Life’s Playlist…… Free Fallin by Tom Petty












Tom Petty 

1950 ~ 2017

Life’s Playlist….. Conga by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine

A number of great creatives were born on this date, superstars in all genres of entertainment.

I often think when I look at the birthday list of my Facebook page each day that there is a cosmic connection between people who celebrate birthdays on the same day as in my life I find that many of my friends and relatives who have this common connection have similar traits and personalities.

I’m sure there has never been a study done that would validate this, but I encourage you to think about the people on your birthday list each day and see if this is the case for you.

Today, September 1 was a date blessed by many creative stand outs, check it out…..

1931 – “Boxcar” Willie

1933 – Conway Twitty

1939 – Lily Tomlin

1946 – Barry Gibb

1947 – Al Green

1957 – Gloria Estefan

1959 – Kenny Mayne

1996 – Zendaya

An interesting group of people who have influenced our lives.  A cosmic connection?  Just something to to think about.


Life’s Playlist….. Hallelujah performed by Brett Young

Whenever anyone asks my favorite song, without hesitation I say “Hallelujah.”

Each year during the final week of the year I countdown a list of favorites here on the blog, some of the songs change, “Hallelujah” doesn’t.

My YouTube account knows my affinity with the song as I get a notification of a new remake almost every week.  I usually listen to each one.

This one popped up yesterday from an up and coming new country artist, Brett Young,  I thought it was so good I would share.



Life’s Playlist…. Moondance performed by Van Morrison

Today is Eclipse Day!  Here in God’s Country we have been planning for this day for over a year as we are in the direct line of totality.

It should be a good day!  Record crowds in town to witness this once in a lifetime spectacle.

So many songs could be featured today, with the obvious being Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I don’t like to be too obvious.

Today’s Life’s Playlist song in recognition of the Eclipse is…..

Sunday Playlist…. Breathe by Michael W Smith