Farewell and Thank You Sir


John McCain died yesterday.

There is a poem called “the dash,” which in short says the dash on ones tombstone between the day he was born and the day he dies is the most important.

The dash, tells the story of ones life, the triumphs, their tragedies and the way they lived.

John McCain’s dash was filled with more than most lives; he lived, he loved, he was passionate and most of all he served.

From his days in Vietnam, his years in a POW confinement, service to the United States House of Representatives and Senate, John McCain’s life is an example of service that few will ever equal.

I supported Senator McCain in the run up to the Republican nomination in 2000 and when he lost, he lost with grace and dignity.

In the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential Campaign, I told people close to me that if John McCain ran, I would be on board with his candidacy as I have always felt the country would be better with him at the helm.

I didn’t vote for him.  I believed that the hope and change of President Obama was what would be better for our country.  Many days I regretted my final choice, but in the end I know I did the right thing.

As he went back to the Senate he continued to serve, he stepped up in ways that were even bigger than before and his position as a Statesman grew.

In a political environment where narcissism, and idealogues seems to be the norm, Senator McCain was different.  When he spoke it mattered and I believe he always used his vote in the way he truly felt would be best for our country.  Not always popular and not always right, but with a heartfelt conviction that is rare in today’s politic.

John McCain’s honor will be missed in our national debate and pursuit moving forward.

From all reports, John McCain was exactly what you would think.  He was a friendly, passionate man who loved life, loved his family, loved his country and loved his fellow-man.

People who knew him talk about his ability to work with anyone who had the best interest of the country at heart, no matter their party affiliation.  Isn’t that what we most hope for in our elected officials?  Sadly, now that the Maverick has left us, it seems there are few if any to fill that void.

John McCain’s life of service will be celebrated over the coming days.  Democrats, Republicans and Independents will laud all he did in his rich life.  We will hear stories of his life, we will read commentaries of  his rough spirit and loving grace.

In the days to come we will hear words like statesman, servant, bi-partisan, maverick, war-hero and family man.  Most of all we will hear how John McCain loved America and only wanted the best for its citizens, these and many of the other adjectives used will be worthy.

John McCain was one of a kind a voice that is now silent, but hopefully a legacy that will continue.

When the words of John McCain’s life are spoken in honor of this incredible man, hopefully they will unite something in all of us to help make our country a better place.  A country where we work together to get things done and understand that compromise is a noble pursuit.

If we learn anything from John McCain’s life and now death we must learn, respect and act on these attributes, or else he will have lived in vain.

Patriots like John McCain teach us, they lead us and because of them our lives are richer.

John McCain will be missed, his dash was full and overflowed with goodness.

Thank you Senator John McCain, for a life well lived and for your service to America.


Short Notes – 9.16.13

Elton John Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me


Notes from my Summer Vacation

Mercifully Big Brother 15 will come to an end sometime this week.  I didn’t even watch the “highlights” show last night because the season has had so few of them I didn’t think it was worth my time.  Hopefully CBS will not let another season like this one hit the airwaves.

Ok, I was number 401

So this is what we have come to….  bigots harassing a beauty queen, an AMERICAN, future doctor who apparently by some people’s standards is disqualified because of her skin color.  SAD!   Miss America


Sunset, St. John’s River, Fernandina Beach, FL 9.6.13

Short Notes ~ 5.30.13

The Doors nuff said.

The 3 C’s


Ohio State has room to criticize anyone?

New top guy at FBI worked for Bush



God’s Country, Kingwood 12.25.12

Short Notes ~ Ladies Win First Half of the Super Bowl

super-bowl-2013Every year the Super Bowl hype gets bigger and bigger.  The ads, the game, the players, the coaches, the half time show and on and on and on.

It seems as though each year as the hype gets bigger the opportunities for failure grow larger.  This year the first half of the Super Bowl has failed on all levels to meet expectations.

Thankfully four ladies have carried the day….  Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and Oprah.

It’s Ladies Night at Super Bowl 47!

Friday’s Hero ~ 2.1.13

super-bowl-2013This Sunday is the Super Bowl, the annual football spectacle that brings our nation together for an afternoon and evening of competition both on and off the field.

Each year the Super Bowl is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for host cities, competing cities and every town and city across the country.

While many people watch the game for the thrill of the competition, the legacy of a Super Bowl has lasting effects for host cities far into the future.

Not only is there a financial impact for a host city in tourism for the game, the National Football League has done an admirable job of providing programs that help to transform host city needy neighborhoods.

NFL Charities has been providing a $1 million grant to host cities since 1992.  Those grants allow cities to extend the goodwill of a Super Bowl into communities that may not always see the positive affects of such an event.

Usually in the form of a youth center for enrichment, the NFL Grant is often matched by corporate sponsors or local businesses to enhance the longterm gift for the community.

For their outreach and impact on the community, this week the Hero of the Week is the National Football League.