae and his five-man alliance, he attempts to lie his way out of it but she isn’t buying it.

The entire house speculates that Elissa will be the MVP.  The speculation is right…she is.

Elissa lets McCrae know she is the MVP and they work together to decide who to nominate.  McCrae recommends David.  Elissa thinks Nick is a better choice.

McCrae’s big mistake is admitting to Elissa that he would nominate her if the POV is used.   Has he forgotten she is the sister of evil Rachel, she KNOWS how to play this game!

David and Aaryn share the hammock and discuss splitting atoms and the cure for cancer…. or was it that he still lives at home and wants to be a model?  Whatever, it was stimulating conversation!

House guests gather for the POV competition and learn that the MVP has nominated David for eviction.

Drama ensues between David and Aaryn….. Big Brother hilarity at it’s best!

House guests move to the backyard for the POV competition.  The Big Brother Baking competition, or commonly known as the …who can spell the longest word competition….. is set up to reveal the POV winner.

Jessie spells TUMBLED – 7 letters

Candice spells RAFTS – 5 letters

David spells well he didn’t spell anything….sigh!

McCrae spells DELIVERY – 8 letters

Howard spells SAILING  – 7 letters

Elissa spells POTROASTS – actually two words…. DQ for Elissa

McCrae wins with “delivery” and holds the Power of Veto ….. REALLY!?!?!?!?  delivery!?!??!?!

Elissa cries because she feels alone and didn’t know pot roasts was two words.  Helen tries to comfort her and keep her head in the competition.

Elissa pleads her case to McCrae as to why she shouldn’t be nominated.

McCrae calls the Power of Veto meeting to order.  The house is expecting him to use his veto and nominate Elissa.

Nick encourages McCrae NOT to use the POV and keep Elissa safe, making David the only physical threat nominated and getting him voted out.

McCrae uses the Veto, removes Candice from the block and nominates Elissa.

Tomorrow night either

BB15 JESSIE Jessie

BB15 ELISSA Elissa


BB15 DAVID David

will go home….  my guess for who goes home….. David.

We find out tomorrow night at 8PM!

BTW, CBS has not even touched on some of the drama going on in the house.  From what I am reading it has gotten UGLY at times with racial slurs, homophobic rants and misogynistic comments.  It will be interesting to see if CBS overlooks this or tells the total story.

Big Brother 15 – First Impressions…. #BB15


Big Brother is my guilty pleasure, LOVE IT!

Historically, the show has some of the best twist and turns of any other reality show and we REALLY get to know the characters.  This summer doesn’t look to disappoint.

Below, my first impressions on the cast, the twists and a WAY out there prediction for the winner of BB15.

BB 15 AARYN  Aaryn, smart girl, pretty, seems likeable and has Southern charm on her side.  I predict she will be the final FEMALE standing.

BB15 AMANDA Amanda, south-Florida girl, going to use her LARGE assets to her advantage, but will annoy the other women on the show quickly.  I predict lots of tears.

BB15 ANDY Andy, why does the gay character have to be the most effeminate flamboyant person to audition?   Wouldn’t it be great to see a normal guy as the gay character? Sigh.

BB15 CANDICE Candice, pretty, smart, athletic…. could be a contender.

BB15 DAVID David, like quite possibly the dumbest human on the planet dude!  But he is going to be some GOOD TV!

BB15 ELISSA Elissa, sister of demon spawn Rachel, won’t make it to week 3.  The other cast members are already on to her secret.

BB15 GINAMARIE GinaMarie, this is her audition for a future in porn, she will succeed at that audition.

BB15 HELEN  Helen, everyone better watch out for Helen, she works in politics so we know she can be deceptive and manipulating.  If she makes it to jury weeks, she could be a key player at the end of the game.

BB15 HOWARD Howard, my early prediction for WINNER of BB15.  He already has both men and women in the house in love with him.  If he plays it cool, he has everything he needs to win the half million!

BB15 JEREMY Jeremy, will be an animal in challenges and before the end of week 2 will probably have a “secret alliance” with every person in the house.  Look for Jeremy to be the first backdoor eviction of the season.

BB15 JESSIE Jessie, well she thinks highly of herself…..  probably too highly for Big Brother.

BB15 JUDD Judd, will be fun to watch but no chance of winning.

BB15 KAITLIN Kaitlin, was she on the show?

BB15 MCCRAE McCrae, yes America, he really is a pizza-boy.  He is also the first Head of Household which doesn’t usually fare for success in the house.  I hope he stays around for a while because he could be really fun!

BB15 NICK Nick, will be the character that America grows to hate, QUICKLY!  Won’t see his blind-side coming!

BB15 SPENCER Spencer, will be the character most likely to blow up first.  Watch out, when he blows it won’t be pretty!



The Big Brother MVP, #BBMVP, I love this twist and it will add a great dimension to this year’s show, but wouldn’t it be awesome for the HOH to have only one nomination and the viewers to have the other, now THAT would have been an interesting twist!

It looks like this season can be a great one…. I know I will be watching!