An Open Letter to CBS, Big Brother and Fly on the Wall Entertainment

Before I begin, let me say upfront, I realize this letter will never be seen by anyone who has the ability to do anything and I realize even in the remote chance it was, my opinions would not change anything…… but hey, I write and these are my opinions….. so….. here goes.

Dear CBS, Big Brother and Fly on the Wall Entertainment,

I a writing to you as a fan of Big Brother, someone who has watched every season since the show began.  Big Brother has been my summertime guilty pleasure for years.

As a fan of the show, I have watched and loved the people year after year.  Kaysar, Jase, Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Marcellas, Cowboy, Jordan and Jeff, Nicole, even Rachel, they have all captured my imagination summer after summer.

Now we come to Big Brother 19 and I have to say, you have missed the boat, BIG TIME!

I’m bored, I don’t even know the characters names and the repetition of summer after summer, same competitions with different colors has just become ho-hum!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Please, please PLEASE, I beg you with every ounce of my being, STOP bringing back past competitors!!!!  Guess what, they had their chance, they lost…. move on!

When I saw Paul, one of the most annoying characters in Big Brother history, come bounding through the door at the beginning of the season, the groan that escaped from my inner disgust still echoes through my living room four weeks later.

If you have former contestants you want to bring back, that’s fine…. do an All-Star Season, I can get behind that, but bringing back past characters who couldn’t get it done the first time is an insult to the other people in the house and the fans who tune in each week.

Here’s an idea for you, if you want to bring back past contestants, have a season of nothing but second place finishers, that is something we the fans would enjoy!

And by the way, if anyone truly believes the decision wasn’t made prior to the seasons start that Paul would receive that gift of almost 1/2 the season with immunity from eviction…. I have some ad space to sell you on a wall Mexico will be paying for on the border!  But I’ll come back to this later!

Let’s talk casting shall we?

When Big Brother began it was promoted as a house filled with strangers competing for an ultimate prize.  Today, the show has been relegated to a cast of characters that we have seen far too many times.

We have the quirky girl.

We have the Asian girl.

We have the girl with big boobs.

We have the hunky silent type guy.

We have the muscle head.

We have the flaming gay guy and btw, there are millions of gay people in America that don’t possess every negative stereotype associated with being gay, find one!

We have the old guy.

We have the black Christian woman.

We have the big guy who is a total train wreck.

And on and on….. here’s an idea….. STOP with the characters and START with bringing in interesting contestants that make for good television.  You used to do it, can you do it again or have you simply put this show on auto-pilot?

In the early days you took video submissions and people applied to be on the show…. today, you scour social media and nightclubs to fill a casting formula you think we want to see.  We don’t!

Earlier I referenced how the competitions have become repetitive.  HELLO!?!?!!?  Can no one in the production department come up with something new?

Putting new graphics and changing a competitions theme doesn’t make it new, it just makes a competition the same one you have been doing for years with a new theme and color scheme.

Last year I liked the Battle Back, it was a nice twist….. that doesn’t mean you needed to do it again this year.  And again, BTW, could those competitions have been designed for anyone but Cody to win?  Hello, he even stood beside the final puzzle and studied the course while the house-guests were finding out who would be his competitor.

The one bright spot of this summer has been the Den of Temptation, but let’s be clear, the producers fingerprints are all over the results.

No way the first temptation wasn’t determined for Paul to win.

You can bet your next paycheck, when Christmas needs to use her POV game card, the contest WILL be one she can compete in with her injury.

Interesting that the person who was Public Enemy number one last week got the power to overrule an eviction and when on the block she knew not to use it.

Please stop scripting what should be a game where everyone has the same chance at winning the prize as the people you deem to be your favorites.

Big Brother, what I am saying here is….. you have grown predictable and that is the last thing you need to be.

For years, we have heard Julie Chen tell us to “expect the unexpected,” maybe she should start telling us to expect the expected, because Big Brother has gotten repetitive and stale.

Fly on the Wall Entertainment, can you shake it up before Season 20 and give the show a reboot?  I certainly hope so.

I’m going to sign off now and hope that by the end of the season I learn the names of the grey haired guy and girl with big boobs, I think it would be nice to know that before the end of the summer, I’m sure they have an interesting story to tell, unfortunately we haven’t seen it.

I’ll keep watching, because I believe in the concept of what Big Brother should be, but if you all can’t come up with anything new, let me know, I’ll be glad to give you some ideas!


Kendall Rumsey

A Fan

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 4 – Elimination Night…. #BB15

bb15It has been a busy day outside the Big Brother House for the characters inside the house real life.  Both GinaMarie and Aaryn lost their jobs because of their hate-speech inside.

Read more here and here.

