It’s Time Americans Became Americans Again

I’m old enough to remember a time when Americans fought for each other. Our common good, far outweighed our differences and the unity of “We The People,” was our guiding light.

Sadly, today, it seems as though we let our differences over-shadow our similarities and common goals. My fear is that we have gone so far past everything that makes us who we claim to be that we will never again be the UNITED States of America.

It’s like we are all so quick to judge each other by our differences that we don’t take time to explore our similarities anymore. I once heard a Pastor say “if we concentrate on the 98% of things we agree on, the other 2% will work itself out.” I believe those words to be true.

Wouldn’t it be great if we found a way to celebrate our similarities over hating our neighbors over our differences?

I think there are many issues that have caused us to slip to a place where we would rather argue than get along. Social media, the news media, leaders who don’t lead (from BOTH parties), but more than anything else I am firmly convinced it is our collective apathy.

For too many years, we have allowed our leaders and media to get away with 1/2 truths, inaction and a desire for power over a desire to find common ground and do what is best for America. We have sat back and done nothing, and now, we find ourselves in a war with each other.

Instead of working together to compromise we are all so entrenched in what we believe to be true that we won’t even allow a conversation if our “opposition” has an infinitesimal disagreement with where we stand.

If we are ever to be that “shining city on a hill” that Ronald Reagan once called us to be, it’s time we got back to being what America is all about.

In a country where both sides now espouse their patriotism and denigrate the other side, maybe each side could learn some lessons from the other.

In a country where some see our past as history that should be celebrated and others see it as hurtful, maybe a mature conversation where both sides of the argument are listened to would be helpful.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time “we the people” started acting like it.

America has gone through difficulties since we were founded, but TOGETHER we have always gotten through them, I hope we are still that America. I pray, that we concentrate on the TOGETHER before it is too late.

It’s time we grow up, start having mature and honest conversations WITH each other instead of AT each other. We will always have differences, but aren’t the 98% of our similarities more important to our combined future than the 2% that is now tearing us apart?

It’s time we started acting like Americans again….. ALL OF US!

Boston Strong…. America Proud

BostonStrongRibbonThis week our nation has been witness to the best and worst of all that we are.

On a crisp Patriot’s Day in Boston, we were once again scarred by violence, triggering a rousing chorus of patriotism putting forth our stalwart pledge of one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

As the nation went about its business on Monday morning, the City of Boston readied for their yearly tradition of Patriot’s Day, the Boston Marathon.  Easily recognized as one of the premiere marathon races in the world, Boston is a runner’s Super Bowl, Masters or World Series, it is THE race a marathoner must have in their brag bag before ending their running career.

As the marathon moved close to its fourth hour, the unthinkable happened when two bombs went off near the finish line.  Planted by brothers in backpacks, the bombs cut through the psyche of the runners, the city and the nation.

As the bombs exploded over Boston, the hatred of that moment immediately unleashed a current of good from those in attendance and around the country.

As victims lay helpless amongst the ruins of what should have been a glorious day and as terrorists slithered away like cowardly reptiles, the heart of America pumped into overdrive.  No sooner had the gaping wound of Boston been opened than the American people began to place a tourniquet on the wound and assist with the healing.

While terrorists ran way, the American people ran to.

Terrorists run into holes and hide, the American people run towards their injured neighbors and suffering strangers to assist, provide love and life support needed to help us move beyond.

As a long week grew longer and the Spirit of Boston was embraced by our entire country, we mourned the losses, we honored the heroes and we searched for the terrorists.

By Thursday afternoon when photos of the bombers appeared, we as a people did what we could, helplessly we posted, we tweeted and we posted some more until every home in every corner of our nation knew the faces of the animals who terrorized OUR Boston.  Collectively we made sure that these animals would not be able to hide, all the while continuing to pray for our American family.

As we awoke to the news of Friday morning, knowing one of the murderers was dead provided little refuge.  Knowing that his partner was still on the loose and another victim had been claimed by their insanity, our fears were multiplied.

All day Friday we watched a city on lockdown, homes searched street by street and sat with bated breath not knowing what would happen next.  When a late afternoon news conference added to our nation’s fears as the second murderer remained on the loose, our nation began to prepare for another long night, not knowing what would happen next.

