Life’s Playlist…. Winners by Frank Sinatra

Sunday night my Facebook timeline exploded.

It happened around 6PM as the New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars game came to an end.

I hadn’t watched the game, but within second I knew the Patriots had won.  My timeline was filled with “Brady is a cheater,” “Brady is the G.O.A.T.” (greatest of all-time), “referees won another one for the Patriots,” ” no one can beat the Patriots,” and on and on.

I’m not a fan of professional football, I haven’t watched one play of the season this year.  Some of that is because of the mix of politics and football, but more than anything else I find professional football passionless and I am passionate about my sports and expect the participants to be passionate as well.

I find the game to be boring.  I’ll probably watch the Super Bowl until the half because I want to see Justin Timberlake and Pink, but I could care less who wins.

As I read the posts about Brady and the Patriots, I was taken back to my passion, college football.

I love college football, I have for my entire life.  I was born and bred a Georgia Bulldog and will bleed red and black until the day I die.

My heart was crushed when my team lost the National Championship this year and as I read the comments about the Patriots, I couldn’t help but think how those same comments are parallel to the University of Alabama.

When Alabama won the National Championship against Georgia, social media exploded with comments of “hate Saban,” ” Saban is a god,” ” Alabama cheats,” “the refs gave the game to ‘Bama,” except this time the comments were coming from fans of my team.

I don’t agree with the comments about Saban, Alabama, Brady or the Patriots, year after year they have simply proven to be better than everyone else.  Why don’t we honor that instead of trying to tear it down?

At what point as a society did we stop honoring success and start tearing it down?

It is unfortunate but today, in the age of participation trophies and people who are professionally offended we no longer honor the success of those who get out, work hard and rise to the top.

At what point did it become the rule that everyone should have what everyone else has?  I think everyone should have the opportunity to have what everyone else has, but it shouldn’t be given to them.

It is important to note that the people who are successful usually got that way through hard work and determination.  Yes, for some it is easier than others, but for many of us who have never been given a hand-out our successes are built on the blood, sweat and tears of our brow and not by holding our hands out waiting to get what is “ours.”

In sports, business, politics and indeed life, those who work hard, those who have the strongest work ethic, those who put in the grind usually rise to the top.  Why do we no longer celebrate this?

The way I look at it, the reason the Patriots and Alabama continue to win is because they beat their competition on and off the field.  I’m not saying they are better than anyone else, but when they walk in a room they demand respect because of their successes.

When teams start beating them on the field, then that air of superiority that surrounds them will begin to evaporate.  Tom Brady and Nick Saban have earned their successes, they devote their lives to their sport and that devotion shows in their victories.

Sports is like life, those who rise to the top usually do it through hard work, persistence and yes, some luck.

One of my favorite songs is today’s Life’s Playlist selection and sums up my thoughts better than I ever could…… Winners performed by Frank Sinatra.

Listen to the words, Here’s to the Winners, ALL OF US CAN BE!

Life’s Playlist…. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd


Life’s Playlist…. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd

Short Notes: 5.7.13


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Short Notes – The Moment with Kurt Warner

kurt-620x273This week, the USA Network premiered a new show “The Moment” hosted by Super Bowl Quarterback and MVP,  Kurt Warner.  Regularly scheduled for Thursdays at 10, I caught it on DVR from a special showing on BRAVO.

When I first read about the premise, I thought this is the kind of Reality Show I like.

Each week, Warner introduces the viewer to someone who at some point in their life had to give up on a special dream.  The reasons for the dream change is varied and explained in the show’s set up each week.

The premier episode featured an Alabama mother, Tracie Marcum, who gave up on her dream of being a photographer when a difficult divorce forced her to close her portrait studio.

Tracie’s new husband realized her unfulfilled dream and her love of sports would combine for a perfect career opportunity as a sports photo-journalist.

After being surprised by Warner and her family, Tracie is given the chance to learn from one of the nation’s leading photo-journalist and eventually have the opportunity to interview with Sports Illustrated.

This show does a great job of developing the characters and allowing the viewer into their world and their heart.  Tracie Marcum overcame severe personal obstacles, and we saw personal growth during the time of training with her mentor.

Kurt Warner serves as the perfect “cheerleader” and host for this show.  He is a proven example of never giving up, which he relays to the viewer and show’s participant with ease.

In the end, the week’s featured character is offered the opportunity to interview for their dream job, “The Moment,” they have waited for their entire life.

With all of the scripted reality shows on television, “The Moment” shines above.  For all of us who have unfulfilled dreams, “The Moment,” gives us hope and determination to never give up, no matter what the situation of life presents.

I enjoyed “The Moment,” it’s feel good TV that we can all appreciated!

HIRED – The Job on CBS

the-jobAWESOME new show!

I haven’t heard that much about this show and just happened on it tonight, thankfully the premier…. meeting all the possibilities and promise of a new reality based program…  WOOHOO, great show!

The jist of the show… a major US company is seeking to fill a professional position.  Five candidates audition for the job.

On the first show, The Palm Restaurant of New York is seeking an Assistant Manager.

A twist, not only are the candidates competing for a job, but three other companies also sit in the wings with the opportunity to offer a job to the candidates.

Round one of the job interview has all five candidates doing the job one will be hired for.  At the completion of this task one candidate is let go.  In tonight’s episode it was a sweet woman who had no business being in the interview process, her inability to handle simple tasks of a restaurant were basic for first year workers.

In round two, each candidate was asked 3 questions about the company they were interviewing for, at the end one is released.

Round 3 is a test of the knowledge of the candidates with the existing staff.  Each candidate is asked to name three of the people they worked with on the first night and tell their positions at the restaurant.

After round 3 the outside companies have the opportunity to offer a job to one of the candidates.   On this episode, one of the outside firms did make an offer to a candidate and he accepted the job.

The final two candidates then are set up for a final interview.  The Palm executive staff ask questions of the finalists.  At the conclusion of the interview a job is offered, in this episode the New Assistant Manger for The Palm is…..

Jann, a mother of six from Alabama.

The Palm then made a surprise by offering the second place finisher a job at their new restaurant in Boston.

Awesome job, great premise… Lisa Ling is a perfect host.  The Job has been added to my DVR list.