Last night I predicted David would go home with elimination tonight….  I stand by that prediction.

It’s now time to vote em out…. let’s get on with it!


Julie Chen opens the show in front of a live studio audience. and makes reference to people in the house “showing their true colors.”  Maybe a comment from CBS regarding the nastiness in the house tonight.

The show recaps with McCrae nominating Elissa and everyone evaluting the decision.  Elissa comes out as Rachel’s sister to Andy, McCrae and Amanda.

Jeremy and Aaryn are stirring the pot with everyone.  They are drawing a line in the sand and determined to bully their way to the top, it will be interesting to see how well this works for them.

Julie cuts to the living room and goes to Andy for comment on what the mood of the house is.  Andy says it is weird a little odd for the day.

Helen says she didn’t think the twist of 3 nominees was going to be a big deal when she first heard about it, but now that she has seen it she knows it is really going to change the game.

Candice talks about the roller coaster of being on and off the block.

The live eviction vote begins….

AMANDA – David

AARYN – Elissa

NICK – David



KAITLIN – Elissa

HELEN –  David

HOWARD – David


JUDD – David

JEREMY- Elissa

ANDY – David

BB15 DAVIDDavid is evicted with 7 votes and there is SILENCE in the room!   SILENCE!

It is obvious David is in shock when he gets to the stage to meet Julie.

On a personal note, I hate to see David go because he was some GOOD TV!  Comedy with every word!

Jeremy is the firsrt to break the bond of his secret alliance votging for Elissa instead of David.

Next prediction….  Aaryn will find a new bunkmate within 72 hours, probably Jeremy.

David’s interview with Julie is as expected…. uncomfortable.  She showcased his making hisotry in the POV competition by never spelling a word.

Head of Household competition is next…

Houseguests gather in the backyard for the BB Barbecue, one of the long competitionsof carrying the liquid down a slippery course…. it’s going to be a lengthy competition, will have to find out the winner on the boards.

Back on Sunday.

Big Brother – Season 15 Episode 3 #BB15 #BBMVP #BBPOV

bb15After Sunday night’s show I went straight to the boards, I just had a feeling that all wasn’t as it seemed and boy was I right!  As I prepare to watch episode 3 I wonder to what extent some of the ugliness that is happening in the house will be shown on CBS.

Here we go folks….  Episode 3


Candice and Jessie both visit McCrae to find out why they are nominated for eviction.  He tries to convince them both that they are pawns.  Candice outs McCrae and his five-man alliance, he attempts to lie his way out of it but she isn’t buying it.

The entire house speculates that Elissa will be the MVP.  The speculation is right…she is.

Elissa lets McCrae know she is the MVP and they work together to decide who to nominate.  McCrae recommends David.  Elissa thinks Nick is a better choice.

McCrae’s big mistake is admitting to Elissa that he would nominate her if the POV is used.   Has he forgotten she is the sister of evil Rachel, she KNOWS how to play this game!

David and Aaryn share the hammock and discuss splitting atoms and the cure for cancer…. or was it that he still lives at home and wants to be a model?  Whatever, it was stimulating conversation!

House guests gather for the POV competition and learn that the MVP has nominated David for eviction.

Drama ensues between David and Aaryn….. Big Brother hilarity at it’s best!

House guests move to the backyard for the POV competition.  The Big Brother Baking competition, or commonly known as the …who can spell the longest word competition….. is set up to reveal the POV winner.

Jessie spells TUMBLED – 7 letters

Candice spells RAFTS – 5 letters

David spells well he didn’t spell anything….sigh!

McCrae spells DELIVERY – 8 letters

Howard spells SAILING  – 7 letters

Elissa spells POTROASTS – actually two words…. DQ for Elissa

McCrae wins with “delivery” and holds the Power of Veto ….. REALLY!?!?!?!?  delivery!?!??!?!

Elissa cries because she feels alone and didn’t know pot roasts was two words.  Helen tries to comfort her and keep her head in the competition.

Elissa pleads her case to McCrae as to why she shouldn’t be nominated.

McCrae calls the Power of Veto meeting to order.  The house is expecting him to use his veto and nominate Elissa.

Nick encourages McCrae NOT to use the POV and keep Elissa safe, making David the only physical threat nominated and getting him voted out.

McCrae uses the Veto, removes Candice from the block and nominates Elissa.

Tomorrow night either

BB15 JESSIE Jessie

BB15 ELISSA Elissa


BB15 DAVID David

will go home….  my guess for who goes home….. David.

We find out tomorrow night at 8PM!

BTW, CBS has not even touched on some of the drama going on in the house.  From what I am reading it has gotten UGLY at times with racial slurs, homophobic rants and misogynistic comments.  It will be interesting to see if CBS overlooks this or tells the total story.