Christmas Playlist…. Gloria in Excelsis Deo

May the Star that shone so long ago guide you.

May the birth of a baby in a barn lead you.

May the joy of the season remain with you.

And may all your days be filled with the magic of Christmas.

Merry Christmas friends, the joys of Christmas are real, I hope your hearts are warmed, your spirit soars and the blessings of the day remain with you forever.


Christmas Playlist…. Silent Night performed by Mannheim Steamroller

Life’s Playlist…. JOY to the World! performed by Jeremy Riddle, Bethel Church

Three years ago today, the very instant of the photo you see changed my world.  This beautiful Christmas miracle was placed in my arms and life has never been the same!

Hadley Rae was born and immediately wrapped me around her little finger.

The joy she brings me is unlike anything I have ever known, she explodes my heart every moment I am blessed to share with her.

Today, Hadley turns three, I just hope someday she realizes what a blessing she is.

I pray that her life is filled with happiness, opportunity and overwhelming love.

I love my baby girl and praise the Lord for her life, she certainly is a JOY to MY World!










Christmas Playlist…. The Sweetest Gift performed by The Piano Guys and Craig Aven

I heard this song for the first time last night and it completely sums up feelings I try to hide during the Christmas season.

Like many of you, sometimes I find the magic of Christmas to be overwhelmingly sad, because those I love the most aren’t here to enjoy these times with me.  Although I know in my heart they are here, and I add the special memories to my decorations and traditions to include them, often during the season the grief is paralyzing.

I miss my loved ones every day, but there is something about Christmas that makes it more difficult.  While I am good at hiding it, I hold them close to my heart and in my alone times reflect on them even more.

The words of this song sum it all up, a perfect memory for those who celebrate with us in heaven.  While not here physically, in our hearts forever.


Christmas Playlist…. I’ll Be Home for Christmas performed by Rodney Atkins

When I left home after college, my mother had one rule….. always be home for Christmas.

I’m happy to say I never let her down on that request.  Sometimes I didn’t get there until Christmas Eve and more than once left on the 26th, but I was always home.

The older I got, the more I realized how important it was to be HOME for Christmas.  No matter where my home was, the home I wanted to be in was in Clayton, GA.

There is something about the gathering of family, the familiarity of childhood, the stockings, the tree, the old nativity just like they had been all my life, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Once my parents passed and I moved back to my hometown, my HOME for Christmas became my home, filled with memories and mementos of childhood Christmases.

Now, in my home, I find the memories of those special days to be even more important.  Home is where I’ll be this Christmas and every Christmas.  I hope the same for you, wherever your “HOME” may be.