Short Notes – 9.4.13



Could tonight be the night that we see Amanda’s fate settled for good?  Big Brother 15…. I already know the answer, do you?

Senate Committee authorizes strike.

Good riddance.


Xtina looks HOT!

We’re Number 11, yes 11.  Sigh.


Scandal on Netflix Gets My Mojo Back

scandal_2012_624x351I pride myself on being moderately cool for an old guy.  I am pretty good at hanging with the latest trends and can identify what’s hot in pop culture with the best of them.

Last week, two different people questioned my cool quotient, so this weekend I caught up and am ashamed to say, I have been living in 2011, oblivious of what I have been missing.

I need to confess, before today I was not a member of Netflix and I had never watched a full episode of Scandal…….  I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, so take a moment and breathe through it, I will wait.

Ok now?

I have heard over and over again what a great show Scandal on ABC is, friends can’t believe that I am not a regular viewer.  I admit, I have tried watching a few times, but too much had passed over the first season and into this season that I couldn’t catch up….. that is, until today!

After signing up for my Netflix membership the first thing I did was watch Season One Episode One of Scandal followed immediately by episode two, three, four until I had watched all of Season One.

OMG, hot diggity that is some good tv!

Scandal is a fast paced, smart, superbly written series that completely has me hooked.  I predict when the Emmy nominations come out we will see:

Kerry Washington – Best Actress for Olivia Pope

Tony Goldwyn – Best Actor for President Fitzgerald Grant III

Jeff Perry – Best Supporting Actor for Cyrus Beene

Guillermo Diaz – Best Supporting Actor for Huck

Best Drama

and Writing and Directing Honors for Shonda Rhimes

netflixAs for Netflix, I have used a DVR for years and recently began using my On Demand feature on my cable system, with Netflix, is there really any reason to ever leave the house!?!?

Thankfully it was a rainy, dreary day and my two new finds completely gave me my mojo back!  Old cool guy back in business!

Short Notes…. Belly Flop


Last night I spent an hour watching “celebrities” dive into a pool.  I use the word “dive” generously.

With over 200 channels on my TV is this what the world has come to?  Splash on ABC!?!?