Short Notes – 11.6.13

The Voice has become the best talent show on American television.  It has a hipper, more relevant feel than X-Factor or American Idol and it just has a better “feel” than the others.  Last night, Jacquie Lee became this season’s favorite to win….  she is only 16, the youngest contestant in this year’s show and A-MA-ZING!  If Christina Aguilera doesn’t mess it up she could finally get a win….


Ms. Patti LaBelle sings You’ll Never Walk Alone

Chris Christie proves why he can win a national election if the Republican Party will do the right thing and nominate him.

Blockbuster no more.

Tonight is CMA night!  Who will win Entertainer of the Year?  Blake Shelton, George Strait, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan or Taylor Swift

World Series of Poker winner is 23-years-old and 8.4 million dollars richer.

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Short Notes ~ 6.18.13

Beautiful song on the playlist.

And thanks to you too!


A new set is the least of your troubles.

My summertime guilty pleasure returns in ONE WEEK!

Thank you Walt Disney

I’m not one to say I told you so…. but if you will remember yesterday’s post….. ” Tonight is the Finale of The Voice on NBC. This person should win, however this person will win.”

Rock House

The Rock House; Clayton, GA

Short Notes ~ 6.18.13

This week’s Tuesday 10 features Amy Woods

Lake Park loses a legend, Edie McConville

Do you believe they are telling the truth?

The Beatles ’nuff said

Words to Live By

Tonight is the Finale of The Voice on NBC. This person should win, however this person will win.

My love affair with 315 Hawthorne

315 Hawthorne

Our final photo at 315 Hawthorne Drive, Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Life’s Playlist…. Home performed by Blake Shelton


Life’s Playlist…. Home performed by Blake Shelton

Listen here

I have been homesick more this year than I have since moving away from God’s Country in 1982.   June can’t get here soon enough so that I can be engulfed in those mountains again.