Big Brother Season 15 Episode 9, #BB15 #POV #MVP

bb15It is Wednesday and I am pretty confident I know who will be going home tomorrow night.

I am confident by the end of tonight’s show you will too.

Let’s get started….


Viewer advisory still starts the show….. this is sad for me as a long time fan.  I hate that CBS and Big Brother are risking this long-time brand by allowing the little racist princess to stay in the house.

With Kaitlin and Aaryn on the block for eviction, the show begins in the diary room with comments from those nominated and the HOH.

In diary Helen makes it clear that the nominees are not her target, if she has to send one out of the house it should be Aaryn, but she has bigger targets for a backdoor plan.

Jeremy is convinced the MVP will nominate him.

Helen does not want the MVP to nominate Jeremy, she wants to backdoor him as he is her ultimate target.  Helen wants Spencer nominated by the MVP.  Amanda and McCrae want Howard nominated.

Spencer meets with Helen.  He admits the Moving Company is no more.  He tells her who was in the group.  Helen lets Spencer know she thought about nominating him and she also let him know that Howard lied about the Moving Company.

Spencer pledges his allegiance to Helen.

Spencer goes to Howard and lets him know that Helen knows he lied about the Moving Company.

BB15 ELISSABig Brother MVP is…….  Elissa!  Three weeks in a row.  Honestly I didn’t like Elissa at the beginning of the season, now, I really like her, MUCH more than her sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elissa tells Amanda and McCrae she is MVP.  They want her to put Howard up for eviction and she is not happy about their choice.  She feels used by the alliance.

Howard goes to Helen and her alliance to let them know about the Moving Company.  He apologizes for not telling the group and says he was aligned with the wrong people.

Elissa ask for a private meeting with Helen to discuss MVP.  Helen and Elissa decide they want to backdoor Jeremy and they will nominate Spencer as the third nominee.

Amanda, Andy and McCrae try to pressure Elissa into nominating Howard.  Amanda brings Elissa to tears with her forceful pushing, this type of heavy-handed attitude will eventually be Amanda’s downfall.

As Helen calls the house guests together to choose players for the POV, the MVP nominee is announced….  Spencer.


The contestants for the POV Competition are….

Helen, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer, GinaMarie and Candice.

Jeremy knows by not playing for the POV he is going to be backdoored and the remaining house guests all have glee on their face knowing Jeremy will more than likely go home this week.

Kaitlin begs GinaMarie not to use the veto if she wins, Kaitlin sees this as the only chance she and Jeremy both have at staying in the house.

Amanda lets Kaitlin know  if she wins veto and doesn’t use it she will be the target to go home.

BB15 JUDDFINALLY, JUDD ….. Judd hosts the veto competition.

A backyard filled with classical paintings representing the BB15 guests as the art subject.  A trampoline, a wall, artwork and trying to duplicate the other side is the object of the game.  This is a timed competition, quickest to finish wins….

Candice  8:46

Helen  8:55

Aaryn  9:50

Spencer  12:19

GinaMarie  8:56

Kaitlin  7:09

The POV Winner is…… Kaitlin


Helen is afraid that Kaitlin will not use the POV so that the house can backdoor Jeremy.

Jeremy decides he is going to turn on the “Cherokee Charm” and convince Kaitlin not to use the POV.

Kaitlin thinks she can get Helen to nominate Howard.

Helen is upfront with Kaitlin that if she uses the POV she is going to backdoor Jeremy and if she doesn’t she will go home.  Kaitlin tries to convince Helen to nominate Howard and Helen lets her know that Jeremy’s actions are what is going to get him backdoored.

Jeremy let’s Kaitlin know that he is ok with being backdoored and will walk out with his head held high.  Kaitlin lets him know his attitude is what is evicting him.

In diary, Kaitlin says that she may not use the POV to keep Jeremy safe.

At the POV meeting, Kaitlin uses the POV and removes herself from the block for eviction and Jeremy is nominated in her place.


As much as I would love to see Aaryn kicked out of the house on her racist ass, I am confident we all know who is the bigger threat and we know who will go home tomorrow night…..  the Cherokee Chief, Jeremy.




