Big Brother 15, Episode 19 #BB15, #DoubleElimination, #HOH, #POV

bb15It’s double elimination night…..IT’S DOUBLE ELIMINATION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh boy I can’t wait.  I am pretty sure Candice will go home in the first elimination, but what about the second?  If I could choreograph the whole thing, Spencer would win the HOH and he would nominate Amanda and Helen, with Amanda going home.

Either way, I want Amanda go home, at this point I want her to go home more than Aaryn.

So let’s get in the house and find out what’s happening….IT’S DOUBLE ELIMINATION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spoilers Below…

Julie looking plain and simple, red top, black pants…..  I wish she would bring back the green catsuit!

Jury house begins tonight.

Amanda tries to apologise to Jessie, she doesn’t believe it.  Amanda goes to Andy and Judd to discuss their votes, they are beginning to get tired of her and Judd tells her to stop with the emotional outbursts.

Candice, Elissa and Jessie discuss getting Amanda evicted.

Jessie goes to Helen to discuss evicting Amanda.

Helen knows evicting Amanda would be huge, but she can’t do it without all of her allies.

Jessie talks to Judd about eliminating Amanda.

Helen goes to Andy and discusses evicting Amanda.

Andy is against evicting Amanda.

Jessie, Candice and Helen talk about evicting Amanda.  She says she can’t evict her now unless the house wants it.

Julie cuts to the house guests and lets them know tonight is a Double Elimination.

All of the remaining house guests will be the first  member of the jury.

Julie also tells the house guests that just because they are on the jury doesn’t mean they are out of the game…. HHHMMMM??????

Candice gives a crazy speech with GinaMarie in the background.


McCRAE:  Candice

AARYN:  Candice

HELEN:  Candice

JESSIE:  Candice

ELISSA:  Candice

ANDY:  Candice

JUDD:  Candice

BB15 CANDICEELIMINATED 7 – 0 Candice is evicted.  Candice and GinaMarie continue their catfight all the way to a closed-door.


BB High School Quis Game

First Round Out:  Elissa

Second Round Out:  Andy and Jessie

Third Round Out:  All are right

BB 15 AARYNFourth Round Out:  Aaryn is right and she is the new Head of Household


Julie tells the houseguest that the MVP is over from here on out there will be 2 nominations.


Jessie and Spencer are nominated.


Jessie, Spencer, Aaryn, Andy, Judd and Amanda play for POV

BB 15 AARYNAaryn wins the POV.

Jessie is removed from the block and Aaryn puts Judd on the block in her place.




Guests are in tears as we go to vote.


McCRAE:  Judd


ANDY:  Judd

HELEN:  Judd



BB15 JUDD Judd eliminated unanimous.

For those of you not following along on the feeds or boards, this is all because Judd supposedly told Jessie to STFU and Helen was mastermind of the elimination.  Plus Amanda is convinced that Judd was the MVP and was hell-bent on having him eliminated for putting her up twice….once again, Amanda’s paranoia has gotten the best of her, this time one of America’s favorite players was eliminated by one of the least popular.  Judd refused to say good-bye to Helen, Jessie or Elissa.

Judd is eliminated…. I don’t like double elimination nights anymore.  DAMN!

Aaryn has become the major power player in this game, she has done a complete turn-around since her original alliance has been eliminated.

Big Brother 15 Episode 18 – #BB15, #POV, #MVP

bb15I have a confession to make……  Big Brother 15 is not one of my favorite seasons.  A number of my favorite players, or players who would have been real competitors have been eliminated and no one in the house seems to really want to compete.

The house is being run by a woman with few admirable or interesting traits and the rest of the house appears to be playing for the sequester house.

Sadly, the one guy who could have been a real mastermind of the season is so enthralled by cougar vagina that he can’t keep his head in the game.

I am just finding it all predictable and disappointing, I really hope in the second half of the season some people decide to step up and play or else we may as well go ahead and write the check to Helen.

Come on competitors, COMPETE!

It’s Wednesday night, let’s go into the Big Brother house…. SPOILERS AHEAD…

The show begins with the recap of GinaMarie’s nomination ceremony, it was still insane the second time around.  The girl “telling it like it is” is as wacked out as you would think.

GinaMarie holds court in the HOH room.

GinaMarie guarantees Jessie she isn’t going home, she is just a pawn and her target is totally Candice.

