Big Brother Season 15 Finale – #BB15

bb15As I write this we are one hour from the start of season 15’s finale of Big Brother.

Tonight either Spencer, GinaMarie or Andy will win $500,000 and be named the champion of Big Brother Season 15.  For the first time ever I can honestly say I could care less who wins.

I have been a fan of this show since season one and I can say without a doubt season 15 of Big Brother was by far the worst in the series history.   Not only were the players uninteresting, the game itself was overly predictable and just boring.

CBS has some major decisions to make before Sweet 16 hits the airwaves because another year like this one will quickly signal the end of this summer staple.

In my opinion the fixes are easy ones to make, hopefully someone will listen and resurrect the greatness of this show.

NEW GAMES:  One of the major problems with this season was the predictability of the whole thing.  For many of us, (including the cast) we could predict when the Double Eviction would take place, what game was being played next and when outside characters would surface.  Each year we are told to “expect the unexpected,” sadly, there was nothing unexpected about this season.

ELIMINATE THE HAVE-NOTS SEGMENT OF THE SHOW:   Years ago the “slop” competitions were fun, they added an interesting element to the show and were good for a laugh, not anymore.  Now the cast fights to ensure their ability not to be cast as a “have-not” with silly food combinations and inhumane sleeping conditions, this element of the game has run its course.  Additionally, this part of the game has proven to exhaust the characters to their core, keeping them in bed more than as active participants in the show.

KEEP THE TRIPLE NOMINATIONS…..WITH A TWIST:  This year’s addition of triple nominations was fun, however now future casts will expect it and play to the twist.  My thought is, make the triple nomination random, some weeks there are two, others three and you never know when it will change.  Let some of the triple noms be from a Fan Favorite and other times be from America‘s Choice…. mix it up, really be a show where you expect the unexpected.

GET THE CAST IN THE GAME:  This year one of the most frustrating parts of the show was the casts inability to actually be part of the show.  For weeks on end, this cast slept all day and lay around all night…. give them something to do each day, make them get up and get in the game.  If the cast is not made to be part of the show they won’t be…… they are being paid to participate, let’s see more participation!

NO MORE SUPERFANSI consider myself a superfan of Big Brother, it is my guilty pleasure, however as a superfan, I bring nothing to the show as a character.  The best thing CBS and the casting directors can do is get people on this show who don’t know the formula.  Within hours of entering the house, McCrae was already telegraphing the show this year.  Helen, Amanda, Spencer, Aaryn et al brought nothing NEW to the show, they brought predictable insider knowledge that gave us the most disappointing season in BB history.   Send the casting directors out to universities, bars, sporting events, malls get new blood in the game.   Cast the cast without knowing they are auditioning for Big Brother, do something just mix it up.

Big Brother still has life, but another season like this one will put it on life support….CBS needs to fluff it up, freshen it up and go back to the drawing board and make it interesting again.  At one time, Big Brother was a great example of human nature and interaction, this year it was neither, I hope CBS won’t make this same mistake again.


SPOILER – Big Brother 15, New #HOH #BB15





After the dust settled, Amanda was evicted.

McCrae won Head of Household

Elissa and GinaMarie were nominated for eviction

Judd won POV

Elissa was evicted unanimously.

Spencer won HOH.

Short Notes – 9.5.13

Big Brother 15 Episode 30

Tonight is Episode 31 and Amanda is going to be evicted!  AMANDA IS GOING TO BE EVICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE this song


Major Upset

Poor Hoda.  She cracks me up!


Big Brother 15, Episode 30, #POV, #BB15

bb15Oh what a week, if you don’t know what is going on in this house that is not on the CBS show you are missing out!  I don’t watch the PPV feeds, but the blogs and discussion boards have been burning up with some interesting info.   No matter what you see tonight, if CBS shows everything tomorrow night you will have your mouth dropped open before the eviciton!

SO much going to happen before tomorrow night’s DOUBLE EVICTION…. one of which SHOULD/BETTER/MUST be Amanda!


The show begins with Amanda in tears as she is blind sided by GinaMarie for eviction.

Amanda and McCrae are both shown in diary room in tears over the blind side.

Amanda confronts Spencer and Andy saying GinaMarie must be cahoots with Spencer, Elissa and Judd.  Spencer denies all.

Amanda goes to GinaMarie to ask why she is nominated and wants to know the logic.  Amanda still goes after Elissa, claiming she would never come after her.

GM tells Amanda that Aaryn did the dirty work for Amanda and when she needed her most she turned her back on Aaryn.

GM fills Amanda in on all the secrets of Aaryn and Elissa’s plan to nominate Amanda…. suddenly Amanda finds out she hasn’t been running the house after all, LOTS of things have been going on behind her back and it has now all caught up to her.

Andy and Judd go to the HOH to break up the GM/Amanda argument.  As usual, Amanda loses what is left of her mind.  Judd stands up to Amanda and she runs from the argument.

Amanda breaks down and says she no longer wants to be in the house crying…. oh boo hoo for you psycho Amanda.  GinaMarie makes the best statement of the night… “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”  LOVE IT!

Amanda cries to McCrae about how she can’t believe the others are against her.  Amanda is sure Spencer and Judd have turned against her, but thinks Andy is still on her side.

Amanda and McCrae pledge their love to each other.

SIDE NOTE…. I FEEL ZERO COMPASSION FOR AMANDA AND HER TEARS, her cruelty has made it impossible to feel any sympathy for her.

Elissa listens to Amanda and Andy through the pantry door as they both trash her.  Spencer catches her and tells Amanda and Andy she was listening.






Elissa, (Amanda pulls house guests choice and she chooses Spencer) &


GinaMarie announces that Judd and Spencer can remove their chicken costumes as their punishment is over.

Elissa tells Judd she doesn’t trust Andy and feels like he is working both sides of the house.  Judd tells Andy about Elissa’s concerns.

Judd, Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie are feeling very comfortable with their Final Four chances.


Everyone in tutu’s a bowling competition.

Round One:  Amanda vs. Elissa, winner is – Amanda

Round Two: Andy vs. Amanda, winner is –  Amanda

Round Three: GinaMarie vs. Amanda, winner is – Amanda

Round Four: McCrae vs. Spencer, winner is – McCrae

Final Round for POWER OF VETO:  McCrae vs. Amanda both of them know that they MUST win or else they go home.  They understand the loser of this match will most likely be evicted and McCrae uses the analogy of Old Yeller, he knows he has to take her out in the field and put her down…….and the POV Winner is…. McCrae


Amanda and McCrae both break down in exhausted heaps and the rest of the cast comes to help them in their pain.  Ironically you know Amanda would not have done the same for the other house guests.

Amanda knows she is being evicted and McCrae and Amanda hug while the other cast members give them time alone to comfort each other.


McCrae uses the POV on himself and GinaMarie nominates Spencer as a pawn in his place.

Final nominations for eviction tomorrow night…..


It looks like the witch will be leaving the house tomorrow night with someone coming out the door right after her…. don’t forget it is DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Short Notes – 9.4.13



Could tonight be the night that we see Amanda’s fate settled for good?  Big Brother 15…. I already know the answer, do you?

Senate Committee authorizes strike.

Good riddance.


Xtina looks HOT!

We’re Number 11, yes 11.  Sigh.