Big Brother Season 15, Episode 8 #BB15, #HOH, #Nominations, #Have/HaveNots

bb15It’s Sunday night and when we left off on Thursday we had a new Head of Household… the Mom Squad had moved to the Queen of the House and Helen sat at the head of the BB kingdom.

Now let’s see what happens with this new reign.


With a late start due to Golf, the Sunday night show started at 8:19 EST.  I don’t like it when this happens because it screws up my DVR, but such is Sunday night television.

WOWBig Brother began with an Advisory and discussion of Aaryn’s racism…. WOW!

The show begins with GinaMarie’s “heart in pieces” and Jeremy confused by what has happened with Nick being evicted.

Kaitlin confronts Jessie over her vote and GinaMarie explodes on the house because Nick is gone.

Jeremy “the Cherokee Wonder” goes to the Helen and Elissa and compliments their game play.   Aaryn and Kaitlin console each other as they are “strong players” and now the weak will just eliminate them.

Through it all, GinaMarie continues to cry.  UGLY, snot running, can’t catch your breath cry!!

Jessie is confronted by Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aaryn.  Judd comes to her rescue and takes her away.  Aaryn attacks Candice bed and overturns the mattress onto the ground.

Candice comes in to find her bed on the ground, pillows on the ground and clothes thrown about the room.

Candice confronts Aaryn about the bed flip and the Klans-woman goes into her best “black girl” racist voice.  Candice tries to leave the room and GinaMarie blocks her, Howard literally picks her up and carries her out of the room.

Howard tries to speak reason to Candice and tells her to not let them push her minority button.  A heartbreaking conversation between Howard and Candice about racism and the way they are being treated in the house by the bullies.

In prayer and through tears Howard ask God for help with the situations of racism that are rampant in the house.

McCrae tells Amanda about the Moving Company.

Gina Marie continues to mourn the loss of her two-week non romance with Nick.  Candice shows her compassion.

Aaryn apologizes  to Candice for the way she treated her, the story she shares in the diary room is different.

Candice takes the high road and “accepts the apology.”

The Have/Have Nots competition is a farm-yard theme with three teams of four.

Howard, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie

Judd, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie

Spencer, Andy, Elissa, Candice

Have Nots for the Week Are:  Judd, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie

Jeremy goes to Helen and tells her about the Moving Company.  Helen and Jeremy have a VERY honest conversation about the game.  Helen uses Jeremy to get valuable information moving forward.

Helen ask Howard about the vote. He is finally honest and tells her he voted to keep Nick.  He lies about the Moving Company alliance.  Helen is honestly disappointed by Howard’s lies.

Helen nominates:

BB 15 AARYNAaryn


And GinaMarie finally stopped crying.


It is time for you to take a stand.  Last season you eliminated Willie Hantz from the house for being a threat to the other house guests.  Aaryn Gries is that contestant this year and needs to be removed from the house.

The intolerance Ms. Gries has displayed to the other house guests, her cruelty, lack of understanding basic etiquette for people to live together and abject racism has hurt this show, not only for Season 15 but the future.

CBS and Big Brother Executives need to take a stand and let it be known this type of behavior will NOT be tolerated now or in the future.  Ms. Gries needs to be sent out of the house and her 15 minutes ended for good.  Let her accept responsibility for her actions outside the house and live with her comments there.

Ms. Gries or no other contestant is worth ruining the Big Brother brand, she needs to be removed from the house now.






Short Notes – 7.11.13

Miss Ross is The Boss

Words to Live By

SO Good!

BB#15, Episode or better known as Comcast/ XFINITY is the Anti-Christ!

From my Facebook today….. re: XFINITY and Comcast…. without a doubt the world’s WORST company for customer service!

8:00 AM – after being on phone with Comcast til after midnight, now waiting for new box at the payment center….. ugh Comcast.   Poor Amy Zimm and Susy Vieira Parsonsfeeling annoyed.

10:30 AM –

So the ever so pleasant Comcast lady, smiled and she looked down her nose at me and informed me that when I moved I should have turned my old equipment in and gotten new equipment.
I assume I was just supposed to know that as no one has mentioned that over the last 2 months.
I got new boxes and as an aside I just asked “so will all the things that are on my old DVR transfer to my new DVR”……. oh no, pleasant lady looking down her nose at me replies…. all of that will be lost.
When I asked how have I been using this equipment from my old residence at the new residence of the last month when you say it wasn’t supposed to work?  Her response was, “you were just lucky I guess.”
Seriously ‪#‎ComcastSUX‬ !
and for those of you saying go with Uverse, I have heard just as many horror stories about them, plus the condo has to all have the same provider, we are under a blanket Comcast account, but thanks for the recommendations. — feeling irritated.

Pb Bridge

Royal Park Bridge – 7.7.13

Big Brother 15 – #BB15 Season 15 Episode 5 #HOH

bb15Now that I have gone from watching the show to full on Big Brother overload by reading the boards, I  know what will be happening on  Wednesday of this week.  I will try my best not to let that knowledge seep into the write ups for the show.

By the way, I have been asked what boards I visit for Big Brother info… my favorite is Hamsterwatch, but I also like SirLinksAlot and Big Brother Network.

I give you fair warning, if you want to be surprised when the CBS show airs, don’t go to the boards, you will know all the good, bad and ugly before it ever hits the network.

Now, let’s get on with the show….

Spoiler Alert…. 

The Sunday show begins where we left off on Wednesday night, the house guests are in the backyard lined up for the Head of Household competition.

While the competition proceeds in the backyard, we are shown clips of the contestants behind the scenes discussing their partners in the game, the eviction of David, various strategy moves and theories on who voted for whom.

Needless to say, Aaryn is furious that her man was blindsided and has vowed to get revenge….. oh the drama of a 2 week romance in front of the cameras!!!!!

As usual some of the funnier comments come from McCrae and Amanda as she discusses her strategy to keeping her implants in tact and he marvels as how great she looks rolling around in the Crisco.

As the competition tightens it is a 2 way tie between Andy/Elissa and Jeremy/Aaryn.  Just over an hour into the game, Jeremy reaches in and gets the ball out making Jeremy/Aaryn the winners.


Aaryn falls into a heap of tears, winning for David…..  with her classy self yelling out for all to hear that she is “going to blow this pop stand.”  WOOHOO!  It’s going to be an interesting week.

Jeremy/Aaryn have to choose between themselves who will be HOH, Jeremy chooses Aaryn.

Aaryn immediately names Elissa, Helen, Candice and Andy as have-nots for the week.

The HOH room is opened by Aaryn and the fake joy of the house guests is hilarious.   The stuffed clown is SCARY, adding to Aaryn’s psycho persona.

Aaryn continues her reign of terror as she rubs the noses of the have-nots in their liver and lima beans.  The other house guests begin to discuss her racist and gay comments and how she treats others.  Helen seems to be one of her primary targets with abundant Asian jokes and a running character with stereotypical Asian tendencies and dialect.

(CBS has obviously decided Aaryn’s attitude and comments need to be made public, tonight it comes out and is even more disturbing than originally thought.  I think her agency did the right thing by firing her and I cannot wait for the Julie Chen interview when she gets kicked out of the house in a unanimous vote.)

Candice and Helen figure out the Moving Company plan seeing Nick as the mastermind behind all the game play.

Helen goes to Aaryn to discuss their relationship and offers her assistance if she is left in the house.  Helen recommends a backdoor alliance allowing the two to do each other’s dirty work.

The moving company tells Jeremy to get Amanda nominated.  He goes to Aaryn and tells her Amanda was the mastermind behind getting David sent home.  They discuss nominating Amanda and Elissa.

Off camera, Jeremy brags that Aaryn will do whatever he tells her and his suggestion is to nominate Amanda and Elissa.


The house guests gather around the table for nominations……

the keys are pulled and the nominations are….. Helen and Elissa.


Wednesday night is MVP and POV, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Short Notes ~ 6.27.13

Big Brother #BB15 premiered last night, here are my initial thoughts

Life’s Playlist

Words to Live By

50 x 50

What is 50×50?  Find out tomorrow.