Through it all Boston stood strong and the nation provided a crutch to help them stand.

Not long after that afternoon news conference, the cowardly murderer was found, hiding like a rat underneath covers in hopes of making a get away.

As news spread that the second murderer had been arrested, the mood changed from fear to celebration and appreciation within an instant.  The American people took a collective breath, allowing the emotion of the week to pour out on the Boston we have all come to love.

As our heroes in uniforms of many different colors and styles began to leave the scene of the crime, the American people did what we should do more often…. we stood and we cheered and we applauded.

Those heroes made their way through a glorious parade of high-fives, cheers, tears and flags as the people of Boston and America said, thank you.

The scenes of appreciation will resound in my mind for years to come, those scenes provided a glimpse into the real America.  The America of helping hands, shoulders for crying and prayers for those in need.

The America of Friday night isn’t seen as much as it should be, but the America of Monday afternoon – Friday afternoon has been seen too often over these last years.

Now, we will move on from Boston, we will go back to our regular lives and wait for the next Boston to bring us back together again.

For many, that horrible day in Boston will never be healed.  Lives were destroyed and lives were lost, for them we must remember the days immediately after the bombing and in their honor display that sense of caring and pride more often.

We remember the victims, Krystle Campbell, 29 of Arlington, MASS;  Lingzi Lu, 23 of Shenyang, China; Sean Collier, 26 of Wilmington, MASS; and Martin Richard, 8 of Dorchester, MASS.

As we honor the victims, as we remember those lost, as we honor those living and those who will help us carry on, maybe one day the words of the youngest victim will be our rallying cry and not what encompasses us just in times of strife.


Sequestration Solved

I realize this video looks like I am being held captive and making an appeal for ransom…. it’s my first one so be kind!

Quiet-Please-Meeting-Progress-Sign-SE-5394Mr. President, Speaker Boehner, Leader Reid, Mr. Vice-President, other elected Congressional Leaders, I want to thank you all for attending today’s meeting.

Mr. President thank you for directing your cabinet to be with us and Chief Justice Roberts, thank you for being with us as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself, I am Kendall Rumsey, a United States citizen.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today representing the American people, with all due respect, let me just say…. we are sick and tired of all of you.  Continue reading

Short Notes… SOTU by POTUS

Image: President Barack Obama delivers his annual State of the Union Address before a joint session of Congress and the Supreme CourtThe President of the United States stood before the American people this evening and told us the State of our Union is strong.

Though all the pomp and pageantry of the night, the President said many of the same things he has been saying for years, knowing when he said them that they will never move forward.

Tonight our leaders all did what they are expected to do. They applauded, they stood, they cheered.  Our leaders welcomed the President to Capital Hill tonight, they did everything they should…. tomorrow, they go back to being the Congress they have been for too many years.

While our Congress and President put on their best face for this show before the American people, sadly nothing will change, nothing will move forward and we the people will continue to be the ones who suffer.

Many of the President’s ideas are ones that we should all be able to get behind, protecting the middle-class, immigration reform, making our nation self-sufficient, establishing education programs that enhance our future.

How could anyone disagree with those items on his wish list?  Sadly it isn’t the agenda items, but how we get there and our elected officials have proven that they will not put in the work to find middle ground solutions to help us make it to our nation’s shining city on a hill.

The President’s speech was well delivered and often times poignant, hitting its high point during his push for gun control.

While I don’t agree with all aspects of the President’s gun control agenda, like the President, I believe we the people and the people who have been lost to violence in our society DESERVE a vote on the agenda.  This vote doesn’t have to be all encompasing, it can be broken into sections and voted on piece by piece, let’s do it fairly, but DO IT.

They deserve a vote.

The President’s long list of communities, schools, individuals who have been affected by violence was one of the most powerful moments I have ever witnessed from this President.  As he moved from speech to sermon, you could almost hear the American people join in his chant… they deserve a vote and guess what THEY DO and WE DO!

It is time that we the people demand our leaders stand up and vote, yes or no, whatever your choice, but our leaders must do their jobs and VOTE.

We deserve it… and so do they!