Short Notes – 8.16.13

Parrot-heads Rejoice!


BB15 #22

I’m Team Katie 100% why do we care about this girl?  What serious redeeming qualities does KK have?

A-Rod story gets even juicier.  (Pun intended!)

My work wife just left on a two-week vacation, sigh!  It’s going to be a LONG two weeks!


4.29.13 Singer Island Beach, Florida

Short Notes – 7.24.13

Words to Live By


Insert Weiner joke here…..  _________________________________

Today I was in Whole Foods Market and out of the corner of my eye I saw my mother.  I know that isn’t possible but a lady for an instant looked like my mama, not only did it freak me out a bit, but it comforted me as well.


7.24.13 Sunrise Beach; Palm Beach, FL

Life’s Playlist….Get the Party Started by Pink

Pink - Get This Party Started (Dj Stiff Collar Mash Up)

Life’s Playlist….Get the Party Started by Pink

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