RIP – Chuck Barris

Chuck Barris

1929 ~ 2017

RIP – Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry

1926 ~ 2017

RIP – Mary Tyler Moore


Mary Tyler Moore

1936 – 2017

RIP – Debbie Reynolds


Debbie Reynolds

1932 ~ 2016

RIP – Carrie Fisher

Seib, Al –– – 124142.CA.0515.fisher.ALS Century City, CA. Actress & author Carrie Fisher will be one of the judges on Fox's reality competition "On the Lot" which sought submissions from aspiring filmmakers, selecting 50 to appear on the show. These semi–finalists will discover the magic of moviemaking when they are brought to Los Angeles to visit a real–life film set for the first time and must endure a rigorous Hollywood Boot Camp, says the Fox website. Carrie Fisher, one of the judges talks about the movie biz, and, perhaps, the show for a sunday Q&A at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City.

Carrie Fisher

1956 – 2016