Short Notes – 10.16.13




2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

Condoleezza Rice new gig…. I still say she will be the next Commissioner of Major League Baseball

Winners of the 44th Annual Dove Awards


Short Notes – 9.26.13

Reason 2,375,940 why I cannot wait for Jimmy Fallon to take over as host of  the Tonight Show!

Real Thing

Evelyn Lowery wife of Civil Rights Leader, Rev. Joseph Lowery died in Atlanta overnight.  I had the privilege of meeting and working with Mrs. Lowery in the mid- 90’s.  A project for AIDS Research, we served on the steering committee together, she was a vibrant, kind woman whose heart was in the right place.  The world was a better place with her in it.


I heard such great things about NBC’s The Blacklist that I set my DVR to record the Pilot.  Last night I got around to watching.  WOW, within 10 minutes my DVR was set to record the entire season.  James Spader is awesome and the twists and turns pretty amazing!  This is the kind of television I love, suspenseful, intelligent, well acted and written, BRAVO to you NBC for a great new scripted show for the Fall season.

Speaking of awesome television, I am almost finished with Season 2 of Scandal on ABC, I should be caught up by the time Season 3 hits the airwaves.

How cool is 41?!?!?!?

Selig to retire.

Question of the Day – Will Condoleezza Rice be the next Commissioner of Baseball?


Osage Farms, Rabun Gap, GA. 9-11-13