She pulls Candice into the room and tells her she doesn’t like the rumors that Candice starts, GinaMarie apologizes for the “tattle tale” comment.

Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae theorise who the MVP is, Amanda is convinced it isn’t America because America can’t dislike her.

Amanda is becoming very possessive of McCrae.  She bosses and pouts…. UGH!

Tensions escalate and there is definite trouble in showmance paradise.

House guests gather in the living room to find out who the MVP nominee is…. AMANDA


Playing for the Veto is….







Host for the Veto competition is Aaryn.

Several people are thinking Judd is the MVP.

Amanda goes to Judd and Spencer and ask if they win the POV will they use it on her, both tell her what she wants to hear.  Amanda pushes GinaMarie to use the POV on her if she wins and GinaMarie tells her yes, which pisses off Aaryn who knows she will follow-up as the nominee if Amanda comes off the block.

Amanda has another meltdown over being put up on the block.  (She has become WAY too annoying in this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Amanda and McCrae continue to fight.


It’s a redneck frog pond slinger  competition.  Trade up for prizes or Power of Veto.

Candice — third eliminated gets the Clownitard for a week

Spencer – fourth eliminated takes Bahamas trip

Jessie – fifth eliminated wins the $5000 gives it to Judd and gets the POV

Amanda – second eliminated – given 50 shades of orange, 50 sessions of spray tan

Judd –  final eliminated, gives Candice the clownitard and Jessie the POV

GinaMarie  – first eliminated – will wear the “cone of shame” for 48 hours (or as GinaMarie asks, that’s 2 days right?….can’t make this shit up!)

Amanda is a bully mean girl though the entire POV competition and continues to be nasty after.  Amanda is coming apart in the house, her mental stability is seriously coming into question.

McCrae tells Amanda all the things someone should have told her days ago.

Candice wears her clownitard gracefully.

Amanda looks like a freak in the continuous spray tans.

GinaMarie wears her cone of shame hilarious!


Jessie uses the veto on herself.  Spencer is nominated in her place.

Nominees Amanda, Candice and Spencer


My prediction for who will gome home tomorrow night….




Big Brother Season 15 Episode 16, #BB15, #Eviction, #HOH, @Comcast

bb15Still problems with Comcast continue…. ugh!  I know you are as tired of reading about it as I am reporting it…so frustrating!  Have a Supervisor coming to the house tomorrow morning, this is their last chance to fi my problem before I send back the DVR and go back to TiVo.

Watching and reporting real-time again tonight, so there won’t be much editorial here…sorry about that.  But if you want to read something, check this out… here.

It’s showtime and someone needs to go home, let’s find out who.


Julie Chen looking retro in a mustard color swing dress, not her best look, but not her worst.


Howard, Candice and Amanda


If the only way you are “watching” this show is through the CBS version, you are REALLY missing out.  My favorite source for all things Big Brother are but if you don’t like that one, find another… just find something so you know what is really happening in the house!  The best parts don’t make network,

Amanda in the diary room in a bikini top…. her boobs are getting bigger the longer she is in the house, if she doesn’t get evicted soon, she is going to get two votes!

Spencer campaigns to keep Howard in the house.

Amanda tells Spencer she knows he is trying to turn the house and it is only making him a bigger target.  Spencer tells Amanda Candice is his target.

Amanda and Spencer go at it and he tells her to “SHUT UP.”  (Hey, somebody needed to say it.)

Helen goes to Candice and tells her Spencer is campaigning to get her out.

Candice calls a house meeting in the backyard.  She calls Spencer out.  Candice tells the house everything Spencer has said behind their backs.  Spencer says yes, he wants Candice out.

Jessie, GinaMarie and Aaryn discuss Candice horrible social game.  They all say they want Candice out of the house.

CBS visits Judd’s hometown…. makes you love him even more!


HELEN – Howard

ELISSA – Howard

SPENCER –  Candice

MCCRAE – Howard

ANDY –  Howard

JUDD – Howard


JESSIE – Howard

BB15 HOWARDHoward is Eliminated…. darn, he was my pick to win it all in my first impressions.

Howard exits the house with class….  just like you would expect him to.

Julie discusses the racism in the house with Howard.  It is discussed with bluntness and honesty.  Howard says he never mentioned it because he was afraid his temper would get the best of him.

Howard keeps it classy to the end.

America is announced as the BB MVP again for next week.  Honestly I would be happy with Aaryn or Amanda getting  the third nomination.  I really want to NOT feel so much disgust for Aaryn but I just can’t help it, racist homophobes aren’t my kind of people


It’s going to be an endurance competition….. will be a long night.  Check in on the feeds, boards or wait until Sunday to find out who HOH is for the coming week.  Andy could win this thing.

No have-nots this week and Julie offers the first 3 people to quit the competition a reward box, one holds $5k.  McCrae and Judd seem to be considering taking the bribe.

Next Thursday… DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Brother 15 Episode 15 #MVP, #POV, #Comcast

bb15I admit it, Comcast wins.  If you don’t know what is going on, take a few minutes to read, if it wasn’t SO frustrating, it would be funny.   Read here.

With the ongoing issues, I can’t pause, can’t rewind, fast forward and certainly not watch a recorded episode on DVR, so I am watching live, realtime.

With that said, no long-winded stuff here….

Howard and Spencer are nominated for eviction.


Amanda is nominated by America as 3rd possible eviction.


Jessie and Candice are chosen to play the Veto.


Helen is host.


McCrae freaks out.

Spencer wins POV.


Candice is nominated in his place.


End of episode.

Howard will probably go home tomorrow night and maybe someday Comcast will fix my service!

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 14 – #BB15, #Nominations, #ComcastSux, #Have&HaveNots

comcast-sucksSeventeen days after my Comcast  Xfinity debacle began, (read here and here ) the new DVR stopped working today.

Once again, I have lost everything on the DVR, and I await a visit from the Comcast technician tomorrow morning.  They call this “service.”

Thankfully, the condo development I live in has basic cable for all residents, so I have reworked my television and watch like it is 2003.

My disdain for Comcast grows by the day, I am working on a post that I will share soon where they are accusing me of stealing their equipment and charging me $150 because the COMPUTER says I have equipment that I don’t….. but….. the computer says so!

Let’s see what is going on in the house, and if you aren’t following the boards and feeds you are missing out!  Unfortunately I don’t have pause or DVR, so I am typing fast tonight.


Aaryn wins HOH.  Helen had made a previous deal with Aaryn where she would give her HOH nominees to Helen’s side of the house and those nominees are to be Howard and Spencer.

No one seems happy that Aaryn won HOH.

Helen worries if Aaryn will follow-thru on her end of the deal.

Candice knows about Helen’s deal and she also knows she was not consulted on the plans.

Spencer ask Aaryn point-blank if he is going on the block, she tells him she has to do what the house wants.

All the house guests hide when it is time to see Aaryn’s HOH room.   It was a cute moment and Aaryn almost seemed human.

McCrae and Amanda take a bubble bath, discussing their differences and both say “I love you.”

Spencer goes to Aaryn and attempts to defend himself to keep from being nominated.  Aaryn lets Spencer know she made deals to stay in the house and will follow through on the agreement.

Howard talks to Aaryn about the nominations.  Aaryn tells Howard the truth about the deal with Helen.  Howard tries convincing Aaryn to shake up the house and not nominate who she is being told to nominate, but do what she wants to do.

On a side note, I wish this would have been the Aaryn that played the game in the beginning instead of the white-sheet clad Klan chick!  This Aaryn is more like the one I described in my first impression.

Have and Have-Nots Competition:

Hosted by Poppy Montgomery. star of CBS‘ Unforgettable.

Orange:  Elissa, Aaryn, McCrae and Andy

Green:  Candice, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd

Purple:  Spencer, Helen, Jessie, Howard

Orange team comes in first, purple team second and green team is a Have-not for the week.

Candice and Aaryn talk.  Aaryn tells her she doesn’t want to put Howard up but she is being told what to do.   Candice recommends she nominate Amanda and McCrae,  Aaryn tells her Amanda kept her safe.

In the diary room, Aaryn admits that Candice doesn’t exist to her and anything she says goes in one ear and out the other.

Candice reports back to Howard how the conversation went and she understands that the conversation was pointless.  Candice is confident that she will be nominated.

Candice pushes Howard away.



Spencer and Howard

Aaryn holds up to her end of the bargain.

Wednesday night we find out who America has nominated for the 3rd seat.  This has already happened in realtime and well, I warned a player didn’t I?