Short Notes ~ 6.17.13

Maroon 5 is on the Playlist

Congrats Erin Brady Miss USA 2013

Words to Live By…

For the Heat it is do or die!

Atlanta’t new stadium concepts are magnificent!


6.17.13 Sunrise from the front balcony of the new “crib”

Short Notes – 6.3.13


Get Here!

Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg has died.

Another case of Hollywood over-sharing!

Words to Live By

2 Adults, 2 Kids @ Disney now, $391.94 to get in the door….  Priceless?

And this IS priceless!


45th Street, West Palm Beach

Short Notes – Sen. Saxby Chambliss, GA Retiring

220px-Saxby_ChamblissThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that two-term Senator Saxby Chambliss will announce his decision not to run for reelection in 2014.

I am disappointed that Chambliss will not be running as he is one of a few moderates on either side of the aisle who has expressed interest in working on bipartisan solutions to our nations problems.

The people of Georgia have been well-served by Chambliss.

